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  1. Think I will sit out this weekend. The weather and the crowds aren't doing it for me.
  2. Starting my season Sat at Shawnee Peak. Can't wait!
  3. Setting out this weekend. Will hit Shawnee Peak next weekend for their opening.
  4. We were planning a weekend trip to Jay Peak and also a weekend to Sugarloaf this spring. Not happening. Staying secluded and doing some skinning though.
  5. B- it was not a terrible season. At 54 days tomorrow if it happens will be 55. Had a few powder days and a lot of nice spring skiing days. It is ending way to soon but I will earn my turns as long as the snow lasts.
  6. Just saw a post on Facebook that Sunday River fired up the guns last night!
  7. Tonight, sat and Sunday at Shawnee Peak. Local weather report for Sunday looking better. Snow till 1 and then rain snow mix.
  8. Saturday and Sunday at Shawnee Peak. Skiing is incredible there right now!
  9. At Shawnee Peak yesterday and will be again today. Getting there. Lots of snowmaking going on and everything open is skiing nice.
  10. We sell a lot of them and everyone that plows in our area swear by them.
  11. Go with general grabber atx for the truck and run them year round. They wear good, dig awesome in snow and aren't noisy.
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