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  1. kdaffy

    Wachusett Conditions and get togethers

    11/17 opening date posted on the website!
  2. kdaffy

    Wachusett Conditions and get togethers

    Wonder if we can click in this weekend...I want to say they opened this weekend last year.
  3. Pretty cool...these drone racers always amaze me with their ability to pilot these things..
  4. kdaffy

    Wachusett Conditions and get togethers

    Anyone have a GPS group for a friend of mine?
  5. kdaffy

    Wachusett Conditions and get togethers

    Yeeha! Just got an email from Wa with target opening date of 11/23 (or sooner). Whole family with passes this year so looking forward to getting turns in family style.
  6. kdaffy

    Ryan's Beer Thread

    so much hoppy goodness in this foreign objects brew...nice tropical hop explosion
  7. Was at the Wachusett ski swap last night getting my son some new gear, and of course, my 3yo daughter sees some pink skis with flowers and wants them. She is getting my sons hand me downs... In order to stifle the already crazy toddler melt down (on the floor, screaming and crying while clutching the pink skis she is not getting) I made a deal that we can paint her brother's old skis pink/purple and put lots of frozen stickers on them. Now, I'm thinking I made a bad deal, but one that she will not forget. Has anyone done this before? Any recommendations on paint type and process? I would guess a plastic type paint like rustoleum might work, but not sure. Do you sand the topsheets first before painting? Any other tips?
  8. I'm thinking powder highway for my trip this year...
  9. kdaffy

    Ryan's Beer Thread

    Discovered Mighty Squirrel this summer and loved their strawberry smoovy. Just grabbed some of the Peach, and its delicious, much less sweet than the strawberry...
  10. Powder mag has recently come out with a summer reading list: https://www.powder.com/stories/10-books-every-skier-should-read-this-summer/ Personally I've read many of Warren Miller's books and they are great entertaining quick reads. Wild Coomba is fantastic in my opinion, and given that Doug started out at Nashoba and New England I'd recommend for any NE skier. Any others not on the list you'd recommend?
  11. Pretty amazing record, broken right in our back yard! https://snowbrains.com/killington-vertical-feet-world-record/ Talk about dedication and commitment (and maybe a little bit of crazy)! A 65-year-old Killington, VT man has just (unofficially) set a new world record for the number of vertical feet skied in a season. Scott Howard has been trying to set his record at Killington, VT who are currently one of a handful of resorts still open, and plan to be until at least the end of May. All season, Mr. Howard has been skiing 8-9 hours a day, every day, clocking up around 60 runs a day and will continue until the season ends. So far he has skied more than 6 million vertical feet this season alone
  12. I seriously considered doing the parlor thing a few years ago but the cost was pretty steep ($1500?) and the wife was home with a new baby so didn't have the time. Seems like a great concept and it would be sweet to get group to do it...NMS summer outing?
  13. kdaffy

    Bootfitters around Boston?

    They are a masterfit shop and member of America's Best bootfitters...I'll ask my buddy who he worked with, but the owner did a great job on my last pair of boots
  14. Wachusett senior gold pass at $329 or bronze at $269...the gold is a bargain. 65+

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