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  1. Bypass was exceptional on Friday. Almost as good as Parkway
  2. Most likely my last day. Been an awful spring but today was pretty awesome. Down to just Superstar unless you're fine with walking.
  3. Today looked like the day to be there. Was hoping for another shot at the K1 but that's done for the season now
  4. Tough call, if it was sunny then definitely would be worth it. Can't image they're going to be in great shape after taking all week to make up their minds about whether they could even open...
  5. Fuck the Sacklers and fuck Peaks by association. Outside of Wildcat they own a bunch of Joey magnet resorts so a personal boycott of my annual day ticket to Wildcat isn't likely to do much but I do hope people boycott and put enough pressure on the shareholders to try and oust the Sacklers.
  6. This spring sucks. We had such a nice snowpack and now its totally destroyed. 😡
  7. My gear is loaded with bark and sap right now. Whats a good detergent?
  8. Looks pretty cool. Would love to try those woods.
  9. Killington Jay Sugarbush Sugarloaf Sunday River (Weekends) Wildcat (TBD)?

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