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  1. Wildcat was pretty satisfying Sunday. Heavy constant snow from 10-3, moderate wind and very light crowds. Runs were refreshed with windbuff and the troughs of bumps refilled almost all day. Top of lift lion at the end of the day: Almost decided to hit cannon instead but got lucky, cannon was wind closed all day.
  2. Exactly. Which is why I said something else on the subject. [emoji6]
  3. The only conclusion that can be drawn from these two articles so far is that there's not enough information to draw any conclusion about the accident itself.
  4. How's Pico look this weekend? I'm just back from a West trip (whitefish MT) and haven't been paying attention to local conditions. Basically just hoping to get a couple decent days in the next couple weekends before I head West again (Whistler) and it's been a few years since I've been to pico.
  5. I'm curious about the machinery and process it takes to unloop the rope from the bullwheel while still maintaining line tension.
  6. [emoji848] Arizona can be a nice place I suppose...[emoji38]
  7. What I'm saying is that any 4wd system that uses a transfer case shouldn't be driven on dry pavement. The reason is the transfer case isn't a differential; it can't handle speed differences between the front and rear axles. I'm assuming the Wrangler would have a transfer case 4wd system and the Subaru will have some AWD system that IS dry pavement friendly. This is an important difference. A transfer case system would be fine on slippery/snow covered roads, but I wouldnt assume roads would remain snowy for an entire day trip. If you find dry pavement you have to remember to switch the system out of 4wd mode. With a Subaru you don't have to think about any of that stuff.
  8. Unless the Wrangler doesn't have a transfer case 4wd system anymore, or, the Subaru does have that (and pigs fly now [emoji1]), I disagree about there being not much difference between those vehicles' drivetrains.
  9. Switching the tram to summer-only would extend its overall lifespan, yes?
  10. If the Jeep is the kind of 4wd system that's not designed for full time road use (which on further thought it probably is) then I completely agree with this.
  11. Choose whichever is more comfortable or has the better stereo, etc. The vehicles themselves are a wash. They're both equally mediocre due to non winter specific tires. If both had winter tires then they'd be equally excellent.
  12. Does cannon have a problem with large amounts of ppl accidentally ending up at tram base when the tram isn't running (for any reason- weather or regular schedule)? I would guess no but that's the only way I can think this new lift would potentially help. That said, I think it would be a cool chair ride from a scenery perspective, especially if it were not high speed.
  13. Any opinions on this weekend's outlook vs 2 weeks ago? I was at cannon that Saturday and everyone I talked to said it dumped rain the preceding Thursday. I was happy with the scratchy groomers that day, but I never saw ice flows or cookies. And [emoji106] for South shore biking conditions.
  14. you guys really think trails won't be just a cold wet mess after tomorrow?
  15. Vista was good on Saturday too. I've never seen it groomed before, pleasant surprise there. I was surprised to read yesterday that the mittersill chair was wind held while everything else was running. (idk about the Tbar tho.) I wonder if the Mitt chair closing for the day was legit, or could cannon have been using wind as an excuse to be stingy?

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