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  1. Nice to see you worked on something the last 1.5 years
  2. Is your boyfriend a good skier?
  3. What did you do this time? You usually wait for ski season to get injured.
  4. I'm not sure if it's true or not ,but I've heard a couple times that my home mountain, Sunday River may limit the number of season passes and also have days for season pass holders only. I locked in on my pass in March, so I shouldn't have to worry about it. I don't hate the idea of pass holder only days either. Just don't see how they will make money doing that too often.
  5. I already paid my down payment for the New England Gold pass in March. I'm going forward with the intention that ski season will start as usual.
  6. I have a set of 176 Hell and Backs that I bought from some A-hole from work that I'll sell you.
  7. I skied Sunday River Saturday. T2 & Sunday Punch. Top to bottom with some of the best opening day snow I can remember. But the line at the bottom was ~1 hour and the mid station was better, but only for pretty short runs. I'm glad I did it, but would not have if I didn't have a season pass.
  8. Swiss francs on the Zermatt side and Euro's on the Italian side.
  9. I have played Sunday River a bunch of times. Also played Jay peak a few times. Killington once. I love these courses. Mostly because of the views and elevation change. All of these courses will have tee shots where the fairway is 100' below the tee box. Lot a fun.
  10. I wonder if the Saddleback Mountain Foundation is still in play.
  11. Another Highlander Vote. Easily carries skis with one of the back seats folded down or you could go right down the middle if you have captains chairs. Adequate cargo space. Surprisingly smooth ride. Definitely worth consideration. It's right in your price ballpark too.
  12. I disagree that you can get stuck in Jordan or at least the significant headache part. You can get from the top of Jordan all the way to Whitecap in 1 run without getting on any lifts. It's a long boring traverse, but you dont' have to wait in any lines. I would say it's tougher to get from White cap to Jordan. You would need to ride at least 2 lifts.
  13. For Skiing I like to start at one of the edges and work my way back to the middle. Say head out to Jordan to start and make your way back or start at Whitecap and do the same. White Cap has the most challenging terrain. After Saturday you won't have to fight any crowds or lift lines anywhere on the mountain. For drinking and food on mountain, North peak is good and Sliders over in Jordan. Barker bar may have some live music Saturday around 3:00 or so. Off Mountain, Matterhorn is the place to go for live music and classic Apres scene. The SR Brewery usually has live music after skiing too. Downtown Bethel there is Suds and Funky Red Barn for casual food and drinks. 22 Broad st. and Brians would be more fine dining, for Bethel anyway.
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