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  1. Nice to see a new company jumping in. I am concerned about the Leitner-Poma/Dopplemeyr duopoly. They make snow making, avalanche, climbing, mountain coaster and zip lining equipment too. This could be great for a lot of ski areas.
  2. Alterra seamed to only mention really big projects in the press release. As for Sugarbush snow making, it might not require a fresh act 250. I know they quietly got permitted to add a little pipe a few years ago, so who knows how much of the system is overbuilt/permitted to be expanded already. In 2019 before Alterra bought the resort they started planning a second, larger, pond for 2023. They were also permitted to build a much a pond triple the size but ran into issues executing. The current pond was hastily rebuilt after hurricane Irene https://www.valleyreporter.com/index.php/new
  3. Can anyone name any other improvements coming up this summer? I know VT Adaptive/Sugarbush are adding onto the Mt. Ellen Base Lodge, new meeting storage and office space for VT Adaptive and a new elevator and bathrooms for everyone else. I guess it will also get some people out of the cafeteria, and maybe a few seats will be added in the old VT Adaptive space.
  4. Sugarbush tomorrow. Might go to Killington Saturday and call it a season.
  5. 8/10 Living in Warren, Vermont for the winter and moving my work to the evening allowed me to find time to ski every day instead of watching TV. Got 106 days under my belt. It was a bit lonely as I never met any locals, but my friends who would not ski with me up here almost never left the house this winter. Unlike NH we had a good base in the trees from MLK to St. Patties, and barely enough snow to keep it from getting icy till March started. I skied some trees before MLK but with my rock skis. The crowds were normal, but I guess there were actually fewer people and no access on many da
  6. Did they have water rites? Its been dry and I am pretty sure I have heard of them having reliability issues. Sugarbush ran out of water early this year. Cost them a spring stockpiling around the base area and on upper Snowball. The base lifts might become inaccessible before the first bare patch on Steins.
  7. That Gondola should be called Slide Brook 2.0, but this time the land owner is too much of a dick to let us ski the evacuation trails. According to Google Maps the drive between the two base areas is faster. I wonder if KT-22 will be removed since it will become redundant. Notable this year Slide Brook runs 7 days a week under Alterra, vs 2-5 under Win Smith. And does this mean most of there resorts are getting nothing? I know the new general manager said there were looking into new terrain. Likely some trees off the ridge.
  8. Easter 2010 for me. This video is dated 4/2/20, might be wrong though. My old photos are a mess. I skied today, it was 75, and once when it was 75 at Greek Peek in 2019. 282.MOV
  9. They probably expect it to suck, so they don't want to spread out the crazy people between two days
  10. I would be sad to see this site go, but its needs some more posters. I think at this point I am the only younger Western New England person here. For some god forsaken reason my generation abandoned message boards for subreddits, and Facebook groups. I think message boards just get a bad rap from 4chan and 8chan, when they are actually no less toxic than anywhere else on the internet.
  11. I see Mount Ellen is closing Sunday, and Magic is going to weekend. Who else is closing?
  12. Killington Today, Sugarbush rest of the week.
  13. Death cookies seem to happen whenever groomers groom partially frozen snow.
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