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  1. Didn't pan out that well for Sugarloaf, but evidently Sunday River did well. I just got done plowing off 11" of all snow, here in central Aroostook County, so should be a great powder day tomorrow at Bigrock! 😀
  2. That'll make for some interesting driving at the end of the Holiday period.
  3. A little bit of white early this week, but next weekend looks horrible. Hope it gets better. https://www.tropicaltidbits.com/analysis/models/
  4. US National Weather Service Caribou ME ❄ Plowable Snow Likely Tuesday/Tuesday Night for Northern/Eastern Maine ❄ * It's been quite the snow drought, especially in Northern Maine. Finally, however, a decent snow event appears to be on the way. While it's too early to nail down amounts, the potential is there for greater than 6" of snow Tuesday/Tuesday night. For Downeast, mixed precipitation is possible which could limit accumulations, but areas from Dover-Foxcroft and Millinocket north should safely be all snow. * Also very important to note, if you have travel plans southwest of the area, a potentially significant icing event is in store for Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire/Vermont, and Upstate New York from Sunday night into early Tuesday. In addition, snow will make it to SW Maine much earlier than Eastern Maine, and could begin as early as early Monday from Portland west.
  5. When will they decide that enough is enough?
  6. So... after a decent start to the season, and a couple setbacks, looks like the first half of January doesn't want to cooperate either... 😟
  7. Interesting. I never bothered with Instagram nor Snapchat, and only use YouTube for viewing different subjects and follow only a couple users.
  8. BRATTLEBORO REFORMER-Corporate layoffs announced at Mount Snow
  9. Maybe not now with the lack of care, but it was evidently profitable when he bought it from Greg.
  10. Oh look, AZ takes a dump once again, almost exactly 30 days later. Nick's really on top of that host changeover. 🙄 Why again, is it everyone hasn't migrated here yet?
  11. Exactly! They could of had "Racer Day" on Tuesday... 🙄
  12. Yep, just collecting his click monies, and doing little to improve the site.
  13. And... after Nick supposedly fixing more issues just a few weeks ago, and admitting he has been needing to change hosts for quite awhile now, Alpinezone breaks yet again this morning.
  14. Quad is finished. Management has said it will be tested and ready to go on the 9th.

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