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  1. I've got a 2016 Stumpjumper FSR Comp. I bought it new in late 2015. I've got about 950 total miles on it sofar. (I keep a spreadsheet of all my rides.) 1. The rebound damping on the rear shock is dead, for the 2nd time. By "dead" I mean zero rebound damping. Suspension bounces like a pogo unless I set the compression damping to "stiff". The first time it broke was at ~650 miles. It broke right at the end of a day of DH at Highland so I decided it was partially my fault (beating on the bike a bit too much). I got the shock repaired in late 2017. It worked fine through last season but then
  2. Pics aren't showing for me[emoji853]
  3. Blister wrote an article on this recently. IIRC the conclusion was that soilage in your garments reduces their performance more than washing them, if you use the right detergent. I wash my jacket and pants once per year at the end of the ski season. I also don't expect decent water repellency to last more than a couple seasons, 3 at most, in those kinds of clothing.
  4. Go to The Flats and party / drink / get laid... At least that's what I did in 1994 when I was stuck in Cleveland for a couple months. Minus the partying and getting laid[emoji38]
  5. Just curious what's the turn radius on the 177? Every page I find shows it for the 170 only.
  6. Pics or it didn't happen! J/k [emoji846] I was parked at Cannon Saturday morning debating with a friend about staying there or continuing to Burke. We stayed at Cannon, but it good to read an outstanding day was had a Burke[emoji106]
  7. I dying for some Saturday report(s) from Burke! I almost decided to pass cannon and head up there but stayed at Cannon. And was not disappointed.
  8. It was a jab not hate. It was aimed at pre-storm hype not afterword totals. And I stand by my observation that Jay tends to lay on storm-potential hype a bit thicker than others, at least those I follow ('Bush, cannon wildcat magic usually). I also appreciate your exclusion of the part of my post where I basically acknowledge the possibility of the hype actually panning out.[emoji848]
  9. Well *somebody's* gotta give a forecast measured in feet otherwise Jay Peak won't have anything to quote. [emoji38] That said I shouldn't laugh. Last March there was a huge dump up there just in time for a friend's 50th b'day ski weekend. It was real.
  10. Wildcat was pretty satisfying Sunday. Heavy constant snow from 10-3, moderate wind and very light crowds. Runs were refreshed with windbuff and the troughs of bumps refilled almost all day. Top of lift lion at the end of the day: Almost decided to hit cannon instead but got lucky, cannon was wind closed all day.
  11. Exactly. Which is why I said something else on the subject. [emoji6]
  12. The only conclusion that can be drawn from these two articles so far is that there's not enough information to draw any conclusion about the accident itself.
  13. How's Pico look this weekend? I'm just back from a West trip (whitefish MT) and haven't been paying attention to local conditions. Basically just hoping to get a couple decent days in the next couple weekends before I head West again (Whistler) and it's been a few years since I've been to pico.
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