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  1. I live down the road from the Valley, I am very familiar with the area. It has seen a steady decline since its glory days. It needs a significant investment in cash to fix neglected infrastructure issues. There are lots of people that have grown up or spent their entire lives vacationing there and there is a significant condo build up of Valley second home owners. Those folks are invested and are not going away, but they are starting to age out. Waterville needs new blood badly to replace its current base. That is true across the entire industry but especially true at Waterville. It isn't going under any time sooner, I agree. But I think it is the most vulnerable major NH area to competition from the multi-mountain pass options.
  2. Jay has crowded up a bit due to the base build out, no doubt. But I have found that all the base area amenities have not changed the culture of the mountain much at all. The place still has warts and is funky and nothing works together but it all still works together in its own weird way. Hard to describe. Jay's culture is pretty damned unique. It may be the only major area left in New England that will put signs out giving direction and advice to skinners and all but giving us free reign over the mountain unless they have snowmaking or grooming operations happening. And if so, they just post a sign saying "have fun, just avoid xxx". It is a more liberal skinning policy than MRG which recently had to put restrictions on skinning during operations due to its narrow trails and risk of collisions. I don't see JPSP giving us the same freedom if Vail (or another mega resort company) came in and installed their people and or procedures. Jay also has one of the most lenient rope dropping policies around, right up there with MRG and Magic. Again, I don't see that staying the same with a big name buy out. Beyond that, the people could change as well. People that may never have bothered with Jay might as well make their way up their with a multi mountain pass. Could change the culture, maybe. Some additional snow making and grooming might result. Jay is a rough mountain from an intermediate's perspective and Jay could take out some glades to add in more intermediate runs. Hopefully it wouldn't ever come to that. Thankfully the Orchard was spared that treatment, though they had a plan for it. The six pack got put on hold. I wouldn't mind the Six Pack, though. Many of my best days at Jay were lapping the Jet and hiking to the top of the Bonnie, wind holds at Jay are amazing days. Any ways, long story short, Jay looks like Disneyland on paper but is still a PITA mountain with warts that I find endearing.
  3. I don't think Jay needs to worry... the place is as crowded as ever. How much does adding Peaks areas hurt Jay? Different demographics. I'd be in for Epic or Ikon if either took over Jay. But I hopeful it stays independent. Jay has a great culture and I fear Epic or Ikon ownership would cripple part of what makes the mountain great. Cannon has been keeping pass prices lower lately and they seem to be increasing guest numbers (or at least it has felt that way to me in recent years). I think they'll be okay. I actually went in for NH state pass which is my first time ever having a Cannon pass despite the area being nearly my most skied mountain (just a few days behind Jay). Waterville had issues before the mega pass wars so I think it could definitely hurt them more than most. I think Bretton will be fine, they aren't hurting for numbers. The biggest loser could be Ikon in a zero sum game for those that want multi-mountain passes. For the multi-passes, Jay/Burke isn't really a multi-pass. It is a Jay pass with a Burke add on for those that are interested. That is how I see it any ways. WMSP has never made financial sense, how many of those are actually sold? B&B for Cannon/Bretton has always been a good value for mid-week skiers, that pass is cheap enough for those into that type of combo. Freedom Pass is in an entirely different market, no impact for them at all I don't think. Regarding the Attitash summit lift, can Epic cannibalize lifts at any of their other mountains? Do they have any new lifts that could result in sending an older lift in good condition to Attitash?
  4. It was a nice mid-sized area. Very consistent and rather mellow pitch. A touch steeper and more interesting than Tenney. Trails had some character and there were not crossing trails, just straight down the fall line with a few nice and narrow meandering trails. More interesting than Black ME but less interesting than Black NH or Abram ME. It was a one and done for me but I always considered going back for a sleeper blower powder day during a holiday period. Not steep enough to enjoy a dense/heavy dump. tl;dr nothing that made it worth the extra long drive except for staying at the hotel (if that is your thing) and trying someplace out of the way and less traveled by.
  5. I am not sure how any operator could run Burke into the ground. All of the old maintenance issues have been addressed. Two new high speed quads, one brand new hotel/lodge, one recently refurbushed base lodge, upgraded snow making, Poma was updated to a T-bar for longevity of BMA, etc. When Peaks bought Attitash, they inherited a lot of dated infrastructure and they didn't invest. But the infrastructure investment to update Burke has already been made. Burke on the Peaks pass is quite intriguing. My opinion on Burke is the place has been so messed up already, it can't get any worse no matter who buys it. I used to be a Burke lover. Now I don't see it as anything special. I get there once a year usually but I am not pulled to the place like i used to be. I am probably in the minority, but I'd go back in an instant to the place with a FGQ without the new lodge, additional snow making, and before teh widened trails. The place has lost a lot of character and hasn't gained much to offset that loss. Sure, you can take fast laps on the new Quad... but so can everyone else. The old way wasn't sustainable. But the cost of upgrading was loss of character.
  6. I am in for Cannon next season. It was a hard decision between Cannon or Jay. But I need motivation to get more days in next year. I will drive 40 minutes when conditions are below par but I no longer have the motivation to drive 2 hours for less than ideal conditions. This will actually be my first time as a Cannon season pass holder despite having well over 100 days skied at Cannon, more than any other area except Jay. I will supplement the season pass with a Mad Card and some vouchers to Jay and Smuggs through my ski club. I'd love to meet up with the other Cannon regulars next season. I think I've only meet puckit from the regular Cannon crew.
  7. The funny thing is (before Wicked Hard was put on the map), to me that WAS the entrance to WH as the right fork. If the Upper Hard entrance has been there for a while, I was oblivious to that much easier entrance. The primary line (left fork) that puck it calls obvious I know by a different name. Though, obvious is a fairly appropriate name. Funny how the same line can be known by multiple names! The big problem with that line is knowing when it is good to go or not. The final pitch is a rocky mess and it dumps out into a stream as puck it mentioned. It is a committing line with no bail out. You can have a really bad time near the bottom if it isn't good to go yet or is past prime. Overall, a bit more aggressive of a line choice than WH due to more variable lower elevation conditions. A bit steeper as well.
  8. I concur. On my first run, I couldn't believe how deep Paulie's was given they were open yesterday and only reporting a few inches over night. Insane! I haven't had a day like that at Cannon in very, very a long time. I'm totally drained and very sore, not skiing Cannon as much as I used to has made me soft! I was on the look out for a pair of boarders including one dressed in all purple that I see in many of your photos but never saw you guys.
  9. I haven't seen the latest wind forecast yet. But Cannon can do okay with NW winds. Depends on the speed. South is death for Cannon. But they can often run the lifts at Cannon when NoVT gets knocked offline with NW wind. At the least, I would think Zoomer goes. I'm more partial to Cannon for Saturday than any area in NoVT... but I'll be bringing the skins regardless. Snowing like crazy when I came through the notch today. Rain/mix as soon as I got down to the Lincoln area. Smuggs got skunked but I am sure it will pick up overnight. Left around noontime when the snow tapered off, it got foggy, and lower mountain was sticky mank city. Roads in VT about as bad as I have ever seen them for a non-major storm (at least this early into it) from Hardwick to Danville Rt 15/2 and I-91/93. Never been so happy to cross the state boarder back into NH where DOT knows how to get it done.
  10. Smuggs almost certainly Friday. Saturday depends on wind. Jay, Smuggs, MRG, and Cannon are all options. I'll see what the wind forecast looks like tomorrow before making that call.
  11. Love seeing the Jay hate on snow reporting... another person that won't be riding the lift there during the next big one. 🤣 Smuggs or Jay for me Friday based on how things are looking. If it is Jay, I'll be sure to let you know how much Jay under reports, which happens far more than over reporting in my experience.
  12. Fox is normally pretty conservative regarding snow forecasting so I am a bit surprised he would drop that given the uncertainty most weather folks seem to have with this storm.
  13. Same here. Love the last five or so seconds.
  14. The use of a picture that is not from Tenney (or anywhere else in the northeastern USA for that matter) for a Tenney season pass is really suspect, IMO. Kinda says to me that they aren't proud enough of their offering to show it in their sales pitch.
  15. The skier had to have been skiing quite fast to carry moment over the embankment after crashing. Then again, details are still quite limited, so who knows. Are they still roping the bottom of Profile? I recall they had setup "slow down" roping near the lift in past years but I don't think it was too extensive. They might need to create an "experts only entrance" type roping setup to make people slow down sooner (i.e. funnel to a narrow exit point well before the flat area near the lift).

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