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  1. went to buy the family passes today...Jr passes sold out. Pretty miffed and when I called they stated that they were sold out in a week after being released (not sure when that was). Might be the first season in a decade I wont be at wachusett...sad honestly, and there are no good alternatives as comps (short drive from house; <30min, night skiing, kids activities, fast lifts, high output snowmaking). I could go to nashoba, but that seems like a big step back and I cant see my family spending a season there. I guess PSA to everyone who was looking for Jr. passes - if you didnt b
  2. thats really cool - love 360 degree mountains....what do the orange and purple lines represent?
  3. Id say 5/10 - only hit wachusett this year which was a downer in some respects, but got a decent 20 days in total, all with the family so that is a plus. compared to last year between broken foot driving a late start in feb and the subsequent shut down a month or so later, this was a big win, but nothing really special in the general sense
  4. Skied mammoth 4th of july 2012, high of the day was around 80...only time I've ever been on the slopes in the summertime.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/WaWaWachusett/videos/10159222938358270/
  6. Probably the last day for me, and potentially this nems thread. 7 trails, top to bottom skiing...went out for a few hours this afternoon lapping minuteman. Can't complain one bit. Thanks to the wachusett team for everything they did this season, as usual great season.
  7. I'll throw in something, the wachusett thread is worth it for me...pm me
  8. Watched seaspiracy on nflix last night..felt a little vegan propaganda-y but interesting nonetheless
  9. Would be sad to see this place go, but understand where you're coming from. Doubt covid helped as well. Content seems lacking. Have you thought about some seo as well using a tool like ahrefs/moz/semrush to drive traffic and help build traffic related content? I'm not active on AZ so can't comment on that but perhaps there is some niche that is missing in the NE ski forum world that this site could fill?
  10. Wachusett is saying 4/4. We'll see after this weekend
  11. Beautiful spring skiing yesterday. mountain still in good shape given the recent weather and how late we are in the season. not too busy either which was great.
  12. was out there sunday...what a crazy weather day...showed up around 10a, beautiful bluebird day with temps around 40. Around noon, clouds and wind rolled in. Winds continued to pick up as the time passed, and shortly started snowing like crazy. Nice that it was snowing, but it was glue on the mountain. Was with a group of kids that are still learning and i had to pull them down the trails off sundowner. On a positive note, saw this posted, looking good for another month or so of skiing assuming nature cooperates: Snowmaking in March? We did it. With the blast of cold temps we w
  13. have been out to wachusett 5 times since i last posted, including today. the mountain has been busy at the base every time out with the exception of this afternoon. but it really is only evident when parking and at the lifts...once on mountain seems like much less people than you'd think. today was a great day...spring skiing like...mashed potatoes most of the mountain, with natural bumps having developed on smith and 10th (along with seeded bumps on 10th and sundowner). proud day today - my 5yo daughter both did her first black diamonds (she ski'd all the trails marked black today
  14. hey @fcksummer was checking out the guides (in dark mode) and the text is a strange grey color that is pretty much illegible...not sure if that can be fixed (white text would work well) so that the guides are actually readable.
  15. was out at wachusett last tues and sat. Mountain is 100% open and skiing great with nice packed poweder (groomed 2x a day of course) all around! I think they now have close to a 5'+ base. They seeded the moguls on 10th on sat and they were actually pretty good! Lines were somewhat long both days (15-20min) but once on the slopes, didnt feel that busy.
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