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  1. Burke has thrown in the towel as well.
  2. if the car goes straight when the wheel is straight you dont need an alignment. If the car doesnt go straight when the wheel is straight you need an alignment.
  3. In 2012-2013 they opened on 10/13 and went ttb on 11/10, and for 2013-2014 they opened 10/24 and went ttb on 11/09. Doesn't seem very different from whats going on now.
  4. Last two years they sold out tickets the same day they went up, this year the only thing that sold out were the k1 parking passes, you can still get any type of tickets you want. I dont know if that means there are alot of tickets still available, but it doesnt seem to have the buzz like it did the last two years. We will find out in a few weeks. Me personally, I wont be anywhere near K during the world cup.
  5. Just saying, you can't ski anywhere else in the east right now and who knows if anybody besides K will be open this weekend. (Maybe SR but they won't be ttb) it's still October people, even without the world cup K would not be ttb yet. Would have been foolish to be ttb right now as all that money would be melting away on Thursday n Friday. Makes much more sense to pound the glades so that they will still be open this weekend. Anybody seen the forecast? It won't be cold again for 2 weeks.
  6. Never known of that pre season, I'm a Killington pass holder and the pass holder appreciation party is at the umbrella bar to n the spring, the only thing they give you is a free lunch, but free food at the ubar after ripping spring bumps on superstar is hard to beat!
  7. Exactly....Its much more comfortable to be out in -5 with no wind than it is at +5 with 30 mph wind. When it's not windy I am only cold if ripping a groomer and creating my own wind but then I can warm back up on the lift.
  8. If they do open today it will be for passholders only.
  9. Looks like more snow on skyehawk than supe!!
  10. Nothing better than sitting at the u-bar on a sunny may day watching people ripping the bumps on Superstar.
  11. The problem with K early season is the crowds. They need high prices on the weekend when it's just North ridge to keep down the amount of people. Even weekdays can get a little crazy there but the zoo on the weekends would be insane if they offered a early season pass at a decent cost.
  12. But they don't care about wasting money if it is taxpayers money.

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