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  1. Agreed from Binghamton, you have to drive by Magic when your 2 hours from Loon on the shortest route. The alternative is Via Killington. I am never going to pass up Killington for 2 extra hours of driving to NH and midseason, Why drive east past Magic.
  2. Definitely. I don't know the conditions but that's a really good guess. Rock skies necessary is no reason to close a trail at Sugarbush and some trails like Paradice, and lower Birdland usually has a few exposed rocks. I think Steins is really rocky but has snowmaking so usually does not matter.
  3. Sugarbush really shines when the natural snow trails are just getting skiable because they quickly open them up, mostly due to low standards. Stiens is open which usually comes late in the rotation, often after Castlerock. They did not make snow on Stiens.
  4. I just checked alpine zone, Win said only Upper Jester and Downspout need snow, due to water-bars, the rest of the upper mountain trails are ready to go.
  5. I just looked at Sugarbush which is only just opening up, and already has 9 trails with Just the Valley house. Most are NATURAL. I expect most of all of Heaven's Gate to open tomorrow and probably some trials under Super Bravo.
  6. What are you thinking of a terrain park or just a way to open that lift quickly.
  7. I saw those trails today from 23a. They look like they are a little steep. Also hunter is making snow on 1 top to bottom route and another upper mountain route.
  8. Benski

    Ryan's Beer Thread

    By American beer, I assume you mean Budweiser, Keystone, Miller, in which case, if it's not cheap, what's the point. But I did see Budweiser priced as a premium beer in the Netherlands.
  9. I would put it past this stupid country. The amount of complete bs people believe is astonishing.
  10. I don’t know if the World Cup is leaving. Haven’t they had great turnout for the events at Killington. I don’t know much about World Cup racing but the killington event sounds like a success.
  11. I think they make super icy snow on there for the world cup. Supposedly the World Cup snow is not skiable to the general public and has to be covered in another layer before opening to the general public. They have done this each year they have hosted the World Cup.
  12. Benski

    Opening Day 2018

    The Bretton Woods webcam did not show much snow today. It's also a bit early, so they could be short staff.
  13. Benski

    Opening Day 2018

    Mount Washington is reporting 17.5 inches up top. Its 36 at the base, so this must be cement. Winter came in a hurry. It will be sad when this all inevitable m%$^&ts.
  14. Benski

    Opening Day 2018

    It's a bubble six pack which is replacing the Snowdon quad.
  15. Benski

    First Snowmaking Windows

    I meant it seems clear both K and Sunday River will open by Sunday, and will probably open Saturday. I could believe one pulls off Friday afternoon.

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