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  1. 2017 Boston ski expo deals

    Waterville is giving away 2-1's if you take a picture at there selfie station. You can also play a game for a chance to win a season's pass. Magic, gunstock, & ragged all have games you can play to win lift ticket prizes I won 2-1's from ragged and magic and a free beginners lesson from gunstock. Cannon is giving away free t-shirts if your good at cornhole. no killington scratch off's this year and no t-shirts or food from stowe.
  2. 2017 Boston ski expo deals

    My job is handing out free hats this year. Take a picture with it, tag us and post them it on social and we’ll donate a hat to a homeless shelter. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  3. Brands that stand behind their gear.

    Going to add eddie bauer to this list, went into there store looking for a new pair of ski pants. I told them the ones i bought last no longer fit. They told me i have 2 years to return them, worn or not. While i’m going to keep them incase I get fat again, I love that returning is a option. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
  4. Sticker sizes

    Here is an updated sticker. 4 and 2 inch sizes. STICKERS V2.pdf
  5. Sticker sizes

    doing a die cut sticker of the compass adds way too much money, that's really only something you do when your numbers are atleast 50,000. I do agree I need to add the website, completely forgot about that.
  6. Sticker sizes

  7. Ski Season Cometh

    I haven't noticed the leaves changing around here but a lot of the ski mountains have been posting pictures of fall leaves on instagram and fb.
  8. Call for Suggestions: Ask Me Anything

    Wet wood is always slippery, a new deck won't fix the problem. They likely won't fix it until someone gets hurt and sues. Hoping I won't have to be that person. I'd also ask them why the downhill mtb trails are so tough if they expanded there system to include trails for beginner and intermediate level riders they would get way more attendance. I would go there all the time. Right now there trails are much to advanced for me.
  9. Call for Suggestions: Ask Me Anything

    I'd like to know why Attitash refuses to replace that terrible triple and why wildcat can't put better pads on the bobcat triple. I'm sick of my ass going numb when I have to ride that thing. While replacing the triple would cost lots of $$, there is no reason why the pads can't be replaced on the bobcat, foam isn't that expensive. Also it would be nice to see some rubber padding on the deck so you can't slip and fall on the wet wood in the winter.
  10. Downhill Mountain Reviews

    Just went back to Thunder Mountain for the first time this season. A little disappointed it took me until the end of August. They changed there lift system around to allow more time to get the bike onto the lift. Great move. They've also moved the bike repair shop to were they rent bikes making it much easier to get to when you have an issue. The parking lot was full but there was never more than 5-8 people in ahead of me in line. I think it's the number of chairs on the lift that seems to keep the line manageable.
  11. Broke up with Facebook today

    yea it's a lot less about what your friends think and more about what they are doing
  12. Broke up with Facebook today

    instagram is more about sharing pictures. there's not a whole lot of pictures you can share about potical views. It's mostly vacation and food shots. I use it for skiing and mtb pictures.
  13. Broke up with Facebook today

    I try not to use facebook too much but I've pretty much blocked anyone with that shares alt-right views, so I don't have to see or hear them. I like instagram so much better, does seem to be the politcial shit show facebook is.
  14. Whitaker Woods

    They were knocking down too many trees for it to be the bike path, that trail is already wide enough for 2 bikes side by side.

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