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  1. Benski

    Taos Avalanche

    I saw this on the ABC news. Also Win said the Mountain Collective Resorts have a meeting this week there.
  2. That sounds very over the top according to the perpetrator. I wonder if he left some key details out but it sounds like he is just an asshole and deserve a lifetime suspension for a first offense, especially since he had already payed for a pass after the incident.
  3. Benski

    MLK weekend snow?

    Given what I know about New York area casual skiers, they are scared of the snow.
  4. Benski

    2019 car thread

    The tire shop is warning me the tires will throw off the speedometer, eyesight and all wheel drive. Still a good idea?
  5. Benski

    MLK weekend snow?

    I meant in terms of skiing. I really hope this icing is somehow avoided. After this storm I am going to have to go to an apartment with no fire, and the heat is off in there, and all the neighboring units.
  6. Benski

    MLK weekend snow?

    Some of us have a strong desire to commit now and pray the forecast does not change.
  7. Benski

    2019 car thread

    So good idea I assume? My non-ski and bike related driving is very limited, about 10 minuets a week.
  8. Benski

    2019 car thread

    So what is wide good for? All other surfaces?
  9. Benski

    2019 car thread

    I have a Crosstrek with p225/60r17 all weather tires on them, and found some 205/50r17 snow tires wasting away in a garage. A tire shop told me I could switch them but I assume the snow tires are narrower. I assume bigger tires are better in the snow, so is switching them a good idea?
  10. Benski

    MLK weekend snow?

    It looks like in the Euro B-East and Magic are the places to go. The GFS shows Hunter and Wyndham getting nailed. It also looks JFK airport might dodge the bullet, I know of one person who has a red eye to JFK Saturday night.
  11. Benski

    Roll Call 1/19-21

    MRV Sunday and Monday for me. I have a Sugarbush/Mad River Pass.
  12. Benski

    MLK weekend snow?

    Just booked at the Sugarbush in.
  13. Benski

    MLK weekend snow?

    This might effect people’s ability to drive Monday which would mean my Tuesday classes, the first of the semester would be canceled.
  14. Benski

    MLK weekend snow?

    Also weatherman. Don’t be afraid to post a blog post when your not confident. I think that’s when blog posts are most valuable.
  15. Benski

    MLK weekend snow?

    Yeah. Power outages+extreme cold is not good. That happened to me after Sandy. I had no power for 2 weeks and we got snow on day 10 and had to sleep at a neighbors house.

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