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  1. WJenness

    Snowmaking Window

    That's a good chunk of water.
  2. WJenness

    Snowmaking Window

    I wonder what the max GPM they can put on the hill is.
  3. WJenness

    Roll Call for 11/16 - 11/18

    SR opening Chondola on Saturday: https://www.sundayriver.com/mountain-report
  4. WJenness

    Snowmaking Window

    Stratton is HAMMERING right now. 5 degrees at the summit, I be they're pushing every ounce of water they can right now. Check out the live feed from the mid-mountain lodge:
  5. WJenness

    Boston Ski Show Deals

    @Weatherman... I know you were planning on going yesterday. Anything of note to share?
  6. WJenness

    Boston Ski Show Deals

    Getting the Passport was the whole reason I was thinking of going to the show. Not sure if I'm going to bother for that.
  7. WJenness

    Boston Ski Show Deals

    $3 off ski show tickets: Code: GETSKI Link: https://secure.interactiveticketing.com/1.23/f392e6/?s=REDBOX#/select
  8. WJenness

    Boston Ski Show Deals

    Got an email from Mount Snow: $59 Mount Snow Flex Tickets - Available At Show Only. No Blackout Dates. Transferable $199 Peak 4 pack - Valid at Mt. Snow, Attitash, Wildcat, Hunter, Crotched, Jack Frost & Big Boulder. Available at Show only. Transferable. No Blackout dates $20 off Drifter Pass $30 off All other passes (except Scout)
  9. I thought I'd start a thread for anyone to post any deals they find at the Boston Ski Show this week. I am on the fence with whether I will go down or not. -w
  10. WJenness

    First Snowmaking Windows

    Some power drama up on north ridge today: http://www.killingtonzone.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=44395&sid=d825565763585aecd100f345fb182d56
  11. WJenness

    Opening Day 2018

    Impressive: https://www.instagram.com/p/BpZxLsKFOKk/
  12. WJenness

    Opening Day 2018

    What I expected. Typical "Phase 2" ops for the early season.
  13. Sadly, no skiing this weekend for me. Other commitments, that actually are a week earlier this year than in past years. When the date change was happened I was happy because it took it further outside of prime ski season. I should have known better. -w
  14. WJenness

    Opening Day 2018

    That is not good at all.
  15. WJenness

    Opening Day 2018

    I was just on the BW snow report page. They are reporting 3" of new snow today, and that they aren't flipping the switch on snowmaking until 11/1. -w

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