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  1. If she is going to call that much attention to herself, she should probably zip up her coat and not tuck her pants into her boots.
  2. BumpOut

    Backyard rail

    This is great. I’ve actually been thinking of building a butter box for my boys, but the challenge for me is our flat lot. I’d probably have to build a ramp to go along with it...!
  3. BumpOut

    Roll Call December 1-2

    We did Stowe yesterday. The natural snow runs were amazing, while the manmade stuff was... firm!
  4. BumpOut

    Roll call 11/22-25

    I just wonder how many of those people attempted to get the passes online (like we did) and didn’t get them on time. That happened to us...!
  5. BumpOut

    Roll call 11/22-25

    The line for passes at Okemo was to the end of the corral as we were leaving on Friday. It was almost as busy in the morning when we got there, but not quite.
  6. Or everyone knows that you are just trying to save some money for yourself... If you want a deal on a pass, buy in the spring. Most of us here already have our passes. And maybe contribute to the forum this season...! 😎
  7. You signed up for the forum to post this? Lame.
  8. BumpOut

    10+ New Trails at K?

    Well, maybe the locals will start cutting some new secret stashes next year...!
  9. BumpOut

    Roll Call for 11/16 - 11/18

    Family ski day on Sunday at either Okemo or Stowe. It depends on whether Stowe has enough terrain open to justify the drive.
  10. It’s great that Killington makes the effort to open as early as humanly possible, but after that their early season game seems to fizzle quite a bit. I’d love to see them push to open either Cascade or Downdraft much earlier (and spin the canyon quad along with it). The t2b route through Snowdon just doesn’t make for a great “run”... (and, yes, I will acknowledge that the route through Snowdon is accessible to a broader range of skier/rider skill levels). That said, I certainly appreciate that Killington puts a product out there for us to utilize, but I’m probably more inclined to wait a bit for a better offering from another of the early season players. (As a new epic pass holder, I’m looking forward to early season at Okemo)
  11. BumpOut

    Cannon Lover's Thread

    I’m not saying Jay doesn’t get a lot more snow than Cannon. It does. I’m just saying the author is overstating it at 200” more (and you then went on to cite the more accurate difference). So... thanks for “correcting” me? ?
  12. BumpOut

    Cannon Lover's Thread

    I’ve never thought of Cannon as “underrated “... And not giving a mention to the snowmaking capacity is sort of a kick in the nuts. And, Jay definitely gets more snow than Cannon, but 200” inches more...? C’mon... This article is a bit of a disservice to its readers.

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