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  1. So what are you going to buy?
  2. You'll be able to rent some shovels to those in the parking lots that have buried cars!
  3. Good for the skier, but bad for the mountain... especially on a Saturday!
  4. Definitely isn't gonna help the mileage spinning all that extra RPM
  5. That looks a lot better, more realistic numbers.
  6. Well, with 143k on it, it must not book very high in value, so I'd bet the dealers aren't gonna give you much for it. Even if you dump $2500 into it (which seems a touch high for those parts, but who knows) How many payments would it take on a new car to equal that? This is assuming that if you fix everything, it serves you fine for another 50-60k before you work on it again other than minor wear and tear stuff again. Or would you rather be stuck with a car payment for another 4-6 years?
  7. Yeah, I make up for it by skiing mostly weekdays Jan-Mar. So less crowded conditions make the shorter season still pretty enjoyable for me.
  8. Lol! My ski seasons are usually over by the 2nd-3rd week of March. Back to work time...
  9. Yep, one good short/surge can really mess your systems up!
  10. Same deal as last week? Yet the last year or two everyone seemed pretty happy with their snowmaking efforts since the upgrades, this year, not so much...

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