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  1. That's the Washington Examiner, not the Washington Post, big difference. The Examiner is 15 years old, published by a homophobic, climate denying, antiabortion activist.
  2. @jimk I agree and I don’t know how trustworthy the redskins survey is. I just worry being to quick to accept a term as racist could blow harmless miss understanding into scandals and increase the amount of offended people. I think it would be great if words like Redskin, Squaw or N@$& could be clearly sanitized.
  3. Some Native American Tribes consider the word a slur for a Native American woman, but not the Algonquin, so I don't think anyone is coming for Big Squaw. https://www.tetongravity.com/story/news/squaw-valley-is-considering-renaming-to-remove-racial-slur
  4. The last two years at Greek Peek, they have had a boneyard in there former terrain park. They bought Windham's old summit triple, but have not installed it.
  5. I have been in favor of reducing capacity of lifts for a while. It will keep trails in better shape. But the day ticket prices might be crazy next year, and maybe the snow making will be less. Or we might all give up by November and decide to go back to normal.
  6. I suspect most institutions will offer an in person graduation for this years graduation class when they can. Binghamton university said they are committed to eventual doing one
  7. Are the LDS churches in Utah really ugly? All the ones I can think of are cinderblock boxes.
  8. I have been expecting Wyndham to join a major pass for years. Ikon needed a mountain closer to New York
  9. Is Vail still hiring at its corporate headquarters? I saw they posted some jobs there today. I know its possible to automate that process, so maybe they are really from March. One I know I applied to in February.
  10. There are something like 70 treatments getting serous study, but medical research is like rolling the dice. 5/6 drugs fail to achieve the desired results but the odds of all these treatments failing to make it past clinical trails is close to none.
  11. It snowed over 10 inches in Boulder last week just to piss off my colleagues out there.
  12. I also read only 1 out of 7 people with Coronavirus showed symptoms in the New York Times a few weeks ago
  13. That’s probably a good idea. I always thought ski areas should do that early season to make WRODs more pleasant. I think a vaccine will come out in October. I don’t know why these doctors think this vaccine will be slower to develop than swine flu vaccines that came out ten months into the pandemic.
  14. I felt the same way from Vail. There recruiters are the nicest I have delt with so far. It is probably the only major company I have seen direct you to skip redundant parts of the application.

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