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  1. Someone sent me this by mistake. Any guesses at how good the beer is. I guess he other person home brews
  2. Maybe they will install the Magic’s Black Triple to replace the summit triple, just to stick it to the Attitash people.
  3. Belfast was nice. Good advice their. Yesterday when we walked around the town they were having a Ukulele festival, which was strange but funny. The area is beautiful, but I don’t think I will be back being so far from me.
  4. that would not be a huge surprise for me.
  5. In Belfast, can you rent Kayaks/sup? The romance will probably suck, but I like your thinking.
  6. Breckinridge is opening late and keystone is opening early to replace A Basin on the epic pass. But I don’t think those mountains are as good of a setup for a long season.
  7. I think owning Hunter and selling pain killers is a conflict of interest. Hunter must generate so much business for that industry.
  8. that could work, though the hike would have to be over by 2:30 because of the wedding
  9. I got invited to a wedding their the first weekend of June. I am trying to wiggle my way out of it, but more likely I will need a hike, Kayak trip or Mountain bike ride to fill time. Any thoughts? Its a 6:30 drive, so I need more than a wedding to get me excited and it could easily be the last time I go up to Maine.
  10. That’s sad. Mt Mansfield is near peak snowpack. I wonder if the proliferation of season passes will encourage more skiers to ski late in the season, since the ticket is a sunk cost and helps them get their money’s worth.
  11. A thread for the end of the season Greek Peak Closed today-3/31 Plattekill has not announced they are closing yet so I guess they still have one more weekend. The mount Mansfield snow stake is still above the average peak snow pack so I assume northern Vermont is is good shape base wise.
  12. I road the north facing slope overlooking Binghamton yesterday, Its was still a little too muddy, and I cut it short.
  13. I think their are a significant amount of people that could pick up the sport if exposed too it, but don't know people who ride. I can think of several people who were confused by the concept, think its something much more extreme, or just never considered it (like the girl I am planning to introduce to the sport).
  14. I asked around, it took me a while to find a bike shop that would rent/demo since most shops are worried about insurance. She will definitely pay for a rental. I don't know about buying a bike, but I assume if she likes it once, she will look into buying a bike immediately.

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