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  1. Just saw a post on Facebook that Sunday River fired up the guns last night!
  2. Tonight, sat and Sunday at Shawnee Peak. Local weather report for Sunday looking better. Snow till 1 and then rain snow mix.
  3. Saturday and Sunday at Shawnee Peak. Skiing is incredible there right now!
  4. At Shawnee Peak yesterday and will be again today. Getting there. Lots of snowmaking going on and everything open is skiing nice.
  5. We sell a lot of them and everyone that plows in our area swear by them.
  6. Go with general grabber atx for the truck and run them year round. They wear good, dig awesome in snow and aren't noisy.
  7. Ours has legs and free stands. Set in it a lot.
  8. Sorry can't make it this weekend. Going north to visit my son and his family.
  9. Sounds interesting. Ski days in late April always up in the air but would be interested. Would need a ticket or 2.
  10. Sounds like Shawnee Peak would work well for all.
  11. Skied Shawnee Peak yesterday and couldn't believe how good it was. Snowmaking cranking all over the hill and good grooming on everything else. Great recovery by mt ops.

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