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  1. MEtoVTskier

    Tires - what are you rolling on??

  2. MEtoVTskier

    Tires - what are you rolling on??

    Are you looking for a set of dedicated winter tires or all seasons?
  3. MEtoVTskier

    Good deals at Burke this season

    I grabbed one of the early sale season passes at Tenney for $229 so that should cover that!
  4. MEtoVTskier

    Good deals at Burke this season

    That's a darned good deal on Wednesdays! 3for1
  5. Yeah, hate crowds, never ski weekends. ...and it's only walk back up now, not down.
  6. Yeah, well the weather over the next two weeks may just well level the playing field and take everyone back up to high elevation only, if any terrain open at all.
  7. That's not a good sign. Hopefully a deserving small ski area can acquire it.
  8. MEtoVTskier

    Boat Life (Salt & Fresh)

    Looks like the season turned out allright for you and your family! Congrats on the new "Bust Out Another Thousand"! ?
  9. MEtoVTskier

    First Snowmaking Windows

    Getting to be about that time...
  10. MEtoVTskier

    F'ing Millennials

    That can't be done right in their own office chairs?! ?
  11. MEtoVTskier

    Giveaway -Suicide Six

    Start it before you leave, let it run Sept-Oct and draw it first week of November so the winner can use them at whomever wins the opening day race at Kmart/Sunday River/Mt Snow/Wildcat... ?
  12. That's already installed last year. The article you linked is dated Aug 5, 2017, which still seems a little late for when I remember them announcing the Poma replacement. I guess the article date is right after I looked a few more. The install went fairly smooth and it was opened as scheduled I believe. Caledonian Record Article
  13. MEtoVTskier

    Sunday River snowmaking upgrade

    Yep, the bar has been raised and ALL mountains will be scrambling to increase capabilities. 15% increase for next year may not be an overwhelming difference for next season, but the long range plan sounds good.
  14. I didn't see any $29 days in December. I hate buying tickets for specific days early/late season, the weather/conditions always going against me. Mid-season usually works ok, but I would rather buy tickets that were good any day, and chase the storms.
  15. It was the Libra Foundation money that paid for all the upgrades. They were the actual Saving Grace for Bigrocks existence. The "modern snowmaking" consists of a handful of portable fanguns. I've never seen more than 5-6 operating at once. While the snowmaking helped a lot, we still had a heavy snow cover on the ground, in the yard at our place in Central Aroostook, into May this spring.

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