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  1. fcksummer

    Taos Avalanche

    One casualty. https://taosnews.com/stories/avalanche-buries-multiple-people-on-kachina-peak,54548 "According to a press release from the ski resort, which is one of the largest in Northern New Mexico, an "inbounds avalanche" occurred in chute "K3" just before noon, burying the two skiers near the 12,481-foot peak. The Kachina Peak Ski Valley lift, which provides easy access to expert terrain at the mountain's peak, opened this season on Jan. 15. It was built in 2015, providing access to sections of the mountain which were previously only accessible on foot. Chris Stagg, vice president of public relations at the resort, said members of the Taos ski patrol team had detonated explosives in the area of Kachina Peak early Thursday morning in an effort to reduce the risk of an avalanche. Signs are posted to warn skiers and snowboarders that the terrain around Kachina Peak can be dangerous, he said, but no special equipment, such as a beacon that can be used to locate avalanche victims, is required to ride the lift to reach it. "
  2. Entirety of the storm.
  3. 2 buried and pulled out. In bounds.
  4. Rules: Predict storm total at your home resort. Go- Cannon- 15
  5. fcksummer

    MLK weekend snow?

    Bretton Woods. Everyone should go there. It's awesome in deep powder.
  6. Wtf? This would be an immediate edge catch and most likely a trip to the hospital
  7. fcksummer

    Superbowl Prediction

    True. I just remember all the awful weather games the Pats have been in and they always seem to dominate in them. Dont think they're going to blow KC out by any means but something about the Pats in bad weather just works for them. Predicting a close game with the Pats D sealing the deal by making Mahomes pay for one of those passes back across his body.
  8. fcksummer

    Superbowl Prediction

    I'll take the Pats in the cold and think the Rams are going to upset the Saints.
  9. fcksummer

    MLK weekend snow?

    What does Friday look like?
  10. Who's winning this weekend?
  11. fcksummer

    MLK weekend snow?

    Fuck me. If so, you're all welcome.
  12. fcksummer

    Cannon 1/12

    Was the middle section in rough shape? Anyways, was a pretty good day IMO. Didnt love the sticky snow in the woods but coverage was excellent.

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