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  1. Shame about the weekend weather. still plenty of snow out there
  2. I assume most of us are done or close to it. What do you have to say about 2018/2019?
  3. And we're down to the usual suspects. Killington Stowe Jay Sugarbush Smuggs (Weekends) Burke (Weekends) Wildcat Sugarloaf Sunday River
  4. Why don't you broadcast the Bretton Woods off map stuff instead!
  5. It looks pretty unreal. Probably worth the drive if they have fresh snow. What else would you do in Cleveland?
  6. Nice report. Had low expectations for Cannon on Sat after @ABV's wild reporting on Friday but turned out to be a good day. Had to reprogram myself to do everything backwards but it worked out!
  7. Here's some footage from a few runs and bonus clip of @ABVat the end
  8. Spin off of @Cannonballer's thread about wind direction. Figured it might be helpful in the future to log when our mountains have wind holds so we have a database to reference back to. Please use the following template- Mountain: Lift(s) Impacted: Wind Speed: Wind Direction:
  9. Was just going to pose this question...gets my vote. 31" at Burke and then gorgeous warm bluebird leftovers at Cannon. Tough to beat that
  10. Let's recruit as many as possible. Maybe get enough to get a group deals for $5 off window prices.
  11. look out for this guy in the green tossing little kids around
  12. You're right. Barely visible in this photo but theres a rope from the gun on the left to roughly where the blue fence starts. Must have slid under it
  13. Word around the bar was that the skier was quite large, 6'4 and about 280. Not sure how reliable the source of that was but that could have contributed to his momentum. They don't rope the bottom but have had a "Slow" sign in the middle. Can't remember if its still there. Probably a good idea to set up something like you and @ABV mentioned. He could have injured multiple people if there had been a line at the lift. People are usually lined up along that embankment too, waiting for other members of their group or dropping down into Middle Ravine.
  14. "Police say Keiran was skiing down the Profile Trail at Cannon when he lost control and was thrown from his skis. He slid through a roped-off area at the end of the trial, over an embankment, and then struck Slocum, was skiing on Middle Ravine." Crazy...the odds of that situation have to be so low.
  15. Not just a Corona, a Corona Premiere. Only 96 calories...we're watching our figures

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