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  1. fcksummer

    Best of @ABV

    8:15 AM
  2. What's been the highlight of your year so far? Yesterday at Killington was really good with certain parts of Superstar taking the cake for me.
  3. The old Outlander is finito. Looking for something good in the snow obviously, decent gas mileage, good storage space and relatively hassle free. What does everyone recommend?
  4. fcksummer

    Ryan's Beer Thread

    re: 12% beer
  5. fcksummer

    Christmas loot

    Proper waxing iron
  6. fcksummer

    December 2017 weather discussion

    How's this storm trending? We've gone from rain to freezing rain in the forecasts...anyone on the ground in ski country?
  7. There are 3 icons next to the Start New Topic box on the homepage of the forum. You can select from the 3 views there.
  8. How was the skiing on the moon?
  9. fcksummer

    Roll Call - Dec. 18 - 24

    Killington on Friday. Hope this wind forecast backs off some
  10. fcksummer

    face protection on cold days

    I use an Airhole balaclava on super cold days. Under armour balaclava most days
  11. fcksummer

    How fast have you ever skied?

    So 76 jumps on Saturday was an error?
  12. fcksummer

    Cannon Lover's Thread

    Woods are deep but no base. Lots of hidden traps.
  13. fcksummer

    Roll call: December 8-10, 2017

    Have fun everyone. Wish I could make it
  14. fcksummer

    Cannon Lover's Thread

    Profile whales should be huge. Guns were dumping yesterday. Should have poached!
  15. fcksummer

    Cannon Lover's Thread

    thought you were going to work from home
  16. fcksummer

    Cannon Lover's Thread

    fixed. computers don't like emoji's i guess
  17. fcksummer

    Cannon Lover's Thread

    To take or not to take @Puck it
  18. See username - just waking up from hibernation
  19. Adult conversation? False advertising
  20. Here's a few that I took during the year. Add on... Brackett Lafayette Kinsman Bunny T-Brook Cannon Proper Classic Vista Pic And finally the Zoomer Bar undertook a massive renovation this year, we're now the Zoomer Bar and Grille

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