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  1. JimK

    Opening Day 2018

    Thanks for sharing. Photos of Killington and A-Basin are both amazing. I may get to ski A-Basin in Feb. Curious about the new chair on the far side.
  2. Best post of the season...so far:-) Way to get after it!
  3. JimK

    Marmot Basin

    Well, I was going to go off topic and talk about Mt. Norquay instead and decided to stop myself, but now you've encouraged me to misbehave:-) I haven't been to Marmot, but last March I skied the areas around Banff and enjoyed another under the radar place up that way, Mt. Norquay. Loved Sunshine and Lake louise, but the surprisingly neat place little place was Mt. Norquay, the oldest of the three. The first ski runs there date back to 1926, with the opening of the ski lodge in 1929. Rope tows were installed in 1942 and the mountain was the second in Canada to install a chairlift in 1948. If you go up there with a MCP pass you get two free days each at SS and LL and one free day at Mt Norquay (vertical 1650'). A lot of folks don't know about the Norquay freebie and it's definitely worth checking out if you like to visit a variety of ski areas including smaller, historic ones. View of North American pulse-double chair with Mt Rundle in background (elev 9672'), this ancient lift serves nothing but black diamonds. Them early skiers were bad a$$es! Cliff House at the top of Mt. Norquay's North American lift was built in 1952. The architecture is a mash-up of Fred Flintstone and George Jetson:-) BTW, Is there a way to totally delete a post?
  4. I guess you could say it adds value by strengthening the overall Peak Resorts business model. But what would you consider a move that would benefit you, purchasing a good, available New England mtn like Smuggs, and/or a decent destination resort or two in the West like Mt. Bachelor, Sun Valley or Snowbasin?
  5. JimK

    2018 new car thread

    I am toying with the idea of getting a small 4wd, 4 door pick-up to replace my old minivan. I am tech-adverse and cheap, so looking at Nissan Frontier which goes for about $22k new with no options. I have a 2014 Outback that works well in snow. Can I expect a small 4wd pick-up to perform similarly in snow? I don't run my Outback with snow tires since it only sees snowy conditions about two weeks per year. Not sure whether I'd put snow tires on a 4wd pick-up, but would consider it if I increase my time in the mountains. PS: Weatherman went to Sweden to pick up car!?!
  6. JimK

    F'ing Millennials

    Thank God for the millenials. We need them to pay their taxes so we get all our old age benefits. I hear in Japan they sell more adult diapers than infant diapers.
  7. JimK

    F'ing Millennials

    Average age of my team at work is 61.5, but I am parent of four millennials. Observations: Cell phones are life. Dogs are popular, kids are not. Dining out is everything. Neck ties are nothing. Marriage is optional. Car ownership - meh. Soda is the new cigarettes. Timeliness - meh. Does anybody date anymore? Church - meh. Electric scooters are hot, e-bikes are not. Admittedly, the little buggers are good at IT:-)
  8. JimK

    Trip Report: Camping in the Sierras

    Who woudda thunk Reno was where all the smoke went?? What did you think of the Giant Sequoias? They stand out even surrounded by 5000 tourists. Haven't got a report back from my daughters yet. Believe they were curtailing some of the Sierra portion of their visit to CA, but still might get to Sequoia NP.
  9. Very nice. That stream looks refreshing!! I have never coupled biking with a visit to a brewery, but this past Saturday I took a solo 25 mile bike ride on the W and OD bike trail and about 1.5 miles from the finish I passed a trailside brewery - seriously tempted, maybe next time? On Sunday I spent about an hour biking with wife and daughter on the C&O Canal towpath near Wash DC. - followed by a post-ride Heineken beside the Potomac River. As an older dude, biking is one of my few remaining fitness pursuits and generally strengthens my knees, rather than breaking them down:-) PS: lemon connection - I'm not a serious beer connoisseur. I've enjoyed summer shandy type beers occasionally over the years, but didn't find out until this summer that Summer Shandy specifically means that the beer is mixed with a form of lemonade.
  10. JimK

    Summer in the Sierras

    Sorry your plans for Yosemite NP are threatened. My three daughters are taking a trip from LA to Sequoia and Kings Canyon Parks about a week after you and they are still planning to go. Those latter two parks are easy to do as a pair since they are close together. I visited those two on a trip about 30 years ago, stayed in a cabin at Grants Grove. They may not have quite the wow factor as Yosemite, but if you've never seen the giant trees in Sequoia NP they will blow your mind. Moro Rock in Sequoia is a very easy hike for a big scenic payoff. The drive into Kings Canyon to the road ending is spectacular with lots of nearby swimming holes and creeks. There are many more ambitious hikes with a little research. I've heard that tourists are diverting from Yosemite to visit Seq and Kings Can instead because of the fire, so they may be kind of crowded, but if you plan to camp outside of the formal campgrounds that might not be a problem assuming most of the backcountry is open?
  11. It's been a while, but The Homestead felt quite independent to me back in 2005. The hotel is magnificent and the relationship to the ski slopes sounds a bit like BW. The hotel is not slopeside, and the ski area felt more like one of many amenities, not the overwhelming focus of winter guests. In fact, I was at The Homestead over President's Weekend and one morning while my kids and I were carrying our skis in the hotel elevator another guest exclaimed, "they have skiing here?"
  12. I visited The Homestead once about a dozen years ago. I had the honor of meeting Sepp Kober, the founder of their ski operation in 1959 and member of the National Ski Hall of Fame: http://www.dcski.com/articles/view_article.php?article_id=794&mode=search
  13. The Freedom Pass includes many ski areas that most would consider independent. Obviously, this question is complicated and a resort that plays the limited reciprocity game has not necessarily lost its independence. What about the 5 or 6 ski areas in North Carolina? Are they all independent or are some clearly part of a multi-resort group?
  14. ~100-150K crowd. This is along Constitution Ave, then Ovi and Cup, at rally on National Mall You guys in New England are probably totally jaded about this kind of thing, but down here the town went crazy. It's been a long dry spell for all our pro sports teams.
  15. Thanks for the inputs. I am trying to put pen to paper to describe some of this. Obviously, the word "independent" is very nebulous. We are living in interesting times :-)

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