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  1. The funny thing is (before Wicked Hard was put on the map), to me that WAS the entrance to WH as the right fork. If the Upper Hard entrance has been there for a while, I was oblivious to that much easier entrance. The primary line (left fork) that puck it calls obvious I know by a different name. Though, obvious is a fairly appropriate name. Funny how the same line can be known by multiple names! The big problem with that line is knowing when it is good to go or not. The final pitch is a rocky mess and it dumps out into a stream as puck it mentioned. It is a committing line with no bail out. You can have a really bad time near the bottom if it isn't good to go yet or is past prime. Overall, a bit more aggressive of a line choice than WH due to more variable lower elevation conditions. A bit steeper as well.
  2. I concur. On my first run, I couldn't believe how deep Paulie's was given they were open yesterday and only reporting a few inches over night. Insane! I haven't had a day like that at Cannon in very, very a long time. I'm totally drained and very sore, not skiing Cannon as much as I used to has made me soft! I was on the look out for a pair of boarders including one dressed in all purple that I see in many of your photos but never saw you guys.
  3. I haven't seen the latest wind forecast yet. But Cannon can do okay with NW winds. Depends on the speed. South is death for Cannon. But they can often run the lifts at Cannon when NoVT gets knocked offline with NW wind. At the least, I would think Zoomer goes. I'm more partial to Cannon for Saturday than any area in NoVT... but I'll be bringing the skins regardless. Snowing like crazy when I came through the notch today. Rain/mix as soon as I got down to the Lincoln area. Smuggs got skunked but I am sure it will pick up overnight. Left around noontime when the snow tapered off, it got foggy, and lower mountain was sticky mank city. Roads in VT about as bad as I have ever seen them for a non-major storm (at least this early into it) from Hardwick to Danville Rt 15/2 and I-91/93. Never been so happy to cross the state boarder back into NH where DOT knows how to get it done.
  4. Smuggs almost certainly Friday. Saturday depends on wind. Jay, Smuggs, MRG, and Cannon are all options. I'll see what the wind forecast looks like tomorrow before making that call.
  5. Love seeing the Jay hate on snow reporting... another person that won't be riding the lift there during the next big one. 🤣 Smuggs or Jay for me Friday based on how things are looking. If it is Jay, I'll be sure to let you know how much Jay under reports, which happens far more than over reporting in my experience.
  6. Fox is normally pretty conservative regarding snow forecasting so I am a bit surprised he would drop that given the uncertainty most weather folks seem to have with this storm.
  7. Same here. Love the last five or so seconds.
  8. The use of a picture that is not from Tenney (or anywhere else in the northeastern USA for that matter) for a Tenney season pass is really suspect, IMO. Kinda says to me that they aren't proud enough of their offering to show it in their sales pitch.
  9. The skier had to have been skiing quite fast to carry moment over the embankment after crashing. Then again, details are still quite limited, so who knows. Are they still roping the bottom of Profile? I recall they had setup "slow down" roping near the lift in past years but I don't think it was too extensive. They might need to create an "experts only entrance" type roping setup to make people slow down sooner (i.e. funnel to a narrow exit point well before the flat area near the lift).
  10. Makes sense to get a jump on things... try to steal passholders from other mountains/chains before having your own passholders stolen away by the competition. I'd like to see what happens to Jay. I've continued to play the field recently, though I was a Jay pass holder in the past. If Jay gets added to a multi-mountain offering without a price bump (or even perhaps a price decrease), that would be hard to pass up.
  11. 100mm is my sweet spot, plus or minus a few mil. I wouldn't go below 95mm. 85mm is a horrid width for most skiers. If you only rail groomers, you are fine with a skinny cheater ski. If you ever ski powder, 85mm leaves a lot on the table. It is a compromise ski in search of a compromise... compromise everything to gain nothing.
  12. That is amazing on a mid-week powder day considering how many fewer people will want to ski those lines, amongst others over there, due to a little bit of side stepping and skating to get back and a three lift cycle. Man, I loved three lift cycles at Cannon years ago. Before the Mittersill lift, you hiked the saddle and (assuming you didn't BD or Barons or sidestep up to the top of Tuckerbrook Quad...) you had to take three lifts to do it again. It was over an hour to fully cycle and the snow stayed fresh all day, untracked open til closed and more the next day even without additional snowfall. I'd ski some days and only do five runs... but those were some of the best days of the season, some of the best days I've ever had on skis! I love it when Cannon makes you work for it. And I hate it when Cannon makes things easier for people to track stuff out faster.
  13. I disagree with the category I was added to in the above summary. It missed the nuance of my thoughts on the matter: "If it is a boarderline call, make that clear in the snow report and give it a shot. But if there is essentially 0% of running, don't roll the dice on that 1% and make skiers waste hours driving to/from various mountains or sitting in a lodge waiting for the inevitable call." So to rephrase, if there is a 99% chance of wind hold, just call it off. Otherwise, be up front in the snow report and see what happens. If Jay said that they only expected to open the lower mountain (Taxi Quad, Metro Quad etc. No Jet/Bonnie which are considered upper mountain), then they did a pretty good job reporting and it was a waste of time even trying if they already announced lower mountain lifts only. If lower mountain lifts didn't run, who cares if you are not a beginner or park skier?
  14. Absolutely pointless unless Cannon is planning to run the tram summer only and not in winter in which case it might make a little bit of sense. Just what Cannon needs... more high intensity traffic being placed right above the Links and hitting the Avalanche to Banshee ice shelf. Good grief.
  15. Definitely a good thing from my perspective. I don't have a pass but have vouchers that can be used at a lot of different areas. I would rather know in advanced to avoid certain mountains rather than trying to guess and making a bad decision and sitting in the lodge playing the waiting game that almost inevitably results in no operations. Most mountains should have a strong history of which lifts run given certain wind direction and wind speed. Mountain Ops also know how long they are going to keep employees sitting in a lodge waiting for a go/no go decision before pulling the plug and sending everyone home. If it is a boarderline call, make that clear in the snow report and give it a shot. But if there is essentially 0% of running, don't roll the dice on that 1% and make skiers waste hours driving to/from various mountains or sitting in a lodge waiting for the inevitable call.

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