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  1. Los

    NELSAP Skiing

    Oh yeah Dutch Hill. That’s what I was thinking. Seriously though, thanks.
  2. Sugarbush Saturday and Sunday. It’s gonna suck.
  3. Los

    NELSAP Skiing

    Agree that it’s a great topic, but wouldn’t it nice to know where the pics were taken? Not sure why that info wasn’t offered up in the first place...
  4. Los

    February - General Weather Thread

    Feels like a warm, beautiful spring day today. YUCK.
  5. Love King Pine! Too bad the backside’s not lit for night skiing...
  6. Cold and windy but the sunshine and blue skies made it bearable. Although it did take me about 45 minutes to get the feeling back in my big toe. Paradise was the run of the day for me (pic below). Overall great day, but I was a little disappointed it was wind blown in so many places.
  7. Lincoln peak, but I can get over to mt Ellen too. Let’s get a beer!
  8. Whaleback tonight (phenomenal conditions) sugarbush Saturday and Sunday
  9. Really looking forward to tomorrow - my expectations are high after the week we’ve had. Added bonus of low temps to help keep the crowds down...
  10. Los


    Tenny lowered their prices a bit: https://www.skitenney.com/lift-tickets?utm_campaign=e0129581-ffac-4302-b140-7ab9fff31046&utm_source=so
  11. Weatherman - can you give us anything to look forward to in terms of the short- to mid- term weather outlook??
  12. We’ll have to get Win to post here, as he does on another site....
  13. Los


    $75 is just silly. What are they thinking?? By comparison, Black is only $59, plus they’re on the Freedom Pass. And discounted tickets are available for Black on Liftopia. I had assumed we’d check out Tenney this season - but NO WAY at those rates, which are borderline offensive.
  14. Los

    Roll call 11/22-25

    Missed yesterday, but MRG today and Sugarbush tomorrow.
  15. For November 17th, Sugarbush was phenomenal yesterday.

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