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  1. So there is a 51% chance of above average precipitation and temps.
  2. Sugarbush had this for Clay Brook owners. It is a negligible number of people and was only valid at Super Bravo and Gate House. It sounds smart, and I am surprised Vail did not implement it first.
  3. The new tram option seems a little deceitful. Most ski lifts need a refurbishment after 25 year, then they run like new for abit and last another 25+. The tram is probably no different. I think either way they will need major work in 25 years. Though this tram refurbishment seams to be a very long project. I know Sugarbush did a bunch of chairlifts one summer, no problem. I think Super Bravo had a refurbishment in just the spring or something
  4. Orange are double blacks. Just lacked another way to make them unique. Purple are hiking trails.
  5. I saw a discussion on reddit fantasizing potential new ski areas. Years ago I made this one meanwhile recovering from a broken arm. It is on Dix and Malcomb mountains off I-87. 2900 vertical with a 4,300 foot summit. I attached the Google Earth file dix peak.kmz
  6. I know there are at least 2 such lift. One former ski area in NH and the other is a place in Texas. I am surprised there no lift accessed mountain biking near Bentonville, Arkensas.
  7. Once I brought a bottle of Vodka on a 2 day hike.
  8. Depends on the hike. Don't drink at a rock scramble Breakneck Ridge, but its chill if the hike is a more laid back trail.
  9. Mount Snow will charge for parking next year on weekend and holidays in most lots. Reddit seams pretty pissed off. I generally support paid parking since it encourages carpooling and bus usage, and free parking is usually payed for with higher prices at the business that is providing the space. In addition I generally think parking lots are ugly and in the way and anything that encourages less driving is good.
  10. Are there even Mountain bike trails around the Kanc? The network on there map looks centered around Seven Brothers. Also am I the only person who is bothered by the word Kanc? Sounds like a slang word for a medical issue.
  11. Nice to see a new company jumping in. I am concerned about the Leitner-Poma/Dopplemeyr duopoly. They make snow making, avalanche, climbing, mountain coaster and zip lining equipment too. This could be great for a lot of ski areas.
  12. Alterra seamed to only mention really big projects in the press release. As for Sugarbush snow making, it might not require a fresh act 250. I know they quietly got permitted to add a little pipe a few years ago, so who knows how much of the system is overbuilt/permitted to be expanded already. In 2019 before Alterra bought the resort they started planning a second, larger, pond for 2023. They were also permitted to build a much a pond triple the size but ran into issues executing. The current pond was hastily rebuilt after hurricane Irene https://www.valleyreporter.com/index.php/news/local-news/13869-second-snowmaking-pond-planned
  13. Can anyone name any other improvements coming up this summer? I know VT Adaptive/Sugarbush are adding onto the Mt. Ellen Base Lodge, new meeting storage and office space for VT Adaptive and a new elevator and bathrooms for everyone else. I guess it will also get some people out of the cafeteria, and maybe a few seats will be added in the old VT Adaptive space.
  14. Sugarbush tomorrow. Might go to Killington Saturday and call it a season.
  15. 8/10 Living in Warren, Vermont for the winter and moving my work to the evening allowed me to find time to ski every day instead of watching TV. Got 106 days under my belt. It was a bit lonely as I never met any locals, but my friends who would not ski with me up here almost never left the house this winter. Unlike NH we had a good base in the trees from MLK to St. Patties, and barely enough snow to keep it from getting icy till March started. I skied some trees before MLK but with my rock skis. The crowds were normal, but I guess there were actually fewer people and no access on many days was a bummer. WROD season did go a little late, but I felt the reduced capacity made that part of the season better. It was the first season I have seen F. I. S at Sugarbush consistently skiable, and the first time I have seen it without snowmaking. I wonder if that is a coincidence? Some lessons from the season. For WROD skiing lower uphill capacity is better. When there are two trails open, doubling the wait time is worth it.
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