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  1. There's plenty of depth on steins and spring fling. Lower organgrinder should still be open too via reverse traverse... My son was having a blast on sunday jumping over the grass patches...
  2. Nope. Could probably get it in the mail tomorrow so you have it for the weekend. Just need an address.
  3. Bolton valley’s last day is Sunday 4/7. Whalebacks been closed for a couple of weeks.
  4. I have a Sugarbush voucher up for grabs. No restrictions that would any longer apply. First come first served. I also have a bunch of SB 50% off vouchers that I’m happy to give away. I mentioned that on another thread but had no takers. Just thought I’d offer again.
  5. Sugarbush crowds are a nightmare today. Lines are at least twice as long as I’ve ever seen them, if not three times as long. Awful. We bailed for Mad River Glen where it’s marginally better, even with the single chair down (which appears to be opening as I type this)...
  6. Sat - sugarbush - they’re currently reporting 14 inches... Sunday - magic
  7. On a related note, I have a bunch of sugarbush 50% off vouchers. Given the window rate of 119, that’s still $60 for a lift ticket (although the day rate will probably go down for the spring if it hasn’t already). Anyway, please let me know if you’re interested, I’m happy to mail them to you.
  8. Oh yeah Dutch Hill. That’s what I was thinking. Seriously though, thanks.
  9. Sugarbush Saturday and Sunday. It’s gonna suck.
  10. Agree that it’s a great topic, but wouldn’t it nice to know where the pics were taken? Not sure why that info wasn’t offered up in the first place...
  11. Feels like a warm, beautiful spring day today. YUCK.
  12. Love King Pine! Too bad the backside’s not lit for night skiing...

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