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  1. BumpOut

    River Recon

    I’m building a pergola on a piece of property on the Merrimack in Hooksett. I looked down at the water and saw this snapper checking things out. I was going to go down for a closer pic, but he decided to move on.
  2. BumpOut

    River Recon

  3. BumpOut

    who wants to move to VT?

    My guess is that it is more likely to appeal to younger people who aren’t rooted somewhere. At this point in my life, 10k wouldn’t compell me to move somewhere, but back in my early 20’s it might have been something to consider. (And as an aside, I wouldn’t be surprised if that is what they are hoping for since it seems like the New England states are getting “older”.
  4. It’s certainly compelling - as are several other (western) options on the epic pass.
  5. I’m a big fan of Stowe, and I’m a fan of the pass price point. Sunapee and Okemo aren’t among the most exciting resorts out there, but at 40 minutes (Sunapee) and 1.5 hours (Okemo), those are tolerable day trips (Stowe at 2.5 is on the upper end of my range - but still worth it). It is certainly interesting....
  6. BumpOut

    Summer reading

    She has a kindle (or something akin to it - it was something she got from school), but she has no desire to use it. She prefers to have a book (I’m the same way). The sad thing is that we are a 2 minute walk away from the town library 😬.
  7. BumpOut

    Summer reading

    So, off topic just a bit... I got a few emails yesterday from Amazon stating that the books I ordered were shipping. This is news to me, because I didn’t order anything. My wife - on the other hand - orders a shitload of books, so I knew what was up. We both buy everything with cc’s instead of debit cards and accumulate points (and more importantly to keep the direct link to our bank account from falling into the hands of some d-bag hacker). So instead of being able to use my own points on something I’d like for myself, my wife always swoops in and spends the money on books!😀 Last night I was joking with her that she probably has *at least* 20 books in the house that she hasn’t read. I was wrong. By a lot. Apparently she counted recently. She has more than 100. Yes, you read that correctly - One Hundred....😬 I guess a few more won’t make a difference?
  8. BumpOut

    who wants to move to VT?

    If I could uproot my wife from her job, I’d love to live in VT.
  9. Magic is a great choice for ungroomed skiing. There is plenty of low-angle stuff on the east side - glades and trails alike. As far as diy advice goes, try “challenging” terrain (this being a relative term) a day after a powder day so that the snow is skied in, but still soft and easy to ski. Also you might try finding a skilled and friendly skier at Magic with whom you could work out an advice for beer barter situation 👍
  10. BumpOut

    Lettuce talk about grass

    I figured out what to do with that trouble spot on my back lawn...!
  11. BumpOut

    6 Million Vert +

    This guy’s biggest day for vert was at Crotched. 143 runs. I wonder how many runs it took before he was bored?! Although I guess if you are looking to pad your vert stats, crotched is a good place to do it (fast lift, lots of groomers, and having night-skiing available for the additional hours)
  12. BumpOut

    6 Million Vert +

    This sort of sums up how I feel. I don’t even care to track how many days I ski, leave alone how much vert... I’m more interested in the enjoyment of skiing, and I don’t bother with the “stats”.
  13. BumpOut

    Lettuce talk about grass

    I think that being owned by a carpenter is why this house is never done 😀😀 Nope, no lake in the distance. We are in a neighborhood in town.
  14. Pm me your name and address
  15. Someone gave me 2 vouchers for Killington, but I’m just not going to use them... anyone?

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