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  1. Also I got another girl I am going to introduce to the sport. Is putting a newb on a bike that is for someone 6-8 inches shorter than her a big deal? This girl would be willing to rent a bike, if I said it was a big deal. I doubt she would ride it more than a few days before pulling the trigger on a much nicer bike. I am also going to try to sell the same old bike to a shorter girl who is trying to get a bike for 50 dollars. This girl is an appropriate size for the bike.
  2. Good to here, I got a feeling its going to be crowded. There is not a lot of lodging availability, and the storm made the top of the national news today. I wonder if these Ikon passes are encouraging people to ski later into the season?
  3. Same. I am bringing skins and have a Mad Pass as backups. I will be with someone with only a Sugarbush pass and no skins though.
  4. Your taking this too seriously, we are just curious souls. My best guess is he is a Mad River Co-op owner and Regular who likes to share his though on the upcoming weather as someone with a degree in meteorology. I was just surprised to hear his blog was official and he might be getting payed for that. You can't comment accurately on the wind unless you fallow a specific lifts wind situation since it is very quirky. There are times when only Gate House and Castlerock run at Sugarbush, and times when only Super Bravo is windy.
  5. It's late season, if he's wrong he's got all summer for people to forget. It's a low risk haymaker. His blog has no advertisements. I don't think he is compensated financially for his weather forecasts, so I am not sure why he would put click-bate out their.
  6. Florida? Maryland? New York? Lots of Westchesters. Which one, and how are conditions? New York. I did not know there were others, outside of West Chester PA and Westchester NY
  7. https://twitter.com/SingleChairWx/status/1108126888248201218?s=20 I am excited, and probably going to Sugarbush for the weekend.
  8. I rode today, I am in Westchester now for spring break.
  9. I have seen the wrong location glitch. It was much worse when I was in Europe in the fall of 2017.
  10. I was thinking Whiteface Friday Saturday, then gore Sunday, but between the rain and the high winds Friday I don’t think it’s worth a long drive.
  11. Also is an advertisement that is not obviously a stock photo from halfway around the work to much to ask for?
  12. I got an email telling me I need to take my car to the dealer to run a software update. I have to wait a week and a half for an appointment at a dealership to do it. Is this normal? How much effort can it take to update a car stereo system. I figured it could be done with a thumb drive. The problems I think are very minor.
  13. It was pretty good but Saturday was really crowded. I think they had to use the last row in the parking lot.
  14. Some more from the last 2 days at Lincoln peak
  15. This is why I think ski areas are too cheap with the nets. Put them wherever nobody should cross and a slide under is not a crazy idea.
  16. They seam to spend quite a lot on Mt Blow and Hunter
  17. Sad. People ski with more confidence and therefore more aggressively in good condition, so more accidents due to recklessness.
  18. I left Binghamton at 7:30 for the weekend up here, got skiing at 12:30 and lapped north Ridge most of the day. Thankfully that lift is really fast and efficient since I skied an absurd amount. About 4-5 runs an hour till the lifts closed. My second to last run was Upper FIS to lower FIS in 11 minuets. Also finally got to one up my friend from Switzerland.
  19. So is mount Ellen. Today is short so the North ridge is really clutch.
  20. My Ellen today Lincoln Peak Sager day/Sunday Mad river Monday
  21. Is Attitashs season the biggest train wreck of a season ever or does the “winter” of 2016 even worse.

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