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  1. Sorry, no pics. Not quite worth the effort. Better than working, I guess? And I got in a great hike and got to experience one more shot of winter, that was nice. Only two inches or so of dense snow this morning, maybe another inch before I left (it was just starting to come down at a faster rate). Just enough to cover up the junk but not enough to float or turn over it. Slow, controlled turns from top to bottom. Glad I was there this past Saturday and knew where the man made and rocks were. Best turns were on Banshee slope of all places, I was hopeful the summit would get at least half a
  2. Cannon on Friday, first powder day since the first week of February. Good grief. Depending on what happens near the summit, it may be my best or second best powder day of the season (only one day of a foot or more all season). Woo!?
  3. I have skied K a few times in May so Cannon this past Saturday did not feel too hot, especially on the Cannonball. Before it warmed up afternoon, it was actually chilly on the Cannonball when the sun went behind the clouds (I was wearing a short sleeve T). Zoomer was pretty hot. Not sure how hot it got on those K days, but I am sure I've skied in the 70s most of those days and maybe low 80s once or twice.
  4. Yea, that is good consideration. Dad might be out two new pairs of skis if conditions are really thin, lol.
  5. Kinsman is a step up if coverage is thin (which is most of the time). The trees are more open than the upper mountain soft wood glades. But Kinsman is much rockier, steeper, and has lots of exposed junk (especially if it has had a lot of traffic). Conditions ultimately determine how well it skis, but there is no where to bail if you hit it on a bad day. If they have skied every other glade at Cannon, they will be fine.
  6. Cannon was all but 100% open on Tuesday and was skiing great. Losing the natural snow trails was not due to lack of snow but rather mixed precip locking up when the temps plummeted. BW can be 100% open because most of the resort is groomed and their natural snow trails are flat as a pancake, so they don't suffer as much as Cannon in bad conditions. Same thing happens every year. BW can always open to 100% faster than Cannon and keep most of their trails open when conditions go south. It has more to do with topography than weather... though they do get a little more snow on annual average
  7. It isn't just Cannon. Southern areas have done better than average it seems. Northern areas, not as well as average. Mansfield stake has only been above average for a single day all season, and that was before the resort opened. In January, the stake was more than 2' below average (for that day). I was actually impressed with Cannon having everything open except Tramline and Kinsman given how shafted we got during late December and the of any major 1-2' dumps. 101” season to date out of a 170" average and entering late February is a bit below pace. I imagine they are including the pre-ope
  8. Skied Cannon today, pretty decent. Nasty start, mixed precip and super windy in the morning. It was never pure rain. Really slow for a holiday period with snow in the forecast. Zoomer only until 10:30ish when Peabody came online. I haven't been to Cannon recently, so I cannot compare conditions prior to today. It looked like a net gain overall. I think Cannon reported 4 inches or so... but by the time the mixed precip compacted everything, 1-2" net is a good estimate. There was a strangely fun peel away layer when making first turns over groomed. Bombing Zoomer with high speed arcs (
  9. Thankfully, they haven't put all of the trees on the map. Cannon's glades are a bit of a step up compared to most mountain's on map glades, since they were mostly 'local cuts' and often aggressively cut for maximum challenge rather than general public enjoyment. Cannon has taken some of the rough edges off of some of the glades. But not all. The upper entrance to Lost Boys, from my recollection (only skied it twice) has a low ceiling (during high snow pack, at least) and a few tight/narrow slots. Could be a bit much for 'Joe Average Skier' looking at the map and wanting to 'see what thos
  10. Josh Fox is a weird forecaster. He swings from being extremely pessimistic to dropping bombs about "if it just tracks a few miles differently, then..." I follow Josh fox and read all of his posts, but I always take them with a grain of salt unless snowfall is imminent. Braatencast on FB just posted being amused at suggestions of potential big numbers. It sounds like he saw the same potential and discounted it immediately.
  11. I agree with Cannonballer that the man made snow clouds are weird and different. It can engulf areas in a fog, even if that part of the mountain does not have snowmaking. I was waiting for more information about the rescue before commenting. But I'll bite. I am having a hard time buying that this was related to snowmaking. Cannon's upper mountain soft woods are THICK. You cannot go off the trail without intending to do so, especially off the backside. The only thing I could think of for unintentionally getting lost is if someone headed off trail into south bowl thinking they were skiing b
  12. That pic is the first time I have seen any work on any ramp at Cannon. Cannon skiers just take it for granted that the Cannonball unload ramp is going to be a sheet of ice. Nice pics and report, thank you both. We have had fewer open trails going into New Year's before. But that does not really inspire me to get out there.
  13. I will set a personal best for number of earned turn days. VT will eventually shut down and NH lifts take up the slack and will become unbearable. I will be taking a refund on my Jay pass as I do not expect VT to reverse restrictions until major vaccine rollout. Mid-sized areas will do better than expected due to increased pass sales and bigger areas selling out, creating redirect traffic to areas that are not normally visited by many. Bitching. Lots and lots of bitching.
  14. Well over a foot at Cannon's front five, maybe a foot and a half. Hard to tell, exactly. Very dense, fabulous skiing. They didn't brush Avi or PF very well during the off season. They look really bad from down low, and you need to pick your line carefully as some of the brush is almost as tall as I am. But turns were as good as they get for that dense snow, no bottom... just undulations and water bars. I hit Avi, Paulie's, Zoomer, Zommer Lift, and Banshee Lift. Skin stickiness was gone after all of those transitions. I got tired of flailing when the skin clips came off, so I called it aft
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