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  1. Yes there is tons of misinformation, especially from those trying to sensationalize. I would also caution that with dealing with something as novel as this, put skepticism in the peer review process as well. There have been many retracted papers regarding covid. When The Lancet and NE Journal of Medicine retracts papers - wtf! At this point I'm only putting stock in data/findings that have been replicated - which sadly do not get published as often as they should. Although the Vitamin D research has really picked up steam, but what has it shown not to benefit? A lot of what I have seen from i
  2. Damn thing survives everywhere. As you said the transmission piece is the prime question/concern and it looks unlikely. Lots of news today on it being found on imported meat and frozen food packaging.
  3. All this work the state put in, frustrated flatlanders, and Vermont appears to have screwed itself. Latest "surge" appear to stem from Halloween events and a @!@#$%$#^% bowling league. https://www.wcax.com/2020/11/13/vermont-seeks-people-who-attended-events-for-covid-testing/
  4. I would say K1 as well. Years before the World Cup was great. Snowdon, Ridge, and Upper/Middle Superstar to Skyelark and Bittersweet by mid November. If walking/downloading was back on the table again I've always thought Sugarbush could have the greatest opening trail options (blow Organgrinder, Ripcord, Jester, and Downspout). Then download on Super Bravo. They will never do it but that set up is prime.
  5. Covid looks to be bringing some different opening plans. For example, Killington going t2b with Snowdon (plus North Ridge). I can imagine they want to get Lower East Fall and the Canyon Quad opening ASAP. Some doing the usual (Sugarbush).
  6. Given how cheap flights are I am really tempted to head out to Idaho with my wife and hit Tamarack and Brundage for 4 days. Be a fun little getaway but definitely waiting to see what happen with the Vid.
  7. Was a nice surprise. I'm about 45 minutes southwest of Wachusett and that is what we got as well. Early this week looks great for a NW flow due to a low just sitting on the Gaspe. Most places probably grab 8-10" by Tuesday morning.
  8. Ah damn, sorry to hear! Take it easy old timer
  9. Not from this system, I bet a place like Stratton (elevation matters here) picks up 6-8" tops. A little system with upslope Monday could help out the larger mountains to the north. Magic needs to have Red Chair inspected as Geoff mentioned on the "Friends of Magic" FB page and they want everything good and settled for the season. Their plan is December 5th. My bet is on Sunday River to open next week.
  10. Weird deal with the left overs from Zeta. Models have cut back on totals due to a fast flat flow compared to yesterday (where we had a slow second low popping up and dumping). Here was a depiction from yesterday. Still some heavy wet stuff to get some turns on. Snow map porn time! That said, every model brings some serious cold in Friday night. Killington, Sunday River, et al. should have the guns roaring through Sunday afternoon. Then Monday morning into Wednesday.
  11. I think Jay is relying on the border still being closed, not much in terms of a system/change.
  12. Not sure but it was definitely a one and done sort of thing. She will be on skis soon enough. I know as recently as last year I saw a few women with young kiddos (a few months) in packs/pouches riding up the single chair at MRG. I would never take her on a chair, that would be a bit much for my anxiety.
  13. With the warm weather and lack of crowds I decided to take our 6-month old out for a little sliding yesterday. Have an pretty amazing carrier system I have been waiting to use. Clearly I was not going to go stomping moguls and she has been supporting her head since day 1. Took about 1:10 to skin to the top of Magic via Carpet-Sleeve and was brutal with an extra 30 pounds on the back plus my first real skinning trip of the year. She slept the entire way up. Then did some soft, easy turns down Trick to Wishbone, Wand, and lower Red Line. Did a couple other laps (Magician to Black Line) and Twil
  14. If it looks like applesauce, it's probably good!
  15. Americanwx forums Tropicaltidbits Pivotal Weather
  16. Powerful storm but need a 200 mile jog to the west to do much good. 18z models ticked east. Good thing there is still time for changes...
  17. Latest news said they were trying to find the Birthday Bowls from Spruce. Pretty horrific story.
  18. Happy to hear about the new gig! It sounds pretty amazing!
  19. As someone who has never skied Attitash, is the need for the triple more for accessing the trails on the upper peak or to make it easier to cut over to Bear? Watched some youtube vids this morning at the upper trails and they looked quite mellow.
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