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  1. Given the boarder situation, I'm pretty happy with my Jay pass purchase instead of Cannon this year. A 50% reduction in visitors will be great both for limiting COVID-19 exposure risk as well as snow preservation. However, I anticipate lines will be just as long as usual since single riders will not be used to fill chairs. As someone that normally goes solo, it is likely I will be waiting in longer lines this year despite the decrease in visitors. I cannot imagine what lines at Smuggs will be like... and I am not going to find out, either. Not sure what more Jay could do, to be hones
  2. On the bright side, this would be a much different situation if this happened five months earlier. This could have destroyed an entire ski season. The amusement park business (seasonal parks were supposed to just be opening now) is getting hit hard and will have much bigger long term impacts. Smaller areas might fare best and might even be able to make this a positive. Most smaller areas would have shut down by now anyways, so no lost revenue. And if people cannot afford the bigger resorts due to economic issues, perhaps they will turn to a value option closer to home? Smaller areas are
  3. I haven't seen any disagreement by epidemiologists and health professionals on this issue. This is more contagious than the flu and no one has immunity. The flu is not capable of maxing out our entire health care system, as we've seen COVID-19 do in other countries that did not contain early enough. The reactions are necessary and the overwhelming majority of experts are in extreme agreement on that. We haven't even begun to see the death count on this because it is just getting started so precautions to prevent more deaths and cases that require extensive medical treatment is entirely warrant
  4. It certainly is out of control. And it certainly could have been handled better. But I don't think there is enough hysteria yet given that there is still so much denial. We need to stop thinking of ourselves as potential victims (it is my choice!) and start thinking of ourselves as already infected and potential spreaders (it is our responsibility). There are two possibilities: this is an hysterical over correction or we are not doing enough. If it is the former, this whole thing blows over by the summer and we all get back to business and laugh about it. If it is the latter, society is g
  5. lol I was surprised to see that Cannon is still running the Tram (per today's snow report). Could be an incredible spring for turn earning if areas start shutting down early. Get some exercise, enjoy some skiing, and do it by myself without needing to social distance!
  6. Birches and Candyland at Cannon have definitely be ruined with traffic from the lift. Used to be able to get untracked snow in those areas for days after a storm before the lift. I guess they are not ruined in that they were not bulldozed for trails. Is snowmakers glade really that underrated? I think it is the only on map run at Cannon that I have not skied... well, plus Goat Path. Links are never fun ever, Joey's or not, lol. LOL Twilight Zone at Magic. Last time I skied that trail, I was shocked at how few trees remain, there used to be more. Now it is only one or two before the Goniff
  7. Not sure if you are interested in the Mansfield Stake? <iframe src="https://waw.w3.uvm.edu/empactdata/gendateplot.php?table=SummitStation&amp;title=Mount+Mansfield+Summit+Station&amp;xskip=7&amp;xparam=Date&amp;yparam=Depth&amp;year%5B%5D=2019&amp;width=800&amp;height=600&amp;smooth=0" width="840" height="700"></iframe> Only problem with this is you need to change the URL every year via a variable in the URL. There are a few other variables they may need to be adjusted based on the web site. It doesn't look very good on mobile either, as I re
  8. Subscription model is blowing up everywhere. Theme parks have been on this model for a while now. Except with theme parks, it is usually a good deal. $103 a month is $1236 a year. Unless you utilize Loon 4 seasons, that is pretty darn expensive. The big benefit for the ski area is budgeting and knowing exactly how much revenue they will get per month regardless of the weather and likelihood people will stay subscribed (with or without knowing it) after their initial commitment time. Plus even revenue year round, even in the slow seasons. I'm surprised the ski industry hasn't jumped on subscrip
  9. Great video! He caught quite a day up there, calm blue bird is very rare on Washington. I am sure he was coordinating with the local skiers on the best time to fly out to check this one off his list (thus, the video opening with the last minute flight). His thoughts at the end of the video are spot on. Sense of place is far more important to me than deciding where to live based on the best snow for skiing.
  10. Ha! No worries, makes me feel good about my curation skills!
  11. Braatancast on Facebook is excellent (NoVT focus though sometimes mentions other areas when applicable). Tim Kelly has the Ski the East forecast on YouTube and also does Jay Peak weather write ups 2x per week. Josh Fox forecasts for MRG on the Single Chair Blog. Not really that fond of his writing style, and his forecasts are a bit bipolar. Still good for a detailed forecast for the MRV. NOAA forecast maps are great. I have a page on my site with all of the relevant NOAA maps, a radar loop, and the Mansfield Snow Sake, nice to have them all in the same place. MV Avalanc
  12. Regarding Tramline and Kinsman... Cannon is desperate to say that they are 100% open. Their trail reports this past month absolutely reek of desperation ("everything open except the creek!" "99% open!" "patrol had to close tramline but we are otherwise fully open!" etc.). There have been a few times when they have prematurely reported Tramline or the Creek being open and had to walk it back with "pending trail inspection" or "patrol had to close it" etc. Of all the bad decisions Cannon made putting off map cuts onto the map, the creek was the worst mistake of them all. A glade that ends i
  13. I think Jay had a storm total reported this morning of 14" and it snowed until 1pm so definitely more than that. It felt like a lot more than 14" up there!!! Very few people there, not much wind but it was a tough wind direction for Jay as it kept the tram offline all day and the Freezer offline until after 1pm. By then, Tramside was already pretty tracked out. Having the Bonnie/Freezer/Tram on wind hold yesterday was great for today. Still lots of great loose powder and occasional untracked turns when I left! But it isn't going to last very long on Saturday. I think the rain (even in the
  14. I wasn't planning on taking tomorrow off. But since Cannon was holding all lifts today, I may give Cannon a go on Friday and see how they do. I may also audible to Jay (Bonnie/Freezer/Tram held today) if Cannon doesn't get more snow overnight and/or the northern greens kick into gear. Sat/Sun Cannon is likely.
  15. So sad to see this. Often times people reminisce about "the good ole' days" but they wouldn't dare sacrifice the creature comforts and advances that have been made since those times. Some of my favorite lifetime runs were made when you used to have to cycle three lifts and a hike just to get a single run over there. Sometimes I'd ski past the cutback and hike back to TB Quad on the road just to get the untracked on the lower mountain below the traverse. I'd be exhausted after 5 laps and you could get untracked in Candyland for days, let alone even lesser known shots. Snow stayed fresher way lo
  16. Lots of memorable runs this past week! I definitely enjoyed first/second tracks on Vista with @Cannonballer last Wednesday. First tracks down Upper Birches at like 11am was hard to believe. But my pick would probably be ending that day with a sublime run down the 13 trees area that afternoon. Saturday at Cannon, I had a run that was memorable for all the wrong reasons... sounds a lot like whatever you guys went through. Lower mountain gullies are not quite ready to go yet... but it was fun, if a bit thin, until the bottom! Sunday took the cake, though. Skinned up to Jacob's Ladder wi
  17. Probably Cannon on Sat for me... push the extreme boundaries and see what is left and at least enjoy the terrain if it has already been thoroughly combed over.
  18. Nice sharing some turns, Cannonballer! Hard to believe this was a vacation week powder day (on a NH Res day, no less!). Less croweded than an average non-holiday non-powder day weekend. Ski on lifts all day, no tram wait. Nice and surfy turns. Just enough wind buff to make eight inches feel bottomless, but still buttery soft and smooth. Most fun I've had on skis this season. Groomers looked to be variable scraped wind blown or drifted with tremendous variance even on the same trail. I imagine the average intermediate level vacationing family was less than impressed with the storm.
  19. Cannon still has Vista listed as closed despite opening all of Mittersill and a few glades on the main mountain. I took that to be meaningful and avoided the duck into Vista today, glad to hear that I made the right call! Not bad today but not great either. I got a little spoiled on Saturday. But I was expecting natural snow trails to have softer snow today. I wasn't expecting untracked but I also wasn't expecting hard pack scraped, either. Still some softer snow in some of the trees but usually the softer snow tress also had the thinnest coverage. It will make a great base for sure. Next
  20. Good play, way to avoid the crowds and still get the goods. Nice getting first day on Bailey for the season, that is where the mountain shines. Midd is great. I just wish Bailey had a little more pitch. Dartmouth is great too but won't have as much snow as Midd, amazingly Dartmouth is reporting 100% open. Hope you have a good day tomorrow!
  21. Did they ever get anything else open? I was surprised to see that they reported 7" new but still no glades open. I would have thought at least Banshee would have been good to go with 7" new but the wind probably hit them pretty hard. Jay was "interesting" today. Freezer and the Tram were both on wind hold so there were pretty long lines for Jet and Bonnie. I don't think I've ever seen Stateside get sacked so quickly. Having all of the powder hounds hunting the same side of the mountain was definitely apparent. Brutally cold, it was 4*F when I left and the wind was honking, double dig
  22. Not much to report from cannon. Skied from 130pm to 315pm. Seemed like it just changed over to snow just as I got there. Not much accumulation, heavy snow just starting when I left. Natural snow still not good, definitely got a little wet. Stayed on the groomers which skied very well. It will be a net gain and improvement but I don't think Saturday will be epic at cannon! I will be heading to Jay.
  23. Same down here in Ashland, though we just started getting sleet at 11am. This morning, yesterday's snow was completely crusted over. Not a great storm for Lakes region areas and points south. I'm thinking about heading up to Cannon to ski between 2pm-4pm after it changes over. Looks like they only have Zoomer and Mittersill going for the major lifts.
  24. I was at Cannon today. I think they reported 3" which was accurate. Though the wind was blowing hard, so surface conditions varied quite a bit throughout the mountain. Last night's snow did nothing for natural snow terrain. Simply not enough fresh snow to cover up the lunar landscape below. There was no rope for Zoomer Liftline but after over an hour of being open, no one had made a single track. That tells you something. Venturing off the groomed area on trails yielded unpleasant turns at best. I tried Upper Hard for my first run which, despite being mostly low pitch until the turn, wasn
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