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  1. This is posted on Attitash's website. Summit Triple Update July 23, 2019 I’m sure you’ve all be wondering about our plans to repair the summit triple this summer. Let’s get this out of the way first; the Summit Triple will be operational for this winter, and we will once again enjoy skiing and riding from the summit on some of our favorite trails, like Upper Ptarmigan and Tightrope. All of the necessary parts have been ordered from overseas and we expect them to be delivered to Artec in Connecticut by late August. With the size and specialized nature of the components we needed, it’s not like we can just pop down to Home Depot and pick up some spare parts. Instead, there is one company in the world that can make the parts we need and they have a turnaround time of several months. This has been the main holdup so far, but we expect the parts to be in country shortly and off to the team at Artec. Once the components arrive, the planetary gears and drive will be rebuilt by Artec in Connecticut. After assembly is complete they will deliver the gearbox and shaft the last week of August. After everything is rebuilt and delivered to the mountains, our Lift Maintenance crew, along with other industry professionals, are ready to tackle the installation of these parts, beginning immediately after Labor Day. Why wait until September? This is a project that requires some very heavy machinery, and for the safety and convenience of our summer guests, we will wait and perform the work midweek when guests are not on property. Once work starts back up on the lift, we expect the installation of these new parts to take a few weeks, at which point we can turn the lift on, begin testing, and get ready for annual state inspections. The recent news of Vail’s acquisition of Peak Resorts does not have an effect on this project, and work will be completed as stated above. We look forward to seeing you this winter, aboard the summit triple!
  2. I got one day in December. The little guy makes it hard. Likely won't ski again until Feb race weekend.
  3. Skiing Bretton Woods this weekend. Little guy gets to hang out by the fire.
  4. off putting to the child-free or not they still have the best bar in the valley.
  5. I'd say if you're going to make the trip to Cranmore it would be less for the skiing and more for the tubing and other activities they have for kids. As far as the mountain goes it's the smallest of the 4, but they have great snowmaking and usually have a good variety of trails open. lines haven't been too bad the few times I've gone this season. They do have some glades trails although they are usually closed and everything pretty much runs off of 1 main lift with 2 other learning lifts.
  6. I also have the white mountain superpass and although expensive it’s worth it for the quality of mountains you get. I almost never go to waterville but ski the other 3 all the time. I’ve had the peaks pass in the past but i really hate attitash and get bored only skiing wildcat. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
  7. Serves them right, i tried to do an event with them 3 years ago. I wanted to use their parking lot to do a ride and drive in the winter for our ferrari clients. I was going to bring them atleast 30 people that could afford the club and they turned me down. Suckers!! Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
  8. I lost a $30 deposit, everything else was refunded because we are 3 weeks away. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  9. Taking this weekend off to get some much needed stuff done around the house. Hoping conditions improve for next weekend. A girl can hope.
  10. maybe these should be set up like the written mountain guides so we can add to them. just a thought.
  11. Jay Peak: Good: Best glades in the east thanks to the Jay cloud Bad: Snowmaking system, lodging is super expensive, main trails get really icy really fast. Can't handle crowds. Most bullshit windholds, long drive. Special sauce: lots for kids to do after skiing, glades for all levels, lots of available lift ticket discounts.
  12. Just canceled our trip to smuggs in 3 weeks because right now they have more trails closed than opened. They are down to 34, Jay is down to 30 and sadly it looks like we might have a really short season. Maybe our friend @Weatherman can give us some good news?
  13. My friend just posted this picture of sugarbush today. Things are looking good there. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  14. Headed to jay this weekend with the kiddo. Hoping for atleast ok conditions. They are supposed to get some snow on saturday. Hopefully no bullshit wind holds. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
  15. The biggest question in this is who is going to buy Jay and Burke and what is going to happen to them once they are sold. If the new owners were smart, hotel pricing would come down to bring more people to the area.

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