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  1. Cannon still has Vista listed as closed despite opening all of Mittersill and a few glades on the main mountain. I took that to be meaningful and avoided the duck into Vista today, glad to hear that I made the right call! Not bad today but not great either. I got a little spoiled on Saturday. But I was expecting natural snow trails to have softer snow today. I wasn't expecting untracked but I also wasn't expecting hard pack scraped, either. Still some softer snow in some of the trees but usually the softer snow tress also had the thinnest coverage. It will make a great base for sure. Next storm at Cannon should be A+... they really need a 1+ foot storm bad. Regarding the snowmaking, if you believe their snow report: "The more snow we make, the longer we get to ski into the spring." What complete trash. Cannon almost never shuts down for lack of snow. They are trying to get things solid for vacation week, plain and simple. Shutting down all of Lower Hard didn't make much sense to me, it was skiing fine on Friday. I don't think Profile needed more snow. A little resurfacing in the Rock Garden junction area isn't a bad idea. But Cannon only blows big for base, they don't know how to blow small for resurfacing and maintenance, which is what they really need. I would like to know what is up with Upper Cannon still being closed. Groomers today were all frozen hard pack with many scrapped sections, it was astounding how bad they were considering the storm. Glad I went but it definitely didn't feel like a day after a powder day. Though I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of glade options on the table.
  2. Good play, way to avoid the crowds and still get the goods. Nice getting first day on Bailey for the season, that is where the mountain shines. Midd is great. I just wish Bailey had a little more pitch. Dartmouth is great too but won't have as much snow as Midd, amazingly Dartmouth is reporting 100% open. Hope you have a good day tomorrow!
  3. Did they ever get anything else open? I was surprised to see that they reported 7" new but still no glades open. I would have thought at least Banshee would have been good to go with 7" new but the wind probably hit them pretty hard. Jay was "interesting" today. Freezer and the Tram were both on wind hold so there were pretty long lines for Jet and Bonnie. I don't think I've ever seen Stateside get sacked so quickly. Having all of the powder hounds hunting the same side of the mountain was definitely apparent. Brutally cold, it was 4*F when I left and the wind was honking, double digit negative "real feel" for sure. I had to go in a few times just to warm up (no space in the lodge at all). Normally, I can keep my internal temp firing from exertion, but I was always cold before I got on a chair due to the lines and wind. Jay reported 16" new during the past 24 hours and that felt just about right. Everything open, off map woods plenty of base but not stupid deep base like it normally is by February. Between the cold and the lines and the crowds and how quickly the untracked went even off map, it was difficult for me to appreciate just how good things probably were. That's just what happens when everyone is powder starved and Jay gets the biggest dump of the season which was predicted many days out. Plenty of excellent packed powder remaining and still a few turns of untracked here and there off map if you know where to go. Though I'm for Cannon tomorrow to keep it close to home, especially if upper mountain lifts never turned today.
  4. Not much to report from cannon. Skied from 130pm to 315pm. Seemed like it just changed over to snow just as I got there. Not much accumulation, heavy snow just starting when I left. Natural snow still not good, definitely got a little wet. Stayed on the groomers which skied very well. It will be a net gain and improvement but I don't think Saturday will be epic at cannon! I will be heading to Jay.
  5. Same down here in Ashland, though we just started getting sleet at 11am. This morning, yesterday's snow was completely crusted over. Not a great storm for Lakes region areas and points south. I'm thinking about heading up to Cannon to ski between 2pm-4pm after it changes over. Looks like they only have Zoomer and Mittersill going for the major lifts.
  6. I was at Cannon today. I think they reported 3" which was accurate. Though the wind was blowing hard, so surface conditions varied quite a bit throughout the mountain. Last night's snow did nothing for natural snow terrain. Simply not enough fresh snow to cover up the lunar landscape below. There was no rope for Zoomer Liftline but after over an hour of being open, no one had made a single track. That tells you something. Venturing off the groomed area on trails yielded unpleasant turns at best. I tried Upper Hard for my first run which, despite being mostly low pitch until the turn, wasn't worth a repeat. I made due with ripping high speed arcs on a few inches fresh over groomed... I always enjoy high speed arcs on powder over groomed. But after a few hours, I was all set. It didn't help that the wind had really picked up on the upper mountain and freezing fog had set in making for constant scraping of the goggles. Once groomed overnight, this will help but if any moisture is added due to new precip, the minimal gains will be offset but groomed to frozen wet snow. Even if NCP is minimal, it isn't enough to completely groom out all of the frozen hardpack. That said, more on the way, so hopefully tomorrow is a bit more inspiring.
  7. Braatencast was just updated on Facebook. That forecast is NoVT specific but it suggests only minimal warm weather impact after the first wave of snow. Would like to get some guidance on the Whites.
  8. NOAA forecast maps aren't showing this to be a big one (yet). Only 4-6" range for the mountains on Thursday right now. I need to decide tomorrow if I will put in for the vacation day or not. The way this season has been, I probably should even if it is only going to be a half footer!
  9. That last pic is classic Cannon hardpack, lol. Thanks for the report.
  10. Thanks for the report! Spending more time in the pub than on the slopes says it all. I love the setup at Cannon, warts and all (maybe I love it especially for the warts?). I could do without the Links as they are... I still think the high speed lift should have followed the previous lift line and dumped out next to the Cannonball. But otherwise, it is a mountain setup that makes you work for it and I love that aspect. It just doesn't work well when all terrain is not available. With Upper/Middle Hard and all glades closed, the mountain is a bit of a PITA.
  11. Currently 35* and a nasty rain at my place in between the lakes and the whites. Here is the report from Cannon: "The forecast is calling for a weather event to hit us tonight with some snow and some rain. Wind could also be a factor in the early morning tomorrow..." That is definitely a stay-away type reporting from Cannon. If you guys hit it up, I'm interested in a damage report but not interested enough to drive up to inspect in person.
  12. That is interesting about the gondi not being solid at Riverwalk. To show you how good the press on that was, I thought it was a done deal and it just hadn't been installed yet. I had no idea that it was still up in the air. That is a total bait and switch. I was wondering if this would actually increase capacity. The article linked to above says that it will increase capacity by 25%, wow!! I assumed the increase in seats would be offset by distance between the carriers. But they must plan to run the line faster to achieve a 25% increase, right? Can the trails serviced by that lift handle 25% more skiers at full capacity?
  13. I love Whaleback when they have enough snow to open everything up, SUPER fun place when its steeper trails and trees are open. But I wouldn't call the place gnarly at all. I'd put Jawbone, Blow Hole, and Kraken up there with some of the best runs any where. But... they just don't get much natural snow fall in the Upper Valley. Maybe a leader in "gnarliest" sub-category within the lower snowfall category. I guess it depends which aspect is the primary category (most gnar or least snow) and which is the dependent subset. I can't think of any areas besides Magic that have a combination of both top notch gnar AND poor natural snowfall. Too bad it wasn't higher elevation or located further north along the spine. That said, it seems when Magic gets hit, it gets hit HARD... I've had a few amazing 2' days there. Black NH is a lot of fun but not really gnarly, quite a few nice, but very short, lines and a couple of good drops. I always say I gotta get back there but I just never quite seem to get there. Berkshire East, I dunno... I've never skied their trees but the rest of the mountain definitely doesn't scream 'gnar' to me. As others have suggested, MRG does well with natural snow, their downfall is no man made snow when natural is poor. But they can open a lot of their mountain with minimal snow due to excellent maintenance.
  14. Looking forward to your report tomorrow. Cannon has perhaps the worst snow reporting in the business right now. Which is sad because they had some of the best and most accurate online reporting in the early 2000s. They took a page out of Jay Peak's marketing plan by substituting "The Cannon Effect" for "The Jay Cloud" (which is just silly, Cannon is one of the least orthographically weather enhanced areas around). They should also take a page out of Jay's honest snow reporting. Steve Wright personally penned a suggestion that people avoid the mountain this past weekend. That earns respect and loyalty. With Cannon, if the report isn't raving about the conditions and just sounds like an "average" report, you know to raise a weary eyebrow and stay far, far away. Interesting that things were that bad at Cannon on Sunday and so different than further south. Then again, southern winds destroy the place. Trail report looks pretty good today. Of course, it is probably a sheet of ice and death cookies.
  15. I don't usually find MLK to be that busy, it is busier than a normal weekend but not as busy as a vacation week. Jay Peak doesn't even black it out for deals and vouchers. The folks that skied Christmas vacation week usually don't come back until February vacation. Worst case, just make first chair because most families aren't there that early and ski late Monday when people leave early. That said, I have to work Monday and Sunday so guaranteed good weekend for you guys.

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