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  1. Exactly! They could of had "Racer Day" on Tuesday... 🙄
  2. Yep, just collecting his click monies, and doing little to improve the site.
  3. And... after Nick supposedly fixing more issues just a few weeks ago, and admitting he has been needing to change hosts for quite awhile now, Alpinezone breaks yet again this morning.
  4. Quad is finished. Management has said it will be tested and ready to go on the 9th.
  5. Better than no lift at all...
  6. Differences between the two sides of the Jet stream right now... was talking to my sister in RI on the phone this morning, she said it was 74° there, yet it was only 43° in Northern Maine... Looked at the 8-14 day, and it flip-flopped back to above average temps...
  7. So how are the long range outlooks coming together? Early winter or just a quick snap of cold followed by a lengthy warm-up?
  8. So what are you going to buy?
  9. You'll be able to rent some shovels to those in the parking lots that have buried cars!
  10. Good for the skier, but bad for the mountain... especially on a Saturday!
  11. Definitely isn't gonna help the mileage spinning all that extra RPM
  12. That looks a lot better, more realistic numbers.

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