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  1. We posted some video on our Facebook page from last night and this morning shutting down. We were able to run every gun we own practically - upgrades paying off. The T-Bar is also in the video with all T's hung. Inspection Friday.
  2. As of Friday most of the T's were on and it was moving under its own power. They still need to put the shrouds over the motor and counter weight and we need to add the signs. The plan is to have it inspected on 12/1 when the Tramway board comes to do the other 3 lifts.
  3. First run overnight. Hopefully temps come down soon again! Enjoy.
  4. Our marketing director got the restrictions wrong on that - there are none outside of the limit 2 per customer and no F&B. So they can be used on passes, tickets, etc. Oops!
  5. That's correct - that is the water pump (6 stage - each one of those bumps is a "bowl" and has an impeller in it) lifted up out of the pit. The strainer is a basket on the bottom that prevents solids from being ingested into the pump. The clamps rusted off and the basket needed to be replaced. The good news is the following day the lower loop (used for the T-Bar, where snow will be made first) was charged to operating pressures and we simulated running all of our HKDs on Lower Ivory Run and Blubber. Now we need to charge the upper mountain loop and work out any issues if found up there as we replaced every single valve. Looking at temps just following Thanksgiving and we'll see what happens! Ski Patrol made the Kraken sign, I think they did a nice job.
  6. Will get some pictures soon of both the lift and pump house. Lots of hard work going on.
  7. Our night skiing schedule is structured around when our groups (schools, Adult Race League, etc) are on the hill. There is unfortunately not enough of a local population base to pay to keep the lights on the other evenings, as it has been tried. The "stop by" highway traffic hasn't seemed to be there. Though, there is nothing preventing us from trying again in the future.
  8. The T-bar is 95% complete - it is due to be accepted by the state on Friday, though I can foresee a slip to next week. Final components are hanging the carriers, final electrical hookup, the motor and counterweight shrouds, and signage. The new pump house and VFD was commissioned by Ratnik last week. We continue to work the system through its paces as it is all new to us. We should be ready to make snow by Thanksgiving.
  9. Hi Guys, Rob here - COO (Volunteer) for Whaleback. Thanks for having me. For the above: A) The answers to those questions will hopefully be decided in the near future when a master plan for ski-able acreage is formulated. Up until now, and still ongoing, are repairs and work to maximize and provide a baseline for the snowmaking infrastructure currently in place. As you may or may not know, but it is old, very old - and has been the main source of operational headaches for as long as I have been involved at the mountain. Replacing the pump house, installing a VFD, on hill valves, etc with the guidance of our engineers was the first step in the execution of this plan. The next step is to do an inventory of the (aging) pipe on the hill, and think about where skiers want to go, not just where we want them to go. We sent out a terrain survey this summer as an intro to this. Based on input like this, we will decide where our next spend will be and what it will be. Before we can begin to expand our snow making footprint we positively need to make what we have operates more efficiently, and that includes replacing the pipe currently used on the hill. We may also choose to change the distribution significantly to more optimally get water up the hill. Right now, unless we want to make snow on the T-Bar area, we must send water to the summit and then down. You lose a tremendous amount of pressure pumping to the top to just turn it around and send it back down. We may switch some of our trails to being "uphill" lines, etc. Specifically to the West Side, in my opinion we will eventually (re)install snowmaking on Jonah's Revenge. This trail has a great fall line and can be used by a wide variety of users from our racers, freestylers, to the general public etc. It likely is not out of the realm of imagination to see lights installed following this at some point. There other runs over there will likely remain as is. Another trail that has been eyeballed is Whaletail to replace the lose of Upper Ivory run. B) We had hoped to market some of our advanced terrain by being on the Ski the East (Junior) stop this year but they declined. We may still try to have a Freeride event on the Blowhole trail if there is enough support to make it happen. As for additional marketing, we are definitely open to suggestions. Considering only 1 out of our "front 3" expert runs are covered with snowmaking ie have dependable snow, it has been difficult to appeal to the expert skiers except on powder days, and those seem to be far and few between lately.
  10. Season Passes are on sale at Early Bird rates today until 9/30: https://www.whaleback.com/season-pass-benefits/New this year - we are a member of the Freedom Pass. Anyone who purchases today through end of 9/4 will entered into a drawing for a pair of new Nordica Enforcer skis MSRP $700.With some of the passholder perks you don't even need to ski at WB to come out ahead quick.
  11. Our new snowmaking pumphouse going up and pouring the T-Bar base terminal and towers 1 and 2 this week.
  12. Hi Northeast Mountain Sports, Greetings from the Upper Valley. We wanted to give the forum an update on both mountain happenings and season pass pricing in case anything interests people. As far as passes, they will officially go on sale on 9/1 but they are available for purchase online now: https://www.whaleback.com/passes/ Early Bird pricing will be in effect between now and 9/30. We have some great benefits for pass holders: https://www.whaleback.com/season-pass-benefits/ Please note that as of this writing Magic and Ragged are not confirmed partners, but we are anticipating that will once again be. We are also likely going to be part of the Freedom Pass program this year – even more benefits for our pass holders. Pricing in general has come down a bit this year and we have added a new pass – the Young Adult Unlimited (18-29 years). For $249 you can ski and ride with us any day any time and also receive full partner mountain benefits. The Military pass has been extended to include not only active but all veterans. As for as mountain updates, this off-season has been and will continue to be extremely busy for us. We kicked off this spring with a comprehensive snowmaking system audit by a leading engineering firm in the industry. The results of that report, peer reviewed by another firm, has helped guide us towards improvements for this year and future: Snowmaking: - Our snowmaking pump house was levelled to the slab and is in the process of being rebuilt. The new building has more space, will be safer to operate and heat, and is being built to accommodate future pumps. - Our existing 250 HP pump motor was sent out for rebuilding – rewound with inverter duty windings, bearing replacements, baked, etc. - Our fixed speed drive is being replaced with a Variable Speed Drive and as such our manual pressure controls in the pump house are being eliminated. They were undersized for the volume and required much guesswork. New automatic pressure controls will allow us to pump 25-40% more water on the hill. - All on hill water distribution valves are either being replaced or rebuilt. This will help alleviate a lot of the pains for our crews in switching water between trails. - Our air cooler is being brought back online after being out of service for numerous years. Having this will allow us to cool our compressed air further in marginal temps to increase output. - We are adding fan gun plugs to the Scrimshaw/Canyon trails. These have large acreage and the fans will cover it quicker and more efficiently. - We are adding 2 additional Demac Lenko Titan 2 fans to our fleet, which will consist of 4 Titan 2.0 fans, 2 older ST 940 fans and 10 HKD viper air/water guns. We have never had this much equipment to utilize and the water to use much of in combination with each other. West Side T-Bar: - Forms for the towers began to arrive today and will be set in the holes early next week. We anticipate beginning to pour the forms mid next week. The lift is scheduled to be commissioned by the end of October. This is a very exciting project for us as it will allow for a more dependable opening for the season and increased terrain or our Learning Programs. All of the trails with exception of the glade serviced by the T-Bar will have lights and snowmaking. Much of which was last used 17 years ago. We are excited to bring this area of the mountain back to life. See you soon!

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