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  1. Flying Yeti

    Roll Call for 11/16 - 11/18

    Skins laps Fri-Sunday! Just a matter of where.
  2. Flying Yeti

    Roll Call: Veteran's Day Weekend

    Bring the cement surfing skis! Going to be awesome.
  3. Im in if the Lift Line is skiable lol
  4. Flying Yeti

    Tires - what are you rolling on??

    Good point. Too late. I replaced some control arms and tire rods. Got new tires and had it aligned. The next day I was heading to MRG and by White River Junction all I could smell was burning. 480 miles later when I got home the outer 1.5" were almost down to the steel band. Brought it back the next day as they had clearly forgot to align it.
  5. Flying Yeti

    Tires - what are you rolling on??

    Don't go by this. You can easily be out of alignment and run the inner or outer sections of the tire bald quickly. Tire wear is the best way of telling if you're aligned or not imo.
  6. Flying Yeti

    Wachusett Conditions and get togethers

    Planning on using my pass from the Warren Miller Movie to help get the legs in shape. Early season they do a great job getting things going.
  7. Flying Yeti

    Mad Russian Skis (and snowboards) thread

    Wife these days. She wanted an A/T set up.
  8. The big early storms were 2016 (October 22nd = 5", October 26th = 10", week before Thanksgiving 10") and they did not open additional terrain even though everything in the Canyon and Snowdon was skiable (with the exception of Lower Conclusion). They actually had 2-3 ambassadors at every rope for the November storm to try to keep people on the Ridge. In 2015 their big storm didn't come until the week before Christmas and got them almost 100% open. 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 K truly was the Beast early season. Since then its been anything but.
  9. So you're in the crowd of taking the stairs, skiing 600', and walking back up as long as you have it Mon-Sunday over full chair access to 1500-2000' of vert Friday - Sunday?
  10. Absolutely, but they could still allocate that firepower. By mid-November of 2013 and 2014 they had SS headwall, Skyehawk, all of Skyelark, and Bittersweet open as well as t2b on Snowdon. Last year (maybe even 2016) they were beat t2b in the fall by Sunday River, Wildcat, Mount Snow and even Okemo, Bretton Woods, and Stratton. Edit: Jiminy Peak as well and I believe Loon one or both years.
  11. Student for 2 more years!
  12. Definitely considering the $349 pass next year (early and late K and Pico in the middle). But if I was paying full price I'd be pissed. SS is definitely looking skiable t2b but only skiing 600' and still having to walk those stairs to download must suck. Wildcat wins again.
  13. NELSAP list dire straits right there.
  14. Flying Yeti

    Opening Day 2018

    All the Wildcat and Peaks Folks here and no one has pics or any reports from yesterday? Bunch of slackers.
  15. Flying Yeti

    Mug Clubs

    Bud Light and Coors Light are like Gatorade when skiing.

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