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  1. It's been a while, but The Homestead felt quite independent to me back in 2005. The hotel is magnificent and the relationship to the ski slopes sounds a bit like BW. The hotel is not slopeside, and the ski area felt more like one of many amenities, not the overwhelming focus of winter guests. In fact, I was at The Homestead over President's Weekend and one morning while my kids and I were carrying our skis in the hotel elevator another guest exclaimed, "they have skiing here?"
  2. I visited The Homestead once about a dozen years ago. I had the honor of meeting Sepp Kober, the founder of their ski operation in 1959 and member of the National Ski Hall of Fame: http://www.dcski.com/articles/view_article.php?article_id=794&mode=search
  3. The Freedom Pass includes many ski areas that most would consider independent. Obviously, this question is complicated and a resort that plays the limited reciprocity game has not necessarily lost its independence. What about the 5 or 6 ski areas in North Carolina? Are they all independent or are some clearly part of a multi-resort group?
  4. ~100-150K crowd. This is along Constitution Ave, then Ovi and Cup, at rally on National Mall You guys in New England are probably totally jaded about this kind of thing, but down here the town went crazy. It's been a long dry spell for all our pro sports teams.
  5. Thanks for the inputs. I am trying to put pen to paper to describe some of this. Obviously, the word "independent" is very nebulous. We are living in interesting times :-)
  6. What about Mt. Snow? In NY, Hunter?
  7. What are the 10 top independents now in NE? Top 20? Thanks.
  8. I've been to ten Vail Resorts in recent years and a bunch of Mtn Collective places too. No doubt, there is really great terrain at some of the MCP mountains (AltaBird, Highlands, JH, Squalpine, Taos, Big Sky, etc.), but the advanced terrain at Vail Resorts isn't exactly shabby either. WRT challenging terrain at Vail Resorts, besides the aforementioned Stowe, W-B, Kirkwood, A-Basin, Crested Butte; there is also good advanced terrain on the upper mtn at Breckenridge, Motts and Killebrew at Heavenly, Jupiter, 9990 and other spots at Park City. Also some entertaining stuff at Vail (back bowls, Prima Cornice, BSB) and Beaver Creek (Birds of Prey, Grouse Mtn, Stone Creek Chutes, Royal Elk and Black Bear glades). Plus, you get several days at Telluride on the EpicPass this year too. It's all good. More details with terrain photos here:
  9. That's good to know as I may go to Big Sky for a few days and show my Bird pass to get 50% off tickets and will ask if that applies to the senior rate:-)
  10. I have been enjoying a few minor senior ski discounts in recent years on day-ticket purchases, but now I think I am officially a geezer:-) I was in Utah recently to help paint my son's house and took a drive up to Snowbird one afternoon. I turn 65 this year and that qualified me to buy a senior season pass to Snowbird for 2018-19 for $659, this is 200-250 less than cost of the regular adult season pass.
  11. JimK

    2018 Season Stats

    You really get around! I hope we cross paths next year in UT...or maybe at MNut :-)
  12. JimK

    2019 trip to St Anton and Prague

    I can't make it, but sounds like a great trip. I have skied a few other places in Austria, but not St. Anton and always wanted to go there. The thing I've heard about St. Anton is that if you've never skied the Alps it's a great first place to visit because it has it all; great and extensive terrain, great apres ski action, usually some of the better snow conditions in Europe, relatively moderate costs, and the Austrians generally treat tourists with respect and friendliness - Gemütlichkeit.
  13. JimK

    Other Summer activities section?

    I see golf under outdoor, but when I tried to make a new post there it wouldn't load into start new thread field.
  14. JimK

    Other Summer activities section?

    I gathered last summer with some southern ski buddies for a weekend of golf at Canaan Valley Resort, WV. Sort of a rolling course surrounded by 4000' mtns. It was really fun, we might do it again this year.
  15. Did something happen? I haven't been able to get on AZ for about a week. Not stirring up trouble, just innocent question.

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