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  1. The steepest on trail stuff at Attitash tops Bretton Woods too (at least in my somewhat limited knowledge of BW). Some nice glades could be cut from the summit also. Was there ever a full blown permit for Stony Brook or was this all just a dream that could be killed via any number of environmental problems too?
  2. So you rented a car and are staying at a hotel a few minutes drive from the resort it sounds like? How do you like that? I know Valle Nevado at least has some on mountain hotels, but I imagine with a car it isn't super worth it?
  3. We've been saying this for awhile now though. The WMSP hasn't looked like a good deal, maybe ever, but especially since Peaks. It held up through MAX and I bet it will hold up through Epic now too. I feel like people are going to spend about the same amount of money on a season pass. The niche that buys Jay/Burke and the WMSP aren't really swayed by cheaper or similarly priced "better" offerings. That is my guess at least. They are going to ski Jay, or they are going to ski WV/BW/Cannon. $1000 is "reasonable" thinking about just the history of that pass and those mountains; what is happening elsewhere in the industry, even next door, doesn't appear to matter.
  4. I feel like he's normally accused of wishcasting all the time. I certainly don't think of him as conservative in his forecasts.
  5. What are your thoughts on the what and where for this weekend's storm?
  6. I by and large agree with you, which sucks. What frustrates me about Attitash is it is really close to being awesome. If they left either Tim's or Idiot's ungroomed and had a few glades off the summit, Attitash Peak with a HSQ would be one of the best trail pods in NH IMO. It has fairly sustained steep pitch for a couple hundred vertical, not something many other places in NH can say. But Attitash as is would not suddenly grab a bunch of skiers with a summit HSQ. advanced/experts would still go to Cannon/Wildcat in the state and families can't really ski the summit terrain so they would continue to go to Loon, Cranmore, Waterville for wider and easier blue groomers. I feel like Tash needs an image change with the summit terrain. How many people want to drive to North Conway (as opposed to the I93 areas) to ski steep groomers every weekend? They are out there, and love Tash, but there aren't that many of them.
  7. I do give them massive kudos for being upfront about this. I will be seriously reevaluating getting a Peaks pass next year. While I ski Wildcat a bunch, I got very little value out of Crotched and Attitash this year and Wildcat had decent sized lines mid-season (potentially driven there because of Attitash problems). Plus, in a poor snow year, January groomers at Attitash give a lot of value to the Peaks pass but not if there is no summit access. I don't believe the lift will be fine next year, 2/3rds of it replaced or not. Wildcat is fantastic when there's snow, when there isn't it struggles majorly, IMO.
  8. Super frustrating for sure. Hope it doesn't impact the lift closing schedule in the weeks beforehand too. Crossbow is my favorite cut trail on Barker. That's super upsetting. Maybe it's an earlier closing date because they're replacing Barker and therefore need to close all those trails. I'd give that a 3% chance of happening though... They obviously could still run Locke instead of Barker anyway.
  9. Has Sunday River announced anything else yet? Or has anything else been rumored that you've heard of for this year beyond what is in their 5 year wish list (west side snowmaking pump, Barker replacement).
  10. I'll have done just one day at Attitash (in December... where I spent the morning at Wildcat) this year as a result of this triple nonsense. While I still have a pass, I typically bring 2+ people with me on my Wildcat/Attitash days who buy tickets. I'm sure I'm not alone. This has gotta be hurting them a lot.
  11. The Loon improvements were already stated elsewhere, but figured we should have a general thread for changes (good or bad) this off-season. I've only seen Loon announce so far recently (Okemo announced awhile ago). https://www.loonmtn.com/press-releases/new-for-2019/20 DH Biking, snowmaking improvements (nothing substantial IMO), and the all season access pass). https://www.okemo.com/press-room/vail-announces-okemo-upgrades/ New restaurant, other facelift upgrades.
  12. I really wish there was more flexibility with the WMSP. The price on a Cannon only pass coming as an out of stater is hard to justify given all the other multi mountain options, but the WMSP is too much more on the dollar side without much gained on the resort side for me personally (YMMV obviously). I'd almost never ski Waterville and Cranmore and I'd go to BW only a handful of times. Makes it frustrating that BW is the one driving the price.
  13. Same setup but as someone noted earlier this year, blackout dates now apply at Crotched. Anyone know if they'll do dining cards again?
  14. Actually... Boyne's decision to drop the Bronze-plus means that we won't be buying any Loon pass at all. Going with Ikon instead. Their loss, our gain. I do wonder why they dropped the pass in the first place. It seemed to fit a really nice niche and I feel like crowds were up on Sundays this year. Maybe that is just an illusion on my part and it didn't actually sell well at all.

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