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  1. In the first picture, is that a quad seat Jerry-rigged onto a double frame?
  2. I think it they will eventually try raising prices on passes and maybe get rid of day tickets at some resorts. The price difference between a pass and ticket is getting so small I think they want to move to a subscription model like music and TV. Alta has been trying out new ways to encourage carpools. Last year they introduced a carpool only. Last week Alta Solitude and Brighton, introduced an app to help people find carpools. Alta is raffling off a few tickets to users of the app.
  3. Just so I stop seeing the picture of a broken toe on my phone I am uploading a random picture from Cannons website
  4. The capacity is not impressive, 3,500 people an hour, vs 2,800 for the old lift according to lift blog. 2,800 is very high for a quad, I think 2,400 is more typical.
  5. I think it has to be Jay. The extra natural snow and cold seams to make a big difference.
  6. But it’s MLK. The gapers will be out in force
  7. Skied 10:30 to 4:10 today at Mt. Ellen everything was good except lower FIS which had been closed till today and was crusty. Nice snow above 3000 feet. Visibility was terrible. At time I was skiing off feel for the snow instead of trying to see the ice and moguls.
  8. Josh Fox says 4-8 tomorrow into tomorrow night and another storm or early next week
  9. What even is the Statton 24? I can’t imagine anything exciting about Stratton other than getting to meet the worst of skiers in Vermont. Why is Mont Saints Anne on the list? I don’t know much about it. The Single chair should definitely be on there. It’s all around, excellent. I think skiing a hill under 1000 vertical feet should be on there. So many tiny ski areas in New England to check out.
  10. Sugarbush got 8 inches. So pretty good. It opened up a lot of the mountain. But the Mt Ellen summit is still closed.
  11. Someone years ago said you can replace chairlift without getting a new approval of the footprint does not change.
  12. I have more snow in my back yard in westchester.

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