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  1. Lakespapa

    Ryan's Beer Thread

    Celebrating the first day of instructor training, this very nice IIPA from Foley — lots of fruit and flowers in the mid-palate. Some prefer it to Alchemist IPAs, but I’m a big fan of the sinsemilla hoppiness of those beers.
  2. Lakespapa

    Ryan's Beer Thread

    Another from CBC — pretty lush. 😎
  3. Lakespapa

    Ryan's Beer Thread

    We didn’t have time to diverge up to Alchemist, so we stopped at the CBC in Waterbury. This austere little Farnum SIPA is dry and grapefruity (Vic Secret, Citra, & Galaxy), a clean and refreshing ale.
  4. It's a tiny hill, and it's been hanging on by the fingernails for a number of years. My guess (just hearing this news) is lift issues — they've had severe problems. I quit going there long ago, but mainly because at best the runs are 30 seconds long.
  5. Lakespapa

    Ryan's Beer Thread

    Thanks. Selling comes first. We’re just moving to a familiar place, the old lake place, with a new house. (It has a roof, finally.)
  6. Lakespapa

    Ryan's Beer Thread

    The sun’s over the yardarm, so it’s time for this, Maine Beer’s Another One IPA. Austere, lots of biting hops, restrained malt, a model of the hoppy end of the spectrum, and I like it. Some won’t, I know. Also, we’re selling the house — this is a reward for all the painting, cleaning, and polishing that happened before the open house today. (Remind me never to sell another house.)
  7. Lakespapa

    Ryan's Beer Thread

    I've had that and liked it quite a bit. No weird bitter taste, though. Bad batch, maybe?
  8. I'm sure you're right. It's just I doubt they count on Sunapee (or Afton Alps, etc.) to generate tons of revenue. On the other hand, Sunapee does get a lot of north-of-Boston traffic.
  9. I’d think, of these purchases, Sunapee is of the least interest to Vail. They’ll do what they need to do, but Okemo and Crested Butte are where they expect to make money. Just a guess.
  10. Now to convert my Full Ride pass to an Epic pass (and get a refund).
  11. I’d like it, though I’ve been ambivalent. It’d cut my commute by nearly 10 minutes, and who doesn’t like more terrain to ski. We’ll see. I can’t imagine Vail will give the West bowl up in the long run — they’re avoiding a bull-in-the-china-shop entry into the local scene, I guess.
  12. Bump to find out if there's further news on this. Vail met with activists and community members at Sunapee in July, I read, with Vail trying to calm people's anxieties (e.g., no West Bowl expansion at the moment). DNR is supposed to make a decision by Oct. 1. Not sure how I feel about Vail buying Triple Peaks. Any time Vail swoops in, some say it'll be the end of the world; some say it'll be fine. I'm no fan of the corporatization of the world, but I've already purchased an 18-19 Full Ride pass, so an Epic pass and a $50 refund won't kill me. Lots of great resorts on that pass where I'd hesitate to ski on day tickets. (If they'd just throw in airfare and lodging, I'd know I was in heaven.)
  13. Lakespapa

    Ryan's Beer Thread

    I’ve been buying $12 - $13 four packs, but Founders Centennial IPA is both highly decent and comparatively cheap — 6 packs of 12 oz. cans are $7 around here. When you think about it, though, even a $15 four pack is amazingly cheap, if it’s world-class beer you’re buying. I love wine, but comparable quality wine is WAY out of my price range —$30 / bottle minimum. That’s why I drink beer most of the time now.
  14. Lakespapa

    Ryan's Beer Thread

    Pliny the Elder, left; Blind Pig, right. Great beer (but no great competition).

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