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  1. Great thread. I'm in Utah and still skiing frequently for another month or so. I'm making up for a late start. I didn't get my first lift served day until Feb 19, 2021. But this season posed some unique and sometimes wrenching problems. I'm the guy that tries to post as many mouthwatering ski photos as possible, but this winter was very humbling for me. I became the guy sitting on the sidelines. My usual plan in recent years is to remain in the east for early season, ski locally a few times, and then go west to Utah for an extended stay and more skiing. As I was planning to do a a
  2. I got to ride with a Yeti today at Snowbird!
  3. Love the ease of photo posting on this site, but some other sites have progressed in that area recently. The chatter seems to be happening on AZ this winter. Not sure what to say, but appreciate your efforts?
  4. I never get tired of this view, Snowbird's Mineral Basin with Mt. Timpanogos in the background, 4 Mar 21: A friend took this shot of me in ski photog mode yesterday on Great Scott at Snowbird, UT:
  5. Pretty view from Little Cloud bowl, Snowbird, UT, 2 Mar 21
  6. Today was a pretty special day at Snowbird, it snowed more than a foot yesterday and my son and I got into terrain that had not been opened to the public in a couple weeks, so it skied much deeper than that. This is around Tiger Tail and Thunder Bowl towards the lookers right on the frontside of the mtn.
  7. Was up at Snowbird today, 2/23/2021. I have figured out the parking reservation system. Basically, on normal weekdays without significant fresh snow you can get a reservation the night before or even morning of, with no problem. In a few more weeks you might be able to do that for weekends too. It was a low vis AM, here this dude is scoping out Upper Cirque. Around 1PM it went from ugly to pretty in a hurry. This is the first day I've gotten to ski the terrain off Road to Provo. It was closed for a few days after the big storm last week.
  8. Was up at Snowbird again today, 3rd day in a row. Today featured more sun. The snow was great. I'll share a few pics. View of Snowbird base coming down Gad Valley side. View of the tram and Peruvian Gulch from up on Cirque Traverse. Dropping into lower Cirque area. Looking up at middle/lower cirque. It's a bit steeper than it looks in this pic. there's a name for those cliffs, The Forbidden Zone, and they ski that stuff. The climb in this is section of Gad 2 lift line is always impressive. View of Mt. Timpanogos from Mineral Basi
  9. above photo is base of mineral basin about noon time, the line might have been 10-15 mins, but i used chair to right called Baldy with no line and great skiing/snow for about 90 mins in a period of decent viz. above is whodunnit trail with view of snowbird base and cliff lodge. saw some intermittent breezy, snow squalls and didn't mind wearing a mask. on this lift and about 30% of my rides a I rode alone due to moderate crowds and covid rules. other times i would double up on hsq chairs. this is a view of snowbird summit from baldy chair in mineral bas
  10. I have found in many visits over the last five years to Snowbird, that weekdays when there is no new snow over 8" or so, are very light and no problems. This constitutes 85% of all weekdays in a season. Covid has this year kind of messed up with strange trends in crowding. I just spent all day today 2/20/21 at Snowbird and had a great time in manageable crowds, even though it was a Sat. My son had a parking reservation for today and there was plenty of parking. Maybe everyone who got burned yesterday morning decided to stay away today. The drive up the canyon took us 35 mins at 8am,
  11. according to that documentary, the algos are feeding people anything that may get the most clicks/views. this purely commercial model has unexpected consequences. so if you ever looked up a conspiracy theory, you might start seeing lots of that kind of news in your feeds, which only heightens your concerns and doesn't show you counter info that might balance your knowledge of issues/ situations. this is amplified when millions of people only get their news this way. i don;t want to make this a political thread, just expressing an interesting IT theory about why there is so much divisi
  12. Have you seen the Netflix documentary called the Social Dilemma? Basically, a lot of the hostility in the US and the world right now is driven by social media algos. The artificial intelligence of the algos is stirring the masses into a frenzy and humans can't control it. Ski forums are more like old fashioned pen pals. We have a common interest/love and we put info about it above all other crap/distractions. Ski on!
  13. I got up to Snowbird today from about 2-430PM. My first lift served skiing of the season! It was good. They've had 4+ feet of snow this week, which led to 2.5 days of closure due to avi mitigation work. No skiing, no open access road. Today was the first fully reopened day since the storm. I heard the place was mobbed in the morning. Somebody told me they started up the access road at 7 am and didn't start skiing until 11am. but not bad by the time we got there. This is my son. About a 5-10 min wait for little cloud lift at 315pm. The willibere double stays ope
  14. Thanks Straight Skis! The above photo illustrates natural snow pack in Western PA in mid-1980s. Those Kneissl's were my Dad's. They were fairly short for the timeframe, something like 185cms, but stiff as a board. They were also kind of wide for the times. I tried them a few times. He had a classic pair of red and blue Rosemount boots he used with those skis. I could show you those but it's another bmp, Dad's on left: dad mom langs.bmp
  15. jim blue knob waist deep.bmp @StraightSkis How do you get this bmp to be visible here? Thanks, JimK
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