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  1. I also use this one. The hourly is not the most user friendly thing but the 7 day is a great format. I think The Weather Channel and Accuweather lobbied congress and put the kibosh on finishing the NWS new website. I have 3 of them bookmarked currently in my toolbar. Is there a manual way to adjust the elevation? I usually just play around with the map looking for the closest approximation of where I am going.
  2. Sugarbush is not doing a reservation system, just limiting day tickets. It might be pretty crowded this year
  3. They could be screwed. A lot of Québécois at Jay. I wonder if any of there staff commute across the boarder
  4. The 2 big things here. There will be no downloading this year. They are shooting for a November top to bottom opening instead. They will have a reservation system that prioritizes season pass holders. Killington Opening Plan
  5. I doubt people would huff over. When the lift capacity is limited. But the point would be to stop crowding at the bottom if the lift. It would not be a bad idea to a few chairs to offset singles ridding alone. Sugarbush has always offered discount Mount Ellen only tickets and passes, so its certainly in there wheelhouse.
  6. What do you guys think will happen to Castle rock at Sugar bush? A big line develops there whenever the conditions are good, even if there is little crowding else-ware, so do you think it will need its own reservation? In general I think 50 trails is plenty for one day of skiing so asking people to commit to one side of Killington, Sunday River or Sugarbush would be no big deal.
  7. I doubt it. I think its just to better manage crowds on crowded days, so they both can hit there limits without one passing it.
  8. Does Peak mean every weekend from Christmas to Presidents week? And I think there will be a mad rush to the ski areas due to social distancing rules.
  9. Vail released there plan. Reservation system, mandatory face masks, and mandatory 2 spaces between unrelated groups on 6 packs and gondolas. One group per gondola cabin or 2 singles sitting opposite each other. https://www.tetongravity.com/story/news/vail-announces-reservation-system-for-20-21-season Later opening day than last year at Keystone, November 6th, but I they used to open even later when Vail had a partnership with A-Basin . Also, did they cut the season for Wildcat and Attitash? http://news.vailresorts.com/corporate/vailresorts/fact-sheet/ Several things
  10. I was thinking more because of restrictions on pairing groups together. So some ski areas might make a single ride up alone on a six pick but also let groups stay together, so they can fill the chair with people who are already skiing together. Vail is requiring 2 seats between people they pair up. but is otherwise filling chairs.
  11. Good point. This happened to Vail in Australia. I have no idea what ended up happening to Perisher, when Victoria went into lock down.
  12. I was thinking they would stop pairing groups together to fill lifts, especially 6 packs.
  13. Its sad, but making that post rite before retiring would be a mean move. I guess it could be a power move, to try and force Alterra to open. I am much more worried about Stratton with extreme reliance on 6 packs and a 10 person gondola and heavy reliance on snow making.
  14. Aspen Ski Co said they might have to limit the number of skiers on a given day.
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