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  1. Branch & Blade Pride — a clean and efficient IPA (in a good way).
  2. Not world class, but not far from it. Toppling Goliath! (I’ve heard TG beer is available in Ma.)
  3. Treehouse! Daughters are nice to have.
  4. Quite good. I’ve had two good IPAs from Branch and Blade and a mediocre one. I think they’re doing well.
  5. Yeah. Great beer. (Just FYI, they mispronounce it to rhyme with whiny.)
  6. I prefer them, too, but it’s hard to argue with a Russian River Pliny.
  7. Dogfish has been pretty innovative over the years.
  8. I visited the brewery when it was still in Monson, and though we waited three hours for growlers, the can line was five minutes or less. Things must have changed.
  9. Passed my Level 1 today; this is what my wife had waiting for me when I got home.
  10. Love this woman! She’s a race coach who seems to do mostly U10 videos. I’ve found race training videos especially helpful in my own skiing, starting with the alpine drill videos put out by Burke Mountain Academy, narrated by Mikaela: http://burkemtnacademy.org/skiing/alpine-instructional-videos/
  11. I use some of Elate’s ideas teaching beginners. I like their progression to parallel. JF is great, though his explanations can be arcane. I like Reilly McGlashan, too — one of my favorite skiers. The Project series (Kitzteinhorn, Hintertux, Zillertal), which is available for sale on Vimeo, is terrific: Beaulieu, McGlashan, Lorenz, and Ballou, among others.
  12. Speaking of haze, Treehouse Sssappp, a grapefruit bomb with a smooth, pleasant mouthfeel.
  13. I am going to do this! (After we move.)

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