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  1. Let's recruit as many as possible. Maybe get enough to get a group deals for $5 off window prices.
  2. look out for this guy in the green tossing little kids around
  3. You're right. Barely visible in this photo but theres a rope from the gun on the left to roughly where the blue fence starts. Must have slid under it
  4. Word around the bar was that the skier was quite large, 6'4 and about 280. Not sure how reliable the source of that was but that could have contributed to his momentum. They don't rope the bottom but have had a "Slow" sign in the middle. Can't remember if its still there. Probably a good idea to set up something like you and @ABV mentioned. He could have injured multiple people if there had been a line at the lift. People are usually lined up along that embankment too, waiting for other members of their group or dropping down into Middle Ravine.
  5. "Police say Keiran was skiing down the Profile Trail at Cannon when he lost control and was thrown from his skis. He slid through a roped-off area at the end of the trial, over an embankment, and then struck Slocum, was skiing on Middle Ravine." Crazy...the odds of that situation have to be so low.
  6. Not just a Corona, a Corona Premiere. Only 96 calories...we're watching our figures
  7. Fixed your link. Sad news. Anxious to hear what happened...police were called at 3:50. Always worry about the end of the ski day. Light is generally bad, tired, icy...lots of potential for accidents.
  8. Hmmm...that's a tough one. How about one of each
  9. Give me your best "set a speed record on avalanche" song. I need some new motivation
  10. Play a bunch of weirdo shit at max volume. Not worried about hearing my surroundings.
  11. Free the trees. Picture dump from 3/4
  12. Not sure to be honest. I took a long off map run mid morning and by the time I got back everything was shut down.
  13. Was good prior to the power outage. Tough visibility but good snow.
  14. Are they trying to tell me something? 🤔
  15. Nice pitch over there and plenty of terrain to work with. I would just worry about the snowpack. Hardscrabbles seem to be the first spots to get blown out...
  16. Have a buddy who knows somebody on the inside at Cannon. Not supposed to spread this too much so dont share it anywhere else please Thoughts?
  17. The correct answer is an honest prediction on the afternoon and early morning report. "We're expecting heavy winds and may not be able to run lifts but will make every attempt to open" or something along those lines. Throwing in the towel a day ahead seems kinda odd. What if winds aren't as bad as forecasted?

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