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  1. fcksummer

    Ads on this site...

    Are they trying to tell me something? 🤔
  2. fcksummer

    New Quad at Cannon?

    Nice pitch over there and plenty of terrain to work with. I would just worry about the snowpack. Hardscrabbles seem to be the first spots to get blown out...
  3. Have a buddy who knows somebody on the inside at Cannon. Not supposed to spread this too much so dont share it anywhere else please Thoughts?
  4. fcksummer

    Planning to not open

    The correct answer is an honest prediction on the afternoon and early morning report. "We're expecting heavy winds and may not be able to run lifts but will make every attempt to open" or something along those lines. Throwing in the towel a day ahead seems kinda odd. What if winds aren't as bad as forecasted?
  5. fcksummer

    Planning to not open

    There's a reason they named themselves after a cat
  6. fcksummer

    February - General Weather Thread

    Freezing R word on the way 😟
  7. fcksummer

    Cannon 1/30

    I'm sure we'll do Gunsight again at some point if you want to catch up. Preferably after some fresh or a deep spring corn day. DJs was really nice yesterday. Not too scraped off and pockets of untouched still.
  8. fcksummer

    Cannon 1/30

    Gunsight was good. It was my second time doing it and I thought it was better this time than when we did it later in the year last season. It's not too hard to find but doing it without a guide can be a intimidating. There's nothing too tight. Anything tight is a traverse and the steep areas open up.
  9. fcksummer

    Cannon 1/30

    @Puck it @Cannonballer & @cannonballerfriends
  10. fcksummer

    Cannon 1/30

    It was a good day.
  11. fcksummer

    Cannon 1/27

    I'm surprised anything ran yesterday. Some of the strongest wind I've been in.
  12. Looks like February is going to start off warm. Hope this is wrong

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