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  1. Maybe they will install the Magic’s Black Triple to replace the summit triple, just to stick it to the Attitash people.
  2. Belfast was nice. Good advice their. Yesterday when we walked around the town they were having a Ukulele festival, which was strange but funny. The area is beautiful, but I don’t think I will be back being so far from me.
  3. that would not be a huge surprise for me.
  4. In Belfast, can you rent Kayaks/sup? The romance will probably suck, but I like your thinking.
  5. Breckinridge is opening late and keystone is opening early to replace A Basin on the epic pass. But I don’t think those mountains are as good of a setup for a long season.
  6. I think owning Hunter and selling pain killers is a conflict of interest. Hunter must generate so much business for that industry.
  7. that could work, though the hike would have to be over by 2:30 because of the wedding
  8. I got invited to a wedding their the first weekend of June. I am trying to wiggle my way out of it, but more likely I will need a hike, Kayak trip or Mountain bike ride to fill time. Any thoughts? Its a 6:30 drive, so I need more than a wedding to get me excited and it could easily be the last time I go up to Maine.
  9. That’s sad. Mt Mansfield is near peak snowpack. I wonder if the proliferation of season passes will encourage more skiers to ski late in the season, since the ticket is a sunk cost and helps them get their money’s worth.
  10. A thread for the end of the season Greek Peak Closed today-3/31 Plattekill has not announced they are closing yet so I guess they still have one more weekend. The mount Mansfield snow stake is still above the average peak snow pack so I assume northern Vermont is is good shape base wise.
  11. I road the north facing slope overlooking Binghamton yesterday, Its was still a little too muddy, and I cut it short.
  12. I think their are a significant amount of people that could pick up the sport if exposed too it, but don't know people who ride. I can think of several people who were confused by the concept, think its something much more extreme, or just never considered it (like the girl I am planning to introduce to the sport).
  13. I asked around, it took me a while to find a bike shop that would rent/demo since most shops are worried about insurance. She will definitely pay for a rental. I don't know about buying a bike, but I assume if she likes it once, she will look into buying a bike immediately.
  14. Sugarbush was crowded when the lifts closed today. There were defiantly a significant amount of people who waiting at Castlerock and Heavan's Gate when they closed. Usually after 2:30 the line goes away at those lifts, if and I have never seen lines there after 3. I bet some people waiting 20 minuets for Casterock only to miss last chair, unless they ran the lift late to get people out of the chair's corral, which is not uphill from anything.
  15. MT Ellen and North Lynx been closed all day. Heavens gate only opened after lunch. Before 8:30 only valley house was open, then for 5 minuets no lifts till bravo opened. Valley house was closed for about 20-30 minuets.
  16. Also I got another girl I am going to introduce to the sport. Is putting a newb on a bike that is for someone 6-8 inches shorter than her a big deal? This girl would be willing to rent a bike, if I said it was a big deal. I doubt she would ride it more than a few days before pulling the trigger on a much nicer bike. I am also going to try to sell the same old bike to a shorter girl who is trying to get a bike for 50 dollars. This girl is an appropriate size for the bike.
  17. Good to here, I got a feeling its going to be crowded. There is not a lot of lodging availability, and the storm made the top of the national news today. I wonder if these Ikon passes are encouraging people to ski later into the season?
  18. Same. I am bringing skins and have a Mad Pass as backups. I will be with someone with only a Sugarbush pass and no skins though.
  19. Your taking this too seriously, we are just curious souls. My best guess is he is a Mad River Co-op owner and Regular who likes to share his though on the upcoming weather as someone with a degree in meteorology. I was just surprised to hear his blog was official and he might be getting payed for that. You can't comment accurately on the wind unless you fallow a specific lifts wind situation since it is very quirky. There are times when only Gate House and Castlerock run at Sugarbush, and times when only Super Bravo is windy.
  20. Some good, some still defrosting/drying out.
  21. It's late season, if he's wrong he's got all summer for people to forget. It's a low risk haymaker. His blog has no advertisements. I don't think he is compensated financially for his weather forecasts, so I am not sure why he would put click-bate out their.
  22. Florida? Maryland? New York? Lots of Westchesters. Which one, and how are conditions? New York. I did not know there were others, outside of West Chester PA and Westchester NY

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