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  1. At some point this summer the receiver said Burke was a ways away from being able to be sold (whatever that means, assuming it means it makes such a negative profit that no one would ever buy it). Not sure if it was directly announced then, but implication was that they'd be separate!
  2. Jully

    Attitash triple

    Hit it Christmas Eve and it was running then too. Tash opens so late the triple barely has run as many days as it has been closed!
  3. Heading out to Utah tonight. Skiing Solitude and Brighton for a bunch of days, then ending the trip with a few nights in Park City and skiing Deer Valley. Hope to come back to epic east coast conditions in a week. Hope you all get a 18" dump while I'm away!
  4. Jully

    Attitash triple

    Frustrating for sure. Electrical issues sound frustrating, but not serious for the long term functioning of the lift. I'm obviously far from knowledge about this though.
  5. Jully

    Narrowing the quiver

    Sent you a pm.
  6. Jully

    Crotched 12.26

    Ah, I figured that. There's no skiable bumps at Wildcat or Sunday River right now either after all the freeze-thaw cycles, so I was confused to see that. Hope the new GM doesn't change the grooming plan from last year too much! Night skiing on ungroomed terrain was so refreshing last year.
  7. Jully

    Crotched 12.26

    Haven't actually made it to the Crotch yet this year. Report has Equinox ungroomed, are they leaving it with bumps (or half bumps) like they did for portions of last year?
  8. Jully

    Balsams Resort

    Yup. Sounds like Les might give up if he can't get the county support in the next few months.
  9. Did you stay there through today? How'd the naturals get hit by the rain? Also how bad is stuff locking up right now?
  10. In perfect traffic conditions, sure, but I70 traffic and just traffic around Denver in general can slow you to two hours even to ABasin pretty easily. Its all relative. Compared to SLC it's a good bit less convenient in my book. Smaller airport, much quicker access. Overall it's still not bad at all to make a long weekend work (I'm doing exactly what SkiingInABlueDream said later this winter), which can't always be said for other areas, but SLC and now Steamboat are different leagues IMO.
  11. Depends on your definition of easy accessibility. It's a long drive from DIA to summit. Not hard if theres no traffic, but to most of the resorts its close to or over 2 hours.
  12. I'm doing that exact trip (ski Sun-Tues) in late January! Got it for under $220 direct. Amazing deal.
  13. Can only get out Sunday. I'll be in Burlington on Saturday, so probably Sugarbush or Bolton depending on weather and terrain.
  14. Jully

    Snow Monday 11/25 into Tuesday 11/26?

    Looking like Wildcat is a go for me tomorrow. Potential wind in the morning, but I don't know if it'll impact the quad or not.
  15. Jully

    Snow Monday 11/25 into Tuesday 11/26?

    Same here. Very exciting!

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