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  1. Killington is now open top to bottom. They are also simultaneously making snow on superstar and Snowdon. I guess they have more capacity this year.
  2. I am surprised it was cold enough. It was around 50 in Burlington today. Also it was so windy lake Champlain had surf like the ocean. Mimers: Are you unhappy with Seattle? I am also thinking of moving there.
  3. Two lifts are defiantly doable but it appears to be a luxury only the biggest players in Downhill mountain biking consider worthwhile.
  4. Too bad. I am interviewing for jobs and might need to go to Burlington and/or Waterbury this week or next week for interviews.
  5. Is Nick still the absentee landlord of Alpinezone?
  6. I have never been to Loon but it would make sense to have the mountain biking served by the gondola or a lift next to it to consolidate your summer operations. Of course they could use 2 lifts for mountain biking but that would be a lot.
  7. I google translated a thread. The guy forgot to mention the site he is advertising. He is selling fake diploma's.
  8. Didn’t Abasin join Ikon? I am impressed with Keystone. I thought they be significantly slower since they are lower elevation and they need to open longer trails
  9. A basin opened today and Keystone is opening tomorrow. Anyone know what Keystone is opening?
  10. Smart! Can you migrate there threads over to this forum?
  11. Killington, A Basin and Loveland are all making snow. My only question is the North Ridge quad finished? After last year I don't trust chair lift companies to finish on time. Killington A-Basin making snow Loveland BTW as a write this I am hoping I successfully embedded a Facebook video because Facebook will no longer just give you the link. Edit. If you go to embed > advanced settings Facebook gives you a link. I after 4 tries I was not successful at embedding.
  12. I am also convinced the entire point of the change to “most important” from “most Recent” was done purely to get us to waste time reading old post or something like that
  13. Facebook groups are a step back for sure. I find the formatting inferior too. And I also miss stuff due to Facebook’s “most important” news feed not being chronological and leaving some posts out. But there a monopoly so what do they care.

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