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  1. Awful situation.


    This part is tough


    One other notable factor in this accident was the fact that at least three parties observed and later reported seeing what appeared to be a fresh crown line in Raymond Cataract. No one made the 5-10 minute diversion to look for clues or do a beacon search of the debris where a ski and pole were on the surface 75’ uphill of the burial site.


  2. 2 minutes ago, Puck it said:

    The one that you are referring to is called Obvious and the entrance is near the top of the hike.  This dumps you down into a stream bed that is now open and running.  There are others when you start to come down the saddle.  The main one is Bunny Direct.

    Why don't you broadcast the Bretton Woods off map stuff instead!

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  3. 14 minutes ago, Cannonballer said:

    Saturday, March 23 was probably the best powder day of the season at most places. Sunday, March 24 was one of the best bluebird days off the season at most places. Does that make this the best weekend of the 2018-2019 season?? It gets my vote.
    There *might* of been better individual days here and there throughout the season, but I don't think there was anything better back-to-back and on a weekend.

    Was just going to pose this question...gets my vote. 31" at Burke and then gorgeous warm bluebird leftovers at Cannon. Tough to beat that

  4. 2 hours ago, thesnowway said:

    The skier had to have been skiing quite fast to carry moment over the embankment after crashing.

    Then again, details are still quite limited, so who knows.

    Are they still roping the bottom of Profile? I recall they had setup "slow down" roping near the lift in past years but I don't think it was too extensive. They might need to create an "experts only entrance" type roping setup to make people slow down sooner (i.e. funnel to a narrow exit point well before the flat area near the lift).

    Word around the bar was that the skier was quite large, 6'4 and about 280. Not sure how reliable the source of that was but that could have contributed to his momentum. 

    They don't rope the bottom but have had a "Slow" sign in the middle. Can't remember if its still there. Probably a good idea to set up something like you and @ABV mentioned. He could have injured multiple people if there had been a line at the lift. People are usually lined up along that embankment too, waiting for other members of their group or dropping down into Middle Ravine. 

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