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  1. It looks pretty close to Acadia National park, so you could go there. The Maine coast up that way is pretty spectacular. It’s a pretty cool place to just go be a tourist if you are into that sort of thing.
  2. Please accept my condolences about having to spend a month in Cleveland during any part of ski season...! 12 hours is definitely a haul, but it does look like a cool place to ski. We will definitely want to see a trip report.
  3. 720 👍 BFB8FC2D-623E-410D-9E2F-249EF82E1F4A.MOV
  4. Are you planning to ski mostly Okemo? We decidided not to renew epic passes for next year.
  5. Saturday: Sunapee or Okemo Sunday: maybe Stowe if I/we are motivated for the 2.5 hour drive. Maybe Sunapee for the .5 hour drive...
  6. Jay was pretty spectacular yesterday - depending on where you skied. The woods were fantastic, and the trails were really good or dangerous depending on which side you were on! There were lines, but not as bad as you’d expect. We stood in one line at the Jet that looked 20 minutes long, but only took 10. Here is one of the longer lines at the Bonnie, taken from our wind-free room during lunch!
  7. I will second this. I 91 north of Lyndonville was absolutely terrible. I couldn’t believe the condition it was in for the amount of snow that had fallen.
  8. Here’s one of him on the podium after winning the U12 division of the Magic freeride comp. Ski Bearded’s son is on the right 👍
  9. This place needs more pics of kids getting rad - or just having fun! Let’s see ‘em. Here’s a sequence of my 11 year old throwing a 3 off a boulder at Stowe, and another of my 9 year old on Whirlaway at Stowe.
  10. We were supposed to be at Stowe on the 16th for a comp, but I bailed earlier in the week because of the expected conditions. I didn’t want to drag my whole family up there - including paying to stay overnight somewhere - for that! I ended up being sick the whole weekend anyway. I chose a good weekend for that!
  11. Hopefully you know that Whaleback opens at 1 pm on Fridays!
  12. When I was out there in 1990, we got 3’ out of a storm like this a little above lake level. The resorts got 7’. It was amazing.

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