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  1. Went out for a few hours in the afternoon yesterday...not overly crowded and they're continuing to make snow on the regular so conditions are improving by the day. runs off minuteman still in the best shape.
  2. was there noon to 6....im sure its great in the morning as the edges of 10th and conifer had mounds of snow...definitely agree that smith is in rough shape...needs some good natural snow, but ill take it nevertheless!
  3. was out there yesterday (1/5); mountain was pretty empty until 4p, and then buses showed up along with the race league....long lines from 4-4:30 (15+min) as the mob dispersed through the mountain. Snow off minuteman lift was great. it feels like they may have opened up the smith and 10th a bit too early after the big snow we had as its manmade over a block of ice...the block of ice showed by 1p. Pick of the day for me was hitchcock ill probably be out there this weekend.
  4. I wentearly afternoon Friday and Saturday. Both days were sold out, and honestly if that's the max capacity they will run this year I'm pretty excited...was able to park in the first row both days. Fridays conditions were great...the combo of natural and manmade from this week really hit the mark. Couldn't go wrong across the mountain. They opened up a few more trails today, but those definitely need more work. Pick of the day for me was the ungroomed part of tenth as there were still plenty of leftovers from the storm. Groomed part was very firm...not worth it almost. If you h
  5. Wachusett ski'd very well yesterday. Conifer was pick of the day...nice soft snow (thanks to 50 degree temps) made for great top to bottom carving. With the snow forecast this week along with cold temps, i can see them making a bunch more snow and opening up more of the mountain.
  6. @Infinite Dreamsso sorry for your loss. my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family
  7. could be the case, but id rather have it done on the state level than due to some covidiots not following the rules and wachusett independently doing something. its really not much to ask...
  8. went out for some turns on sunday. snow that we received definitely helped get things back on track. firm snow with a solid across the open trails with a nice top layer of groomed. they will be blowing a lot this week to start opening up more trails. not too busy given the conditions. liking the new tag line they have: "dont be the reason we end our season" - wear a mask folks so that we can ski all year!
  9. i was at wachusett sat and sun for a couple of hours each afternoon. not super busy which was good, not the best coverage, but where they had made snow, it was a nice spring like soft cover of about 8" in most places...sundowner, conifer and ralphs all skied pretty similarly in terms of snow...the narrow runoff at ralphs isnt the best with kids, but it does the trick. Looks like they will be blowing more snow as the temps cooperate which is good. I'm somewhat concerned about the viability of a full ski season if things get worse with covid. Both days there was blatant disregard of the
  10. im planning on heading out tomorrow - will post up on conditions.
  11. guns are on this morning...not sure if they are just testing, but looks like the little hill that could is trying to get the season going as soon as possible: https://www.wachusett.com/The-Mountain/Media-Center/Web-Cams.aspx
  12. Wasnt able to make it out to any swaps this year and now I'm looking for 120cm skis for my son. Let me know what you have!
  13. Whats the forum's thoughts on mask use this winter? Neck gaiter/balaclava sufficient, something underneath? Anyone look into some options by gear companies like these: https://www.outdoorresearch.com/us/face-mask-kit-283298 https://www.hellyhansen.com/hh-lifa-face-mask-20404?avad=217625_e1d999ff9utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=avantlink&utm_campaign=169989&ad_name=Custom+Link
  14. update, only passes currently available are sr. gold and sr. bronze. that window closed fast, but on a positive note, it sounds like pass holders will have full access to the mountain with restrictions on day passes.
  15. Never to early, right? I've bought our family passes again for this year and looking forward to regularly heading to wachusett as a respite from WFH and COVID in general. I'm hearing that they will likely limit season ticket sales, so if you were considering one for this season, I would suggest getting on that. Both @MassNerdand I have groups that you can take advantage of, so feel free to DM either of us for info. I'll give preference to @MassNerd as he has been doing this for the forum longer than I. I believe his group name is "Cennedy". I'm really looking forward to this seas
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