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  1. https://www.powdr.com/news/powdr-news/fast-tracks-launch I cant imagine what surge pricing on powder days at a place like snowbird would be like, but for someone like me who takes a few solo day trips this would be appealing on those days not to wait in line and maximize runs.
  2. thats right, heading up for new years...was considering the 4 day pass, but im not sure if ill get up there again this season, and its not transferrable from what i understand. thanks guys!
  3. yep you're right - was looking at 2 day tickets....still open to discounts somehow though!
  4. Wow didnt realize that peak pricing (heading up there for new years) is $197/day for an adult. Anyone know of any places to get discounted tickets or some money saving options? Looking for 2 adult and 2 kids tickets - passholder friend or anything would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Thats craziness! I feel like they dropped the ball somewhere with passes this season - wonder if they will release more? I would still pay to upgrade my silver to gold (or get my kids gold at a cost less than silver!) On a positive note, they released day tickets for the 26th...im sure if we get some good cold nights before thanksgiving they'll be making snow as usual to get the season started sooner than that!
  6. Its Alive @SkiMangoJazz!!! keep that bookmark, november opening at wachusett will be here before you know it!
  7. Quick update here for anyone who cares... Sat DEV sold out from what I was told. If you sign up for DEV, you can still add Jr. Gold to the DEV purchase. Gold adult and kids are sold out - senior only at this point. Silver and some bronze still available. I got silver for the whole family and will plan some trips during the blackout period with the fam.
  8. went to buy the family passes today...Jr passes sold out. Pretty miffed and when I called they stated that they were sold out in a week after being released (not sure when that was). Might be the first season in a decade I wont be at wachusett...sad honestly, and there are no good alternatives as comps (short drive from house; <30min, night skiing, kids activities, fast lifts, high output snowmaking). I could go to nashoba, but that seems like a big step back and I cant see my family spending a season there. I guess PSA to everyone who was looking for Jr. passes - if you didnt buy months ago your SOL, or you can spend $250/kid extra for adult gold (65% premium over jr) or $50/kid for silver passes (12% premium over gold) to go...feels like a money grab to me, but I dont know. I've emailed them to see if what I'm thinking here is valid and will post if I learn anything new.
  9. thats really cool - love 360 degree mountains....what do the orange and purple lines represent?
  10. Id say 5/10 - only hit wachusett this year which was a downer in some respects, but got a decent 20 days in total, all with the family so that is a plus. compared to last year between broken foot driving a late start in feb and the subsequent shut down a month or so later, this was a big win, but nothing really special in the general sense
  11. Skied mammoth 4th of july 2012, high of the day was around 80...only time I've ever been on the slopes in the summertime.
  12. https://www.facebook.com/WaWaWachusett/videos/10159222938358270/
  13. Probably the last day for me, and potentially this nems thread. 7 trails, top to bottom skiing...went out for a few hours this afternoon lapping minuteman. Can't complain one bit. Thanks to the wachusett team for everything they did this season, as usual great season.
  14. I'll throw in something, the wachusett thread is worth it for me...pm me
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