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  1. http://www.burlingtonfreepress.com/story/news/2018/02/02/quiros-reaches-82-million-settlement-jay-peak-fraud-case/301137002/ "The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has reached a settlement with Jay Peak owner Ariel Quiros in the Jay Peak fraud case, holding him liable for paying back $81.3 million and fining him an additional $1 million."
  2. https://vtdigger.org/2018/02/23/state-deploys-rapid-response-to-hermitage-club-layoffs/amp/ "The Hermitage runs a private ski resort at Haystack Mountain, a real estate group, a golf course, and inns and restaurants in the Deerfield Valley. The company experienced troubles paying taxes in two towns, water/sewer bills and vendors. Poor weather in the 2015-16 season, state permitting delays and a slow membership drive have been blamed for the shortfall. Complaints alleging illegal real estate activities and sex discrimination/retaliation have recently been filed with authorities."
  3. fcksummer

    How bad is it?

    Only way to deal with the horror
  4. fcksummer

    How bad is it?

    Looks good for mid-november
  5. fcksummer

    Feb '18

    This annual end of February blowtorch is getting old.
  6. fcksummer

    Top Ski Resorts in Vermont

    His original post also showed that they're aware we're avid skiers. If our perspective isn't what they're looking for then perhaps then they can always do a list themselves or ask someone else. If this list is going to be linked back here then we should make sure it represents what we're all about.
  7. fcksummer

    Top Ski Resorts in Vermont

    I think we should make the list for ourselves. No reason to cater our opinions towards another website.
  8. fcksummer

    Top Ski Resorts in Vermont

    Ranked? Unranked? Any specific amount?
  9. https://vtdigger.org/2018/02/14/jay-peak-burke-go-market-may/
  10. fcksummer

    Feb '18

    Sunday will be an epic dump. Not wet at all. I'm flying to Florida. You all can thank me later
  11. fcksummer

    Feb '18

    Definitely took advantage of the last storm yesterday. Woods were in excellent shape at Killington
  12. Worst Grooming - Cannon Flattest Pitch - Bretton Woods Worst Drivers - Loon Highest Concentration of Joeys - Killington add on....
  13. fcksummer

    Feb '18

    Ski Tracks is not sanctioned for Tunaspeed tracking
  14. fcksummer

    Ryan's Beer Thread

    That'll get you through to lunch
  15. fcksummer

    Best of @ABV

  16. fcksummer

    Really Bad Beer

  17. Who made it out over the weekend? How bad was the damage?
  18. Unless we bring one of these I'm out on Bretton woods
  19. fcksummer

    Best of @ABV

    Notices an empty under the chair
  20. fcksummer

    Brands that DON'T stand behind their gear

    Are your Burton mittens grandfathered in or are they subject to the nut kicking rule?

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