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  1. Here's a kind of blurry picture of the base terminal for this lift: I'm not a big fan of loading conveyors, but supposedly they lower mishaps for newbies. This has one and it worked fine the other day in super light weekday skier traffic. There's a carpet lift in the covered structure to left for never-evers. There is at least one other chair and carpet lift at Bryce. It's a great learning hill.
  2. Here's the scoop on that chair: It's a relatively new quad chairlift that was added in 2012 and built by Skytrac, Inc. of Salt Lake City, Utah. It replaced Bryce’s “Chair 1” which was part of the resort’s original construction in 1965. The new lift eases loading for beginners by featuring an automated chairKid loading conveyor. Skytrac is all American made.
  3. Skied a smaller Northern Virginia ski area today, 1/21/20 called Bryce, about 100 miles west of Wash DC. It's been around since the early '60s and is proof that a small mtn can succeed in this day and age and climate. This is a really well run mtn. It has only about 500' vertical, but is never crowded. Very light traffic on weekdays and affordable. We finally got good streak of cold weather and Bryce has pole mounted guns about every 50 feet all over every run (about 9 runs total) that can cover the whole place in two or three nights. This last photo is Whitetail ski area in PA.
  4. Gnar and "little natural" are both kind of subjective terms. Compared to what? I'm sure we've discussed it before, but what are the most challenging ski areas in Eastern North America? MRG, Stowe, Sugarbush, Killington, Whiteface, Cannon, Sugarloaf, Smuggs? Are all those disqualified because too much natural? I think I know why you found the topic interesting. How does a steep gnarly place in the East operate without much natural snow? If gnar involves runs and especially trees/glades how do you blow manmade into glades like those at MRG, Plattekill and Magic so that they can be enjoyed frequently?
  5. MRG, Plattekill, Black Mtn NH, and from southwest PA - Blue Knob.
  6. I skied Whitetail Resort in southern PA on 1/10/20. I know it's pathetic, but this was my first time out this season! Got a lot of making up to do. Only a few trails were open, but one had 935' vertical and I skied it about 30 times. Legs felt it, but you know what they say - no pain, no gain
  7. I'm having trouble getting the old bmp photo from Killington to show here. SPRING SKIING IN KILLINGTON King of Spring, Killington, April 1976. I got my stretch pants, Elton John sunglasses, and Yamaha skis! Killington was the first New England mountain I fell in love with. Haven't been there in almost 20 years now. killington jim 1976 (2).bmp killington jim 1976 (3).bmp
  8. I've experienced a few of these spots and posted photos below. I interpret this topic as more of: what are some of the most memorable places or runs you've experienced in the Northeast? THE OLYMPIC TRAILS AT WHITEFACE I'd agree that Whiteface is really special because of the big mountain feel of the place compared to a lot of eastern ski areas. THE SINGLE CHAIR, MAD RIVER GLEN Another good one. It's not just that the single chair is a cool antique, but THE TERRAIN it serves is challenging and beautiful, featuring some of the best tree skiing anywhere and fun, narrow, curvy trails. NIGHT SKIING AT MONT SAINTE-ANNE I only skied MSA in the day time. Night skiing there sounds like it would be a good way to get frostbite most of the winter🤪 But its a fine ski area and cool region to visit when you also check out Le Massif and tour the Old City of Quebec. SPRING SKIING IN KILLINGTON King of Spring, Killington, April 1976. I got my stretch pants, Elton John sunglasses, and Yamaha skis! Killington was the first New England mountain I fell in love with. Haven't been there in almost 20 years now. THE FRONT FOUR, STOWE Recent issue of Ski Magazine had Stowe rated as #18 resort in the East, just ahead of Wawa. That's nuts! Stowe is definitely one of the very top bucket list destinations for Eastern skiers. SUGARLOAF CAT SKIING I haven't done the cat there, but Brackett Basin, Burnt Mtn, and all that side country at Sugarloaf is really fun to explore. Great mountain. TUCKERMAN RAVINE I haven't done Tuckerman Ravine, but I'd say the view of it from Wildcat ski area on a pretty day is another Eastern bucket list item! When people ask me what's my favorite ski area in the East some of the big names come up, but I also always mention Wildcat. THE STRATTON 24 No photos from Stratton. I've skied there a few times, but it's been quite a while. Skiing there for 24 hours straight sounds like another good way to get frostbite unless it's a spring time event. Bonus items, with a few my own recommendations for a Northeastern snowrider's bucket list . LE MASSIF, QC Scenically, this place is unlike anywhere I've ever skied. Think Lord of the Rings. Pretty big mountain beside an ocean-like body of water. SADDLEBACK, ME This is why Saddleback must be resurrected. Super beautiful mtn with fun trails and trees. Best place I ever skied that went on the lost list, hopefully not for long. CANNON MOUNTAIN, NH A great and rugged New England mtn that should not be missed. Was there when Mittersill was hike-to only and that was fun too. Riding the tram and visiting the Ski Museum add to Cannon's unique appeal. SUGARBUSH, VT Gotta put Sugarbush on this list too. Big and burly enough to serve as a fine one-stop destination for a multi-day visit, except that it would be a crime not to also check out MRG for a day when in the vicinity.
  9. Utah, 28 Dec 2019, not me, posting for a friend😥
  10. Half full: I got a new pair of Kastle skis from Steep and Cheap for $149 about a month ago. Half empty: I haven't gotten out to use them yet! A lot of the ski areas in my part of the mid-Atlantic just opened in the last couple of days.
  11. Here are some beautiful "before" shots from Rusty Groomer on AZ: https://forums.alpinezone.com/showthread.php/142210-Magic-Mountain-Opening-Day-19-20-The-2nd-greatest-opening-ever-12-7 Here's to a return to before real soon for you guys! Down my way we haven't even had a before yet ;-)
  12. Oct 2019: According to findings by Pew Research, 44% of younger users, those aged 18 to 29, have deleted the Facebook app from their phone. Besides the fact that they may not want to be under close watch by their parents, I have a few reasons why I believe younger users are leaving Facebook: How people use social media has changed. People prefer sharing on a smaller scale or even one-to-one as opposed to blasting an update to people they haven’t talked to in years. The younger audiences are much more comfortable storytelling and sharing updates by creating image and video content. Facebook has become saturated with ads and this generation doesn’t like to be marketed to in the more traditional sense. Finally, other platforms are innovating quicker. Instagram and Snapchat are rolling out features that are capturing this audience’s attention. Some of these features include: Stories, Gifs/Stickers, Lenses and Augmented Reality Where are They Spending time on Social Media? So where are Millennials and Gen Zers spending their hours social networking? They can be found on YouTube, Instagram and messaging apps. It may come as a surprise to you that one app in particular is still holding their attention…Snapchat.
  13. The North Face at Crested Butte
  14. Photos of the summit and base areas of Crested Butte:

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