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  1. Insane. Glad nobody hurt. That stuff looks like wet concrete. How steep is that slope that slid? It looks pretty shallow in the photos. Almost like a flood, rather than an avalanche.
  2. Way to get out there Puck it! 10 days already. I'm waiting to get my first daytrip here in the mid-Atlantic until after the Holidays in hope of lower crowds and higher trail counts. But your reports are making me itchy.
  3. There are some big maybes out there, the biggest is whether we'll have a viable ski season or not? -take nothing for granted, be grateful for any ski time. the mid-march shut down in 2020 took away more than half my planned ski days last winter, ~25 instead of 50. Hopefully I'll get more this time. -usually i visit 5 or 10 different ski areas spread across the US, but i may only ski one or two different mtns this winter. It could be a 3000' vert mtn, or it could be a 500' vert mtn. -will i have to go full introvert this season? i am a very social skier, love to meet and ski w
  4. Glad you got out. and glad to hear they weren't requiring full time mask wearing while skiing down open slopes. I took a bike ride in 68 degs temps. While this was cooking!
  5. Has there been a run on the sale of Nordic ski equipment? I wouldn't be surprised. I plan to go to UT for three months and do a lot of lift served skiing, but if there is a shutdown that prevents that I might stay in VA. In VA I could play golf all but about 30 days in winter. Same for bike riding. I'd likely have to drive a couple hours to do Nordic or snowshoeing. We do get a one foot snowstorm about once every other winter in my local neighborhood, but my snowshoes are in UT and my Nordic gear is getting really old.
  6. It was interesting to note that in my suburban neighborhood outside Wash DC we had normal to above normal amount of trick or treat traffic on Halloween. Homeowners put candy on trays outside on front porch or yard and kids helped themselves. Weather was decent, seasonably cool at night. Seemed safe and appropriately socially distanced. I'm glad the kids seemed to have a fun and fairly normal night.
  7. First post under the new look of the site. Works great! Thanks. These are pics from a very snowy Feb 2010 at Blue Knob, PA.
  8. Looks like the site got a new look on 23 Sep 2020? Any special new features we should look for?
  9. Snowshoeing in Grand Teton NP, WY, Feb 2020.
  10. I've been back in the Wash DC area since late July. Trying to ride my old hybrid bike fairly often. Here are some photos from the East, Aug-Sep 2020. Spent two weeks in Aug at the beach in North Carolina, often rode on the nice flat road seen to right below next to ocean. My wife enjoyed riding at the beach too. This is a bike trail near my home in Northern VA. It's green here! And there are a lot of people and deer. This is the house I grew up in. My parents bought it new in 1959 for $25,000 and owned it for 45 years. Probably worth +800K now.
  11. More background on these photos HERE.
  12. Thank you! The first is from 1976, our family ski cabin about one mile from Blue Knob ski area in western PA. The second is me (backwards ball cap) with a friendly guide at a fine Austrian ski area called Zauchensee in 2003.
  13. Anybody know how to convert bmp to jpg? Thanks.
  14. Here are a bunch of old ski photos that represent a walk down memory lane for me. Can anyone get the second and third photos to show? They are bmp format. Blue Knob, PA 1968 dad blue knob chalet vw beth.bmp New Picture (6).bmp Eldora, CO 2003 Arapahoe Basin, CO 2009 Vail, CO 2015 Snowbird, UT 2017 Mt. Bachelor, OR 2012 Homewood, CA 2013 Crested Butte, CO 2019 Timberline, WV
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