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  1. The vertical within Stony Brook Looks pretty small. I can’t imagine more than a few great trails back there.
  2. Not bad? It looks like WROD judging by the conditions
  3. Well buying a ski area without a functional main lift has to put a big dent in its value.
  4. Switzerland is not in the Eurozone. But they are in the customs union, and for EU cell phone customers, it’s a domestic call and they cannot he charged to roam in Switzerland
  5. This as all one ski area. Cervinia is the backside of the Matterhorn Glacier Paradice. You have to pay a few Swiss franks to access Cervinia from Zermatt. I have skied Zermatt, but did not go to Cervinia due to wind. The ridge is high up their, and it’s a 4 hour drive between base areas. No public transportation. Also different countries with different currencies but no customs.
  6. I got a feeling you may be rite about the snow making and grooming, but I don't think the season will get shorter. Vail is extending the season at Keystone and Breckenridge next year and kept the season the same length at Okemo and Stowe. I think they just have a lot of resorts with layouts and elevations that put them at a disadvantage
  7. I believe that Forerunner was replaced a year or two before Vail and do they even use Lookout regularly? It looks very redundant being so close to Forerunner. Do they even use Lookout?
  8. Stowe and Okemo started with much better lifts then Attitash. Mount Snow, is super crowded so there is a lot of utility in more capacity. Attitash has little choice but to install a faster Summit lift. How many days did there summit lift run?
  9. I am guessing Ikon add Windham to match Hunter. I am surprised Windham is still independent. Maybe Belleayre will join Ikon, they could use the publicity, but would probably drive less traffic to other Ikon resorts. I know Vail is not stingy with the new lifts, so I guess the Attitash Summit Chair and Mount Snow Sun Brook will not last much longer. I also suspect Lift ticket prices will rise faster.
  10. Someone sent me this by mistake. Any guesses at how good the beer is. I guess he other person home brews
  11. Maybe they will install the Magic’s Black Triple to replace the summit triple, just to stick it to the Attitash people.
  12. Belfast was nice. Good advice their. Yesterday when we walked around the town they were having a Ukulele festival, which was strange but funny. The area is beautiful, but I don’t think I will be back being so far from me.
  13. that would not be a huge surprise for me.
  14. In Belfast, can you rent Kayaks/sup? The romance will probably suck, but I like your thinking.
  15. Breckinridge is opening late and keystone is opening early to replace A Basin on the epic pass. But I don’t think those mountains are as good of a setup for a long season.

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