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  1. This is not helping my glass. Matter of fact, my glass is shattering
  2. May have to save them as a jpg. Not sure the forum software handles bmp
  3. https://www.skinoboundaries.com/upcoming-deals/Cannon-Saturday-1-4-2020-p157538302
  4. He blew out an edge yesterday and thinks a little epoxy will fix it We all know he's going to end up buying another pair as long as he can hide it from Mrs @Puck it so what should he get?
  5. Not lying about Sunday River...looks like they did great
  6. Tramline is going on your bucket list for this season!
  7. The skiing a hill under 1000 vert is a good idea!
  8. Never seen this site before but they just posted this article https://www.icecoastmag.com/post/the-ice-coast-bucket-list THE OLYMPIC TRAILS AT WHITEFACE THE SINGLE CHAIR, MAD RIVER GLEN NIGHT SKIING AT MONT SAINTE-ANNE SPRING SKIING IN KILLINGTON THE FRONT FOUR, STOWE SUGARLOAF CAT SKIING TUCKERMAN RAVINE THE STRATTON 24 I've only done #4 & #5 and I didn't do the entire Front Four as the conditions weren't great. Fck #2 and #8 doesn't interest me much.
  9. Good to see you guys! Have to do it again soon. Definitely a good day minus the visibility issues.
  10. Was looking rainy when I checked the forecast this morning but maybe there's hope.

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