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  1. The thing is it might come back in the fall. That happened during the Spanish Flu epidemic
  2. There are still a lot of important questions about the viruses spread unanswered, most notably, does it spread as easily in warm weather? How many people are silent carriers? And, how many people are acquiring immunity though connecting the virus?
  3. I think the healthcare models are worse than the weather models
  4. Storm King Mountain in Jackson Wyoming is grooming the mountain for skinners.
  5. It’s working for me now. Got that message earlier
  6. In Binghamton and Westchester I know some decent short stretches on utility lines. We recently had an natural gas pipeline berried in Blue Mountain Reservation in Westchester and they did a nice job rebuilding trails. I unfortunately the trails all shorter than 100 feet on the utility lines. I think they should have built a flow trail the length of the line with big berms
  7. It looks like Granite Peak is the last one left
  8. Yeah. Whatever you do, be very careful, don’t rip it down the mountain. Stick to the trees and moguls. You are much less likely to get hurt in technical terrain
  9. Hiking should be fine, just avoid crowded hiking trails. I am worried people clustering at places like Breakneck ridge and Blue Mountain creating a problem. Ski areas should be encouraged to allow skinning to allow people to exercise in uncrowded spaces. I am concerned Tuckermans is going to be packed
  10. Alcohol is an essential industry according to Governor Cuomo of New York. In Los Angels they consider weed essential
  11. My dad recovered in 2 days with a fever as the only symptom. The father of the cousin tested negative. I assume the mother did also since I haven’t heard anything else. No news is good news. It will be 14 days since seeing those relatives tonight.
  12. I think the impact on cash will be small. I think the masses would have given up on skiing anyway like the always do in the spring. Season passes will probably be the bigger impact, with people putting off season pass purchases till this blows over, and a recession could stop some people. On the other hand, people missing early pricing deadlines and buying in the fall is probably good for the ski area
  13. What other ski areas are still open? I can name any others
  14. Not yet. The son is in residence at a hospital. his parents who are silent carriers are hospital doctors.

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