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  1. I'll be at cannon tomorrow AM with a voucher to give away. Let me know if anyone's interested
  2. Happened to my board. I bought an edge replacement from tognar. The edge has held fine but i lost a bunch of base in the same area and can't get epoxy or ptex to stay in. http://www.tognar.com/12-solid-edge-section-each/ Screws sold separately http://www.tognar.com/edge-screws-10-bag/
  3. @Puck ithas suddenly forgotten how to ski trees. He can't even keep up with @abv anymore. Considering starting a gofundme campaign to buy him a season pass to Bretton woods or maybe even a snowboard. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Went exploring today with @Cannonballer and @ABV found ourselves in unfamiliar territory
  5. https://vtdigger.org/2018/03/20/state-shuts-hermitage-club-unpaid-taxes/
  6. Taking a bottle on the lift really sucks. Cans all day
  7. Wow, those people who didn't jump off at about :25 seconds got absolutely flung! Don't know how they only had minor injuries.
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    From the album: Cannon Aerials

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    From the album: Cannon Aerials

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    From the album: Cannon Aerials

  11. fcksummer

    Cannon (1).jpg

    From the album: Cannon Aerials

  12. Children welcome @Smellytele

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