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  1. thesnowway


    Not even close. One of the least steep and mellow mid-sized mountains around. Regarding the 18" claim, maybe that is true but just under a foot at my place just a few miles away as the crow flies. Maybe they were putting the base at 18" when you add this storm on top of the previous base? If the 18" claim was true, that could actually be a good reason not to open because there are almost no trails on that mountain on which you'd be able to move downhill on 18" of think dense snow.
  2. thesnowway


    The whole thing has been crazy from the get go. A lot of locals love that Tenney is back. Tenney's best business move has been getting locals interested and supporting the effort. They seem to have done a good job with the bar and having music on the weekends. But from a ski business perspective, they've yet to make a solid business decision. But goodness knows the Tenney ownership isn't really interested in running a ski area. They are interested in developing the land around the area. Earlier this month, when asked by someone on Facebook about when they would open, Tenney replied "still late November / early December like every year..." Like every year? Since when, 2003? They are all talk and no walk. What happened last season was very telling. Another half a foot plus on the way this week and they have yet to post a snow making pic to their FB let alone update their projected opening. This November was a huge gift to an area trying to get open again like Tenney. Hopefully they don't blow it.
  3. thesnowway

    Roll call 11/22-25

    Cannon is nuts right now. Been up there three times in the past five days. Unreal. They could open almost 100% of non-glades on Friday if they wanted to. But they have always been a bit conservative with openings. I'll probably pass on the lifts on Friday and find some untracked to lap away from the lifts. Saturday I am thinking Mad River. I don't expect much untracked due to the volume of skinners. But 100% natural snow is an excellent offering. I can't think of the last time that MRG opened for Thanksgiving weekend. It will be a treat for sure.
  4. thesnowway

    Tires - what are you rolling on??

    General Altimax mounted on steel wheels here... no need to pay more for inferior snow performance. I've run Blizzaks and XIce2s... they were good but deep snow performance is not as good as Generals. I think they invest too much into ice grip tech. As a skier charging into a storm, I need better performance in deep snow than ice. I've found the Generals last longer and wear better, too. Though for folks living in metro areas, better ice performance may be preferred. The first time I tried the Altimax, I assumed performance would be worse since they are way cheaper. But you get better snow performance and save a ton. I was shocked but it was true.
  5. thesnowway

    Cannon Lover's Thread

    200" at Cannon is a epic year. If it received that much annually, I probably wouldn't drive past it (even though it is my favorite mountain) to ski Jay Peak and Smuggs nearly as often as I do... Jay does not inflate at all; they really get that much. But the wind blows it clean sometimes. You really need to be there right when the storm comes through and you need to be ready to hunt for it in the woods. Lots of folks go to Jay a day after the storm and only stay on map then complain about inflated numbers. Just because you didn't experience it doesn't mean that it didn't happen. I am not sure if Cannon is actually underrated anymore. Ever since so many of its secrets were put on a map and so many more people discovered its remaining secrets, I think the word is out. An article in lameass unofficial networks is a sure sign that the shark has been jumped for sure. A certain Yogi Berra quote might even apply... the amount of traffic Cannon woods get now may have been the deciding factor for my not going with their reduced price season pass this year.
  6. thesnowway

    Opening Day 2018

    I'll be at the River tomorrow, probably only an hour or two. Once the lift begins stopping every 10 chairs, it just ain't worth lapping. But you can usually get at least a solid hour in before people start queuing up to head back down. Nice to see they have Upper Punch open in addition to T2.
  7. thesnowway

    Cannon Lover's Thread

    For a 250' tumbling fall, I would guess that they may have been camping at the lookout on the Kinsman Ridge hiking trail about a mile short of the summit where the trail comes out of the woods, near Cannon's namesake, perhaps... Not sure about the waterfall part. I know of two waterfalls at Cannon... Bridalvail via Coppermine and there is one near the base of Mittersill (at least when the water is running strong). A fall near those would be really bad but not 250'.
  8. thesnowway

    2018 new car thread

    Nice car! I really enjoyed my TDI SportWagen before the emissions buyback. I wasn't too fond of the repair bills when things needed to be replaced, but things didn't need to be repaired too often. It was just a big bill when the time came. The car always felt rock solid and was a lot of fun to drive. I looked at the AT but the fuel efficiency is really poor (for my preferences). No regrets on my Civic Hatch and its 39 mpg overall average (only 1 mpg less than my TDI). But the fit, finish, and space just aren't at the same level. The hatch is nice but a wagon is better and VW interiors are amazing. For wagons... there just aren't enough options.
  9. thesnowway

    Jay Peak and Burke sale

    Can't tell you how many times I've hiked Jay before Tday for powder. I am fine with Tday openings. Not sure why they would have opened a week before Tday this past season. I don't recall November 2017 being particularly productive for natural or man made.
  10. thesnowway

    Jay Peak and Burke sale

    I've never known Jay to shoot for pre-Tday... ...that said, no major resort is not going to open Tday weekend unless November is brutally hot.
  11. thesnowway

    NH is the hole the NE pot doughnut

    I suspect more people do these things sober than stoned... ?
  12. I am not familiar with the no dogs rule. I did a quick search and the rules I found say dogs are allowed "at the designated dog walk area and on hiking trails only". Assuming Kinsman has restrictions on dogs due to access from attractions like Lafayette Campground or the Basin (i.e. Lonesome Lake and Cascade Brook trails... accessing from park attractions that may be dog prohibited), then that would be even more suggestive to approach from the western side of the ridge which is completely outside of the state park, right? In the state park, I've only done Mount Pemigewasset with my dog and I don't recall seeing any signs prohibiting dogs on state park hiking trails. Probably a moot point for the OP but a good clarification for anyone else reading.
  13. thesnowway

    NH is the hole the NE pot doughnut

    Yea, spot on. Changing the legality or decriminalization is not going to change people's use significantly, prohibition on alcohol showed us that much. Accidents from drunk driving have gone way down over time due to public education. If public education to reduce drunk driving is good enough for alcohol, the same should be good enough for pot. Hopefully, the people working with legalization campaigns will switch over to promoting safe use education once legalization happens. I think a lot of folks in that community will help to self police safety, much the way that having a DD when visiting a bar is such a standard no brainer nowadays. The other question is how much of an increase in pot use are we really going to see? Are we really expecting non-pot users to suddenly switch over just because it is legal and getting high and then driving? Maybe a few, who knows. I don't see it happening much more than what might be already happening. The drug is already readily available and cheap and people have already set their own use or non-use patterns. I've never smoked personally, that isn't going to change just because is legal. I don't think people abstain from pot because of legality. And education is a far more useful tool than a law to reduce intoxicated driving. I'm far more nervous about someone that is texting causing an accident...
  14. I wouldn't call Champney Falls or Bridal Veil Falls "not-so-typical hikes". Georgiana is definitely not typical for a Franconia Notch area waterfall hike. Be ready for a little schwacking to get to the very top of the falls (unless the trail has been improved since the last time I hiked it like a dozen years ago). Waterfalls are running pretty dry right now, best to go immediately after a rain storm right now. Many of the hikes on the 52 with a View list are pretty solid and away from the crowds. Though many are some of the most hiked trails in the Whites like Welch Dickey, Cardigan, Willard, Crawford, & Chocorua. You'll need to separate out the usual suspects. If you are going to be on the eastern end of the Kanc, there are a few of these on the south side of the Kanc on that side (Hedgehog & Potash). I wouldn't call those not so typical as they are well marked from a major route but they get less traffic than the 4k'ers in the area. Though the hikes may be usual, you could always do a usual hike in an unusual way. I've done sunset hikes up some of the shorter hikes like the Sugarloafs in Twin Mountain or Bald Rock off Cannon or anything else that has a great wide open view. You can get the summit all to yourself and watch the sun go down. You'll need headlamps and a sense of adventure for the hike down, though. Same about doing things different if you do decide to do a 4k... just do it in an usual way. One example of this would be doing Kinsman from the west instead of from the Notch. You'd have the trail mostly to yourself until hitting the ridge.
  15. thesnowway

    NH is the hole the NE pot doughnut

    NH already has medical dispensaries. Goodness knows they have distribution of substances handled pretty well on the liqueur front. The state is much more conservative than its neighbors and for some reason, Live Free or Die doesn't include pot but unintentionally encouraging boozing on the highway is A-O-K. The state likes freedom in some aspects but is dead set against freedom in others. Most people don't understand that freedom isn't something you take for yourself but rather something you give to others and in turn others give to you. Most people want freedoms for their needs but refuse to give it to others for theirs. Just a matter of time, I guess. Maybe next time there is a budget crisis the state will see it as a good tax revenue without instituting the dreaded sales or income taxes. No one is going to care of weed is taxed when it is legalized.

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