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  1. I would imagine that the upcoming warm weather will delay the expected November openings.
  2. From whomever admins the Alpinezone FB page...
  3. I may pick up that 3 day deal for Saddleback, possibly a Throwback Card from Magic and another inexpensive deal or two that would help the little guys vs. the major resorts. Other than that, NO major big money purchases until we get a better idea on how this is all going to shake out. Not even for the local bump. Heck I can ski there a couple days a week, cheaper on their weekly deals, than I can with a season pass anyhow. Something tells me that there is going to be a lot of deals that are going to be almost too good to pass up, as Mountains try to drum up more business, since it's pretty obvious that they will be hobbled by a bunch of new rules pertaining to the virus.
  4. Yeah, that's nuts, the two prices should be reversed.
  5. Hey, if it's a B-Day or Christmas present every year... Have mountains done away with "Junior" tickets aged 6-17ish?
  6. Yeah, haven't seen anything positive on it all day, so I guess that'll be another miss. Next week has a lot of activity, hopefully some of that pans out.
  7. Another track dependent hit or miss the end of the week.
  8. Yeah, but I'm sure that picture is gonna sell a few day-tickets though!
  9. I was gonna say, maybe you should send flowers, but that should cover it!
  10. Congratulations @Weatherman , hope everything works out for you! Maybe you can drop us some insider "hints" every now and then from the corporate inner-workings!
  11. Didn't pan out that well for Sugarloaf, but evidently Sunday River did well. I just got done plowing off 11" of all snow, here in central Aroostook County, so should be a great powder day tomorrow at Bigrock!
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