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  1. Maybe I neglected to clarify that I'm at the point where I'm only really comfortable on skied out, not very steep trees. I was hoping that I can improve on the M83 without giving up the hard pack groomer abilities. Of the three I've read the M83 to be the most versatile so I think they would be good for me for a while. If I start doing steeper softer tree runs then I could switch to something softer and wider. My main purpose for the M83 are groomers but with 20 percent use in packs out trees. At this point I'm probably about 90/10 or 80/20 groomers/trees (when the conditions permit). I'
  2. I've never gone to Europe for a ski trip. I've heard from a person I met from France that the French Alps can be a hit or miss when it comes to conditions. I've heard the Swiss Alps are more often great then not. That's about all I know. What are your experiences? I'm an advanced intermediate skiier from New England, but by all means please share what you know at whatever level. I'd like to stick to on mountain experience, leaving apre, villages and convenience to an airport as a side note (important to mention though). Although since everyone must eat, mention of the local cuisine would be go
  3. Hey Deadheadskier, Yes I've heard great things about the Titan and looking forward to demoing them. One of the things that makes me hesitant is they are reported to be not as great in trees as the M83's and I'm hoping to spend way more time in trees then on ice, the 170's are actually 82 waste at 16 turning radius which sounds good for small mountain, hard pack, also I hear the word smooth to describe them a lot and that is always welcome. The last and least important but still a little important is that I grabbed the M83's at a really great price (not much in terms of reviews online so m
  4. I ski about 20-30 times a season, I would say I'm an advanced intermediate (on most terrain except powder and trees) if that makes a difference. I'm thinking giving the Monster 83 (I bought the 170's btw) a shot and start demoing <80 waste ski's and see where things fall. Maybe I'll find a better fitting narrow ski and sell the Monsters mid season. Maybe I (as I believe at the moment) will find the narrower skis too limited in their versatility even though they are great at what they are made for. I don't mind a little overlap if the overlap is something I like enjoy about both skis. I'm tr
  5. Hey JimK, Just concentrating on the mountain itself is what I was thinking, the only exception is I'd think crowds are a big turnoff for many. Having a good place to eat afterwards is nice to have.
  6. Good alternative. Will keep that in mind next time I plan a trip. I think more people have that mental barrier of leaving the country as more work. More lines to check in and out of the country, more scrutiny of baggage if we want to bring our equipment even though it is in fact cheaper and similar in flight time. Just a guess.
  7. This is great! I'm also replacing a Sultan 85's I think it was 2009-2010 (the one with the stormy looking graphics) I recently bought the Motive 95 at 180 and love them, edge to edge I didn't feel much difference and they are so smooth, soft early rise tips, great carvers, but they aren't great on icy, end of day mashed potatoes. To compliment them I'm thinking of grabbing a pair of Monster 83 at 170 length (the 170's has a 82 waste and 16 turning radius). I hope they bust end of day crud and have a good top speed while being decent in trees with it's turning radius and reported forgiveness an
  8. Hey everyone, I live in NYC, ski in the Catskills and Vermont. I venture out west when I get a chance, hopefully more in the future. I've been skiing for 5 years and regret I didn't start doing this sooner, I would classify myself as an advanced intermediate on groomers, intermediate in the trees and beginner in any type of fresh powder. I love skiing and don't really care what level I am, I just want to be sliding around on snow and enjoying the views outside the concrete jungle of the city.
  9. As an New England intermediate skier, mainly groomers and learning to ski trees, never been on deep powder before. What would be a good ski trip out West? Groomers, easy trees, and a chance to start on some powder.
  10. Vail seems to be buying up everything soon senseless big corporate decisions will be the norm it seems.
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