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  1. "The sale of Burke Mountain Resort will be later due to the need for job creation through the EB-5 program."
  2. Saw this on Sugarbush's snow report. I've been getting tired of the uphill traffic at Cannon mostly because the groups don't seem to think single file is a good idea going around tight corners 😡 Anyone else having problems with people skinning up?
  3. Getting my snow tires put on right now. Sorry guys. I'll do better next time @Puck it also contributed to the cancellation
  4. @ABV speaking of Bramble, this didn't age too well! A foot of snow on the front end!? Oops 😖
  5. I'll put him up against Bramble any day of the week
  6. Possible snow on Sunday? Sounds like a longshot Anyways
  7. https://amp.burlingtonfreepress.com/amp/2485188002?__twitter_impression=true
  8. Nice. Next question is the timing of the storm...I read something yesterday it may be Tuesday into Wednesday.
  9. Soft, fresh snow.
  10. Leave reviews below.
  11. Just a heads up for Saturday morning for those traveling north. Might be a little icy
  12. Seems to be more and more confidence in a fairly significant storm this coming Tuesday
  13. Pattern change towards end of the month? Arctic air is likely to only periodically brush areas from the Upper Midwest to northern New York state and New England over the next couple of weeks. These areas will continue to receive rounds of snow. The combination of snow and periodic cold will create good skiing conditions. For now, AccuWeather's long-range team is expecting a significant downturn in temperatures in the Northeast sometime during the third or fourth week of the month but stopping short of a close encounter with the polar vortex.
  14. Was a rough December in the NE but some snow last night and perhaps another storm on Tuesday (Bramble sucks). Things could definitely be worse for us Ohio Unknown Midwest North Carolina Scotland
  15. Could be some high altitude debris 😁 @ABV
  16. Her skiing explains a lot. She's been wearing these all along
  17. I'm not on facebook so I made an account to try and join the group...apparently you need to be on facebook for atleast a year or get an invite from an existing member...anyone a member by any chance???
  18. 33 Days Trace Stats: Vertical: 585.1k Distance: 464 mi Jumps: 1.3k Calories: 34.4k Slope Time: 1.6 days Sustained Speed: 49.1 mph Max Speed: 73 mph

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