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  1. Photos from Sugarbush this weekend. Pretty epic weekend. IMG_3171.HEIC IMG_3167.HEIC
  2. I heard someone went to Stowe a few days after going to Hunter and got there pass taken away for two weeks for violating state quarantine rules. I am pretty sure Ikon is not doing this since my sister skied Sugarbush a day or two after skiing Sunday River.
  3. The thing about suspending snowmaking for the weekend is the problem is usually limited to trails that are either closed or barely open, and would slow down the opening of the mountain.
  4. Vail cut all there volunteer patrollers when they took over, then lost a few paid patrollers and is now can't enough find certified EMT's/patrollers to work for them. I guess lowering lift capacity helped but they still need to hire more people. They also can't use Mt. Snow patrollers at Hunter. Peeks had the two patrols mix for a little but the Mt. Snow guys could not handle the steepest trails at Hunter.
  5. I heard from a colleague Breckenridge had no space between lines at lifts. Pathetic. Are other ski areas having people line up side by side?
  6. Hunter Mountain, the world leader in unsafe skiing. I am checking with my ex-Hunter patroller friend, to try to get more details
  7. Sugarbush has been having some trouble getting people to social distance in lines due to the crowds making to end of the line a mess. They should be more careful to make the coral more big enough to fit everybody.
  8. I don't know about other mountains but Sugarbush has been blasting away exactly as much as you would expect given the temperatures, just not a lot of windows to make snow, and a lot were marginal so they are probably done for the season with the upper mountain. But there have been some head scratches, like Ripcord going 2 weeks with whales and no snowmaking, and some snow guns running on trails that seam disconnected from there broader strategy. Like making snow on Sugarbear Forest but waiting 10 days and opening 3 trails before starting the trail it feeds into.
  9. Sugarbush will not let you into the eating part of the lodge without a reservation or sign in. The sign in option is limited to 1/3 of the second floor of the lodge where there is no food service. Valley House and Allyn's are completely closed to random people. Meanwhile Gate House allows people into the bathroom/shop through the front door freely but you cannot walk upstairs or to the pub. I have not checked out food. Overpriced lodge food is not worth it for half a day of skiing. There are porta patties in the parking lot and beginner hill. I am not sure why, since they seam sufficiently out
  10. Sugarbush is only making snow on closed trails and is not continuing only making snow on small part of Lower Organgrinder/Lower Jester where they made snow last week, so it must not be so bad
  11. Looks bad. Its the Mid Mountain/Base lodge. At Belleayre there is parking mid way up the mountain. Being state ran it will be fine. Making the lodge look pretty and flashy is important unlike having subways run under Manhattan.
  12. Thursday: Lincoln Peak Friday: Alp Wok Saturday: Maybe a hike Sunday Lincoln Peak
  13. Did Mount Ellen today as it was there opening day. Upper mountain was not bad. on the lower half of the mountain you had to ski under the guns
  14. LP Friday. What do you think of Killington Saturday or Sunday. I am up at the Sugarbush and don't want to waist a day skiing in crowds when the mountain is half closed. I might do short days at Sugarbush and some work so I could 11-4 Monday at Killington. We only got like 5-6 inches at Sugarbush. Mountain is reporting 4+1 inch on the snowstake.
  15. NY probably won't close ski areas. Biking, hiking, Kayaking Climbing and Golfing, are considered essential businesses. Recreation is considered nonessential in VT and NH. NYS has the clearest guidelines, though outdoor skating rinks, and ski areas need to be added to the list.
  16. I am behind on work+Family Hanukkah Zoom. Skied the Bush Thursday+Friday.
  17. I predict huge skier visit numbers on the east coast, once operations get back to normal. So much less competition, and a lot more season passes out there.
  18. Sugarbush was planning for opening day today, but ended up opening for passholders yesterday who bumped up the sides of Snowball>Spring Fling nicely. We got 3" overnight. The parking lot was about half-full so it was a bit crowded. Everyone was wearing there mask. People seamed to leave real early, lots of open parking spots at 12. It was cloudy up top so all the photos were from Snowball>Spring Fling. A few people even "skied" the trees.
  19. Yeah, the slides blended in when I tried to get a picture of it on my phone. I don't think there is anything I can do about it other than let you know they are there.
  20. Can anyone guess the where the background on my new Subaru's display is? Looks like The Adirondacks or White Mountains. The further mountain has a slide on it. IMG_3089.HEIC
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