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  1. SkiingInABlueDream

    Tires - what are you rolling on??

    I ran Michelin Pilot Arctic Alpins on my Subaru WRX for the last 7 or 8 winters I had the car, and never was unable to go where I wanted to. The only time I ever got the car stuck was one time I tried just for shits to drive it through about a foot of wet snow on the unplowed top level of the parking garage at my last job. It didn't quite make it up the upramp and then got stuck trying to reverse back down and I had to dig it out to get moving.
  2. SkiingInABlueDream

    Snowmaking Window

    Sure, but the pillow lines on Lift Lion and Black Cat were also pretty epic once they got filled in.
  3. SkiingInABlueDream

    Tires - what are you rolling on??

    Oh, all weather not all season, ok sorry. From what I gather all weather tires sound like what I've known as "performance winter" tires. Winter tires that don't feel like squirmy sponges on dry roads in the winter. That's what I run. But I still run a separate wheel/tire set for summer.
  4. SkiingInABlueDream

    Snowmaking Window

    Paste bomb and 4 inches of sloppy sound like a good November day if it's landing on any surface that's at least marginally skiable.
  5. SkiingInABlueDream

    Tires - what are you rolling on??

    IMO all seasons, assuming theyre a true all season not one with heavy summer/performance bias, are fine inthe winter when they're new and have good tread depth, AND if you're not trying to drive in deep snow. But when they start wearing their usability insnow declines much faster than true winter tires. I always go with a dedicated winter set. Also why are you happy your new Volvo doesn't have TPMS sensors? I was disappointed when I learned my new Audi didn't have them.
  6. SkiingInABlueDream

    October 27 - Opening Day at Wildcat

    Assuming that was somewhere on Lynx, what time was that around? Lynx wasn't as good as that pic looks by afternoon when I made it there.
  7. SkiingInABlueDream

    2018 MTB Log

    Anyone here do the Wicked Ride yesterday? I was originally planning to but decided against due to the weather. And unrelated, but it was cool to see a few cars with bikes on the roof in the Wildcat parking lot on Saturday.
  8. SkiingInABlueDream

    Kton 10/22 Day one for me

  9. SkiingInABlueDream

    Opening Day 2018

    Ooohhhh I'll be in Plymouth in the morning for bootwork. Turns at the Cat afterward??[emoji848]
  10. SkiingInABlueDream

    Kton 10/22 Day one for me

    Those attachments show up as unrecognized files for me. Anyone else?
  11. SkiingInABlueDream

    Stupid World Record

    It makes no sense that the rider would be pedaling at any less than their personal maximum power output. By pedaling any less you're leaving speed on the table, which kind of defeats the purpose when you're seeking world records.
  12. SkiingInABlueDream

    F'ing Millennials

    I hadnt heard of Slate before that. (maybe I live under a rock...) Googled it. Ok, that's for real.. wow...[emoji849]
  13. SkiingInABlueDream

    F'ing Millennials

    I can't tell if that Cry Closets article is for real or satire like The Onion. And if it's real then I have to wonder if just maybe that kids' school project was meant to suggest that sensitivity culture has gone too far. Im really trying to believe it's not as ridiculous as it looks.
  14. SkiingInABlueDream

    F'ing Millennials

    I'm of the opinion that "millennial" doesn't mean much anymore. The oldest millennials now might have houses and kids and understand the concept of responsibility beyond the whim of their emotions, while the younger millennials might still fit the stereotypes. I am not a millennial [emoji16]
  15. SkiingInABlueDream

    Men of MTB

    That's crash-worthy. Good job![emoji106] Last week at Middlesex fells my buddy pedal striked on a baby head and crashed pretty badly. It was in a smooth section of trail but he just happened to have that pedal at 6:00. He owned up to it probably coming from his silly roadie roots.

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