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  1. thinking further about this for chairlift riding I/m t'm thinking I'm out till a vaccine is developed...
  2. -Derry Girls Lol funny -Curb this season hilarious -The Expanse is fabulous
  3. Ski'd Wa Wed and Friday this week. Mid season conditions. Should be fully recovered from any non frozen precip early this week by Thursday. Hope y'all bought a pass cause it's full boat now....yikes.
  4. Group rate end date is 11/13 There is a group here on the forums. I'll let the captain reach out to you he has posted regularly in this thread. I went bronze as I'm in S RI and twice a week is best I can likely do. I avoid Wa on weekends anyway. New skis are Volkl Deacon Pro 74 w race plates, should be solid choice for the Wa groomers. Might be a step down from my pair of Racetiger WC skis but that's OK. Hoping the snow flies soon.
  5. Time to give this thread the ol bumperoo! I got my Wa pass and I got new skis. Stoked for lotta 2019/2020 Wa! Anybody else in? How bout we try and update this thread better this year?
  6. I planned to do a couple of these but finally realized that it was never going to happen. 17 pair of old high end/racing skis ( mostly Olin and rossignol) went in the driveway dumpster a couple years ago! well done, beaut!
  7. Sadly this thread got no traction in 18/19. I kinda forgot about it too. We’ll try better next year. Slim pickings for me anyway this season 14 days. Almost all good days tho many turns with the usual Wa friendly crew. Time for golf and tennis and paddling around local RI surf spots soon. Y’all have a great off season!
  8. Was going to head up tomorrow (90mile drive for me) and just heard Worcester Public schools got called...... See you Thursday instead
  9. waiting on our first Tenney trip report......
  10. I highly doubt Wa will stiff their loyal holders of bronze pass by not being open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Would be extremely bad form. Every expectation I'll be heading up on a chair Monday around 0900
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