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  1. As someone who has never skied Attitash, is the need for the triple more for accessing the trails on the upper peak or to make it easier to cut over to Bear? Watched some youtube vids this morning at the upper trails and they looked quite mellow.
  2. They will blast the rocks out of Al's and the liftline trails to groom the shit out of them lol
  3. Stop eating all those gas station hot dogs Puck It.
  4. We were doing well but it looks like Krusty made his way over from Alpine Zone. We all can only wish to be as awesome as you.
  5. Bunch of double ended dildos up in this thread lol I prefer a fireplace or woodstove.
  6. Greylock/Thunderbolt today. Can hardly move. Nothing a fifth of Jack can't help so I can hit Magic tomorrow.
  7. Yes I realize that now. The ledges are ledges but the wind and lack of tree cover assist in pounding snow into it. Its similar to the Canyon at Killington where one side (Royal Flush, East Fall, etc.) can have feet of fresh snow blown into it them during a 8-10" storm and the trails on the other side get a few inches.
  8. The stuff past Jupiter's needs a lot more snow because of all the rock ledges imo. East side expansion makes sense and they could drop a trail right off the back and connect it at the top of Velocity. Essentially the run out of the ledges. I imagine it would look like a Berkshire East trail map.

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