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  1. I agree with Cannonballer that the man made snow clouds are weird and different. It can engulf areas in a fog, even if that part of the mountain does not have snowmaking. I was waiting for more information about the rescue before commenting. But I'll bite. I am having a hard time buying that this was related to snowmaking. Cannon's upper mountain soft woods are THICK. You cannot go off the trail without intending to do so, especially off the backside. The only thing I could think of for unintentionally getting lost is if someone headed off trail into south bowl thinking they were skiing b
  2. That pic is the first time I have seen any work on any ramp at Cannon. Cannon skiers just take it for granted that the Cannonball unload ramp is going to be a sheet of ice. Nice pics and report, thank you both. We have had fewer open trails going into New Year's before. But that does not really inspire me to get out there.
  3. I will set a personal best for number of earned turn days. VT will eventually shut down and NH lifts take up the slack and will become unbearable. I will be taking a refund on my Jay pass as I do not expect VT to reverse restrictions until major vaccine rollout. Mid-sized areas will do better than expected due to increased pass sales and bigger areas selling out, creating redirect traffic to areas that are not normally visited by many. Bitching. Lots and lots of bitching.
  4. Well over a foot at Cannon's front five, maybe a foot and a half. Hard to tell, exactly. Very dense, fabulous skiing. They didn't brush Avi or PF very well during the off season. They look really bad from down low, and you need to pick your line carefully as some of the brush is almost as tall as I am. But turns were as good as they get for that dense snow, no bottom... just undulations and water bars. I hit Avi, Paulie's, Zoomer, Zommer Lift, and Banshee Lift. Skin stickiness was gone after all of those transitions. I got tired of flailing when the skin clips came off, so I called it aft
  5. Thanks for the report! I have a friend in Franconia who posted a pic with what looks like about 6-8" or so. Total bust down here in Ashland, not even much of a dusting. More to the south and to the north.
  6. Thanks for the report. Too bad for the snow lose, but it sounds like Cannon did okay considering how much rain fell and how warm it was. Any other year, I'd be very disappointed. This year, I'll just be happy if they can open and stay open. For now, bummer but I'm content with a final day walking around in a tee shirt before the cold sets in.
  7. Nice report, thank you for sharing! That is a respectable amount of terrain, all things considered. Nice for the passholders that Loon went for it despite a suspect forecast. They must be losing a lot of snow right now between the rain and warm temps. Good call on their part going passholders only for two weeks. That gives passholders a perk, but also allows them to recover from their data issue and also test out their COVID-19 related operations plans and fix any weak links.
  8. I think the pay off on passes is practical instead of financial... you are always guaranteed to be able to go skiing when you want to without restriction (excepting resorts that have restrictions for pass holders, but most areas seem to be selling passes by stating it is a guarantee on not being turned away). I can request a full refund on my Jay pass through early March (if I don't use it). But the practical and financial "worth it" date is going to be much earlier than that. If VT does not relax travel restrictions by the end of January, I can't see it being worth while. Until then, I'l
  9. From a management perspective, this makes it easier to enforce. No splitting hairs, no gray areas, no slippery slopes, no exceptions... everyone, all the time. I think mask down while skiing should be acceptable. But people may forget to mask up when approaching a base area, getting in line, or heading into the lodge.
  10. Outdoor transmission may not be a big concern for the ski industry. But lodges are going to be a major issue, even with reduced capacity. Many lodges don't have good HVAC. People need to go to the bathroom, some people are going to want to eat and be out of the elements. Transmission in the lodges seems like a major concern to me. You ain't going to have peer reviewed papers on that until after the season is over. I think we can extrapolate from data showing that restaurants and bars with poor HVAC are problem means lodges will be problems. We'll see what happens, but I don't know if ski areas
  11. Hopefully, ski areas set their caps before opening and stick to them (or adjust them lower if base area crowding becomes an issue). Normally, a ski area would not want to turn off their prepayment system the day before a big storm and anticipated business. Fingers crossed they stick with the plan and tighten it as needed. Areas could open earlier to disperse people out of the base area faster. The earlier an area opens, the fewer people will make it for line up. Though, I understand that areas have pre-opening prep work and employees have to be scheduled before a powder day is known. Many
  12. Wind is brutal today. Feels like low twenties, maybe even like the teens when the wind is really honking. A few flakes throughout the day in the Plymouth area. NWS maps shows a few inches forecasted for the Whites. And Cannon just fired up snow making on the upper mountain. Unfortunately, maybe 60s by the end of this week.
  13. I think a later opening than usual for Sunday River is the way to go. Wait until they can get multiple lifts and trail pods open to spread people out. Also, multiple lodges open to minimize people in doors. Even if they went pass holders only, they wouldn't be able to safely operate out of only Barker only with the usual two one or two lifts.
  14. Given the boarder situation, I'm pretty happy with my Jay pass purchase instead of Cannon this year. A 50% reduction in visitors will be great both for limiting COVID-19 exposure risk as well as snow preservation. However, I anticipate lines will be just as long as usual since single riders will not be used to fill chairs. As someone that normally goes solo, it is likely I will be waiting in longer lines this year despite the decrease in visitors. I cannot imagine what lines at Smuggs will be like... and I am not going to find out, either. Not sure what more Jay could do, to be hones
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