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  1. So an extra $90, then. I was close!
  2. Or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZzgAjjuqZM (for some reason, this one won't embed... but watch them both). CLEVELAND!
  3. I'll let them name themselves if they are interested.
  4. Is the kick in the junk free, or an extra $75?
  5. I have a Waterville Voucher I'm not going to use. Their last weekend is this coming weekend. If you want it, PM me and I can mail it to you today or tomorrow. -w
  6. I think I waited for three chairs (like two groups of people in front of me) TOTAL, ALL DAY at Burke last Saturday. It was great. -w
  7. Looking like a quick Burke daytrip tomorrow with a friend for me. -w
  8. I guess this clearly puts Sugarloaf in the lead in the 'open acres' category.
  9. Going to try to get out somewhere tomorrow, probably only a half a day or so. Likely Loon, but could potentially change it up to another Ikon location. Sugarloaf is tempting, but it's just so far.
  10. What did you think of this one? I had it on tap the other day, and I sent it back, I couldn't drink it.
  11. I wonder what the max GPM they can put on the hill is.

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