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  1. I see kinsman is open... In terms of difficulty/hazard, is kinsman generally in line with the other on map glades? I’m thinking of letting my 12 and 14 year olds ski it without me, because I don’t want to. Haha They’re capable, and have skied everything on map, including the creek. We also always keep in touch with two-way radios. But i don’t know - it might be crazy to let them go on their own... so i thought I’d ask the experts to weigh in... thanks in advance for any thoughts you can share...!
  2. Yep, agreed - the fact that Cannon was basically 100% open for a couple weeks definitely exceeded the low expectations I had going into the season. And not having a significant meltdown since December is a nice surprise. But still, it's been frustrating to see what seems to be everywhere but Cannon getting large and consistent amounts of snow... Like even Bretton Woods which is still 100% open as of today...
  3. Is it me or has Cannon been shafted this year compared with the rest of northern New England (broadly speaking)? I’ve tried to avoid paying any attention to weather conditions anywhere other than Franconia to spare myself further pain and disappointment with not being able to ski in Vermont this year (hence our last minute Cannon passes), but my peripheral understanding is that conditions in Vermont and elsewhere are the best they’ve been in years...
  4. It was pretty bad last Wednesday too. Fortunately, the weekend was great. A little windy on Sunday, but we were very happy with the conditions. It was also the first time we headed into upper lost boys. Wow - what a picture perfect glade. Any idea why it’s unofficial? Same question for the glade on skiers left off ridge run, shortly after the entrance to idiots delight...
  5. Fully open by tomorrow except for DJs? I’m crossing my fingers...
  6. We were pleasantly surprised with the conditions last weekend. Lift line was great on Saturday. They’re being a little stingy with what they’re keeping closed, but my guess is they need just 6 more inches and they’ll be fully open. Looks like there’s a chance of snow today and tomorrow. Fingers crossed...
  7. Cannon sat & sun... trying to mentally prepare myself for the massive crowds that I’m anticipating based on the 20% increase in season pass sales, among other things... Our first day was Sunday afternoon at BW - parking lot was very full considering the amount of terrain available, but the lift lines really weren’t bad, especially for the zephyr. And conditions were way better than I was expecting...
  8. Per an email sent earlier today, opening day is still a “moving target.” I will be very disappointed if they’re not open by at least Saturday the 11th. And my kids will riot.
  9. Bummer: OPENING DAY Our snowmaking crew has been making progress at every chance they get, but Mother Nature has not been very cooperative. Looking at the forecast, our next chance to crank the guns at consistent cold temps isn't until next weekend, so opening the weekend of December 4th is sadly not a possibilty. We'll look towards the following week but Opening Day will remain a moving target as we watch the weather. We're all eager to get out on the hill, but the plan is still to open with enough terrain and lift service to have space to spread out and we'll open as soon as we can safely do so. Check the Mountain Report often for updates.
  10. Nice trip reports! We have one, non-holiday weekday (the Friday before presidents week) to ski either vail, Breckinridge, keystone, or beaver creek. We being me and my three kids ages 8-13. Never been to any of these and they’re all more less within equal driving distance of where we’ll be. Any suggestions on which one to choose?
  11. If you avoided polecat, lynx, and catapault, the skiing was fantastic - both in terms of conditions (although still thin) and no crowds. The lift line wait wasn’t TOO bad, and the Tomcat Triple was ski on all day. These things are the most important and, so, made it overall a good day. but holy mother of God - the crowding in general was unbelievable. When we first got there we were told we’d have to park at the AMC lodge and walk back (fortunately I completely lucked out with finding a spot up front after dropping the kids off). I’m sure wildcat wasn’t as bad as many if not most other larger ski areas in New England. But it was still disgustingly overcrowded and unpleasant.
  12. There were good points made? Conditions blow right now. It doesn’t make me feel better that it could be even worse.
  13. Would you guess they’ll have polecat or anything else open other than lynx? Edit: polecat’s now open
  14. There's plenty of depth on steins and spring fling. Lower organgrinder should still be open too via reverse traverse... My son was having a blast on sunday jumping over the grass patches...
  15. Nope. Could probably get it in the mail tomorrow so you have it for the weekend. Just need an address.
  16. Bolton valley’s last day is Sunday 4/7. Whalebacks been closed for a couple of weeks.
  17. I have a Sugarbush voucher up for grabs. No restrictions that would any longer apply. First come first served. I also have a bunch of SB 50% off vouchers that I’m happy to give away. I mentioned that on another thread but had no takers. Just thought I’d offer again.
  18. Sugarbush crowds are a nightmare today. Lines are at least twice as long as I’ve ever seen them, if not three times as long. Awful. We bailed for Mad River Glen where it’s marginally better, even with the single chair down (which appears to be opening as I type this)...
  19. Sat - sugarbush - they’re currently reporting 14 inches... Sunday - magic
  20. On a related note, I have a bunch of sugarbush 50% off vouchers. Given the window rate of 119, that’s still $60 for a lift ticket (although the day rate will probably go down for the spring if it hasn’t already). Anyway, please let me know if you’re interested, I’m happy to mail them to you.
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