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  1. JimK

    Westward Ho by Jim K.

    2/21/19, I skied Crested Butte for the first time ever on 2/20 and 21. It's a super beautiful part of Colorado with fantastic terrain and a cool vibe. Really liked this mtn, might have to go back again later this winter. Heading further west tomorrow. CB base area. Took about five early runs with friendly Jerry on 2/20. I met him on my first lift ride. He was quite a bit senior to me and skied nicely. Has owned a home in CB for 24 yrs. Jerry cruising Paradise Bowl with North Face T-bar in background. CB Peak, elev 12,162', inbounds ski trails run down those gullies to right. This is the top of the Headwall area served by the High Lift t-bar, the t-bars serve some bodacious terrain and they are having a good snow year, so it's all open. View of the edge of Headwall Glades. This is up on Headwall too, Rabbit Ears spine. Looking up at Rabbit Ears. This helpful local showed me the route I never would have found myself. CB has terrain you must be very careful on. View of Headwall area from Paradise Bowl, Rabbit Ears formation is upper left center. They are having the Prater Cup junior (under age 14) ski races this week on International trail. Good stuff. Double Top glades off East River chair. 2/21 got very sunny and pretty in the afternoon. They save one of the best views for the beginner area. Lovely part of CO, feels remote.
  2. 2/20/19 Westward Ho. I've started another long western ski trip. This time, if all goes as planned, I won't return home until grass mowing season. My wife and I drove out from the East a few days ago. Luvin' the Beavers at Arapahoe Basin: the first place I skied on the trip was a three hour session at Arapahoe Basin on 2/19/19. I only had a few hours before moving on and my express goal was to ski the new Beavers Lift with its 1501' vertical. I spent my entire time skiing the terrain served by this lift (about 8 or 9 runs, I'm slow) and it's a fantastic addition to the ski area. I already love A-Basin, but it's always been a tough place to visit on a cloudy, low visibility day. Which is exactly what yesterday was. But the tree lined groomers and extensive/varied glades of the Beavers is the perfect solution for that kind of day. All the terrain in the Beavers is dark blue or single to double black diamond. I did not ski the adjacent and also new Steep Gullies area because it is extreme tree skiing terrain and requires a long hike out and I'm an old guy on my first day at altitude. Here are a few pictures which I hope will convey some of the super nice tree skiing in the Beavers. A-Basin base lodge, it was a cloudy day with poor visibility on the wide open terrain. The open bowls near the top of the ski area around the Lenawee mtn chair were pretty tough, not quite white out, but close. And not so fun to ski as a result. I made an immediate beeline to The Beavers terrain pod. It starts out above treeline for a few hundred vertical. This is the upper lift line, great snow and good skiing down this and on either side. There are only really two groomers back here. This is Loafer to the lookers right or skier's left of the chair line. That pitch under the chair is real steep and so is that part of the groomer where the lone skier is. This is Davis to skier's right of the lift line. Both runs turn very dark blue for the last 500' of vert. You can see very friendly glades all around. Moi above a very aptly named glade. There is a lot of nicely spaced tree skiing and fair amount of it is only single black pitch. This glade to the right and lower on the hill is steeper and is called Baily Bros Bailey Bros again. Real pretty back here. Changing subject, This is where I skied today, guess where. I'll try to make periodic posts here. Love the easy way you can post photos on this site! Thanks!
  3. Just had a great three days at Laurel Mtn, PA. This ski area goes back to about 1940 and was lost until reopening three years ago. Really cool retro place with light crowds. Met many nice people there.
  4. JimK

    Taos Avalanche

    This is pretty touching. Hospital personnel line up for tribute to dying Taos avi victim who is being wheeled to surgery for organ recovery. https://abcnews.go.com/US/hospital-pays-respects-22-year-avalanche-victim-organ/story?id=60633388
  5. Yeah, but I would be ok with Kendall as hot tub service technician.
  6. Interesting questions. Have you looked into Rangeley, ME? It's a small resort town about 35 miles west of Sugarloaf ski area. It is known to be popular with snowmobilers in the winter and there are numerous scenic lakes in the area. Rangeley recently experienced an economic downturn due to closing of a major local business. There was a nice medium sized ski area called Saddleback that operated 8 miles away, but it went out of business about four years ago. If it comes back to life that will help revitalize the area. The ski resort of Timberline, WV needed someone in your line of work. There is a good winter sports culture there in the Canaan Valley with two other ski areas nearby, but consistently good snowmobiling conditions would not probably be likely.
  7. For a short ski trip from sea level I would say Steamboat's 6k base is a big acclimation benefit over Summit County's 9k base! And you can skip a rental car by taking this cheap direct flight to Steamboat. Good deal. Steamboat's not the most challenging mtn, but for typical recreational advanced skier it's pretty darn nice. The town is quite nice and free bus takes around the area. Using this flight for a full one week vacation would be very relaxing. No rental car and a lot of stuff in the vicinity for apres ski. Take a day or two off to hang around town and/or go to Strawberry hot springs.
  8. Nice find. That article’s from my local paper, but I missed it. Saw the photo here first though!
  9. JimK

    Cover photo submissions

    Besides being an amazingly beautiful image, its amazing how snowy it is for first of Dec!
  10. JimK

    Cover photo submissions

    Who took this amazing shot?!?
  11. A friend an I tried to tackle the task of identifying Indie ski areas around the US, particularly ones worth visiting from afar. His West summary: https://www.pugski.com/threads/indie-resorts-who’s-left-part-1-west.11823/ My East summary: https://www.pugski.com/threads/indie-resorts-who’s-left-part-2-east.11954/ Defining what constitutes an independent ski area these days is pretty tricky!

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