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  1. Makes the River's prices seem amazing. They were $39 for opening day and are still nowhere near $79 or K's prices.
  2. Sunday River 17-18 Season Thread

    Was there last Sunday. Coverage was impecable as usual. Good amount of additional terrain coming online this weekend with Monday Mourning and South Ridge. Barker and Locke have the full early season build out complete. Blowing on Risky and Escapade and rumor was there was additional snow making over by Little Whitecap that was not advertised on the snow report (no idea why). Spruce Triple has to be ready to go soon if they are blowing terrain over there.
  3. Lol at Cannon's buy 3 shirts get one free.
  4. Sunday River hinted that there will be some good deals offered, but did not give any indication of what they would be. Not being low key about the hype though... we will see if it pans out. They raised their ski show lodging rates a bunch this year which was lame. Didn't book a stay at Snow Cap this year for the first time in a couple years. http://www.sundayriver.com/winter/mountain-report I'll try to remember to update this post with the deal when it gets posted.
  5. It makes decent money, doesn't it? The summer operation is obviously essential. I would think the lift would be feasible if they can widen Northwest Passage and Saco. Another intermediate trail off the summit wouldn't hurt either, but I doubt they can do much, if anything, up there on forest service land... Not sure if there is a way to make Bear Peak any more family friendly.
  6. Does wildcat really not control their pricing and deals? I always assumed/thought they controlled that.
  7. Wachusett has some deals at their local shop. Powder7 in Colorado (big online presence) has one too. Would bet others do.
  8. Rotobrushes

    Never used roto brushes before. Do they dramatically change the waxing experience? Brushing, IMO is one of the less cumbersome parts of the waxing/sharpening process. I could just be weird though.
  9. Thanks for agreeing to this Brian! I followed the AZ challenges you did and loved the info there and look forward to more of the same. 1) I'm not sure if the talk was purely rumor or if a new trail cut off the summit is an actual possibility. Do you have permission from the USFS/is it possible to get the o.k. to cut another intermediate trail to take some pressure off Upper Lynx, Catapult, and Polecat? 2) Is anything in the works regarding upgrading/replacing any of the lower mountain lifts? Some of them are getting up there in age. 3) I second Xwhaler's questions about long term snowmaking plans. Even more general, what is the long term plan/vision of Wildcat? Other ski areas always put together long term visions of new terrain, real estate, etc and obviously Wildcat is different from all that, but where do you see Wildcat heading, in the next few years? Are there any operational goals or additional upgrades you're hoping to roll out?
  10. Camel's Hump Plan

    Interesting. Doing it because it is already being done illegally is oftentimes a stupid argument, but I think I agree with it here. I doubt it will drive up traffic THAT much and it will insure glading moving forward will at least be a little better designed and chances of massive scars developing will be reduced. I'm sure some illegal cutting will still occur, but it'll probably be reduced.
  11. Friday: Wachusett in the AM before additional family festivities Saturday: Wildcat or Sunday River. Trying to get the girlfriend out for day 1 and I'm not sure if I want to show her Lynx early season yet... Sunday: Same as Saturday.
  12. How to Use This Forum

    Small chat bubble type things to the left of the thread title on the computer (I think)! Also if you click on the latest thread that shows up on the main forum page (where you can view all the different subforums) that takes you to the latest thread.
  13. Boots: What to look at?

    I'll be interested in hearing about your experience there!
  14. Haha, so Super Bravo is pretty necessary. Sucks that so much is dependent on natural snow.
  15. Boots: What to look at?

    Richelson's also has weekday hours in Bow NH, a little closer to Boston. I live in Boston and wasn't thrilled with the boot fitting options around here so decided to take a half day off work this fall and head up to Paul's shop. I forget if Wachusett's shop does any fitting (not custom orthotics though). The folks in there are quite knowledgeable all things considered. Ski Monster in the West End of Boston has very nice and friendly staff, but they weren't as experienced or knowledgeable as I would want in a fitter. There used to be a good guy at Boston Ski and Tennis. He has subsequently left, but he may have trained a few of the staff members. I'd give them a look for the closest to Boston.

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