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  1. Was going to head up tomorrow (90mile drive for me) and just heard Worcester Public schools got called......😏 See you Thursday instead
  2. waiting on our first Tenney trip report......
  3. I highly doubt Wa will stiff their loyal holders of bronze pass by not being open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Would be extremely bad form. Every expectation I'll be heading up on a chair Monday around 0900
  4. quite disappointed I missed out on this.... asleep at the wheel as usual for me. fully expect I'll be clicking in on next Monday, they were cranking last night, see the Wachusett web ca m for results. go wa go get it done.....monsoon tomorrow then should go nonstop snowmaking from midnight Tuesday until mid morning Thursday!
  5. Hope to catch up with you on the hill @MadRussian !!! Long range forecast looking better tho another monsoon for Tuesday.... still hoping they beat the announced opening day tho sadly November 12, 2017 opening will not be duplicated.
  6. Well I got my season pass! Just waiting for some snowmaking temps in central Mass to get the party started! Who's got 2018/2019 skiing in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts planned? Get this party started!
  7. PSA Season pass at Wa goes up $100 after tomorrow. I called, the website was a bit sluggish. Gave old pass number located on bottom and refreshed for 18/19 Just a FYI, maybe saving you 100 bucks....
  8. Yawgoo Valley is 245 (315 top base 70) Nelsap Pinetop I believe was 350 and a far superior hill but Yawgoo survives due to proximity to URI and easy access off RI Route 2.
  9. B East/ Catamount, Black Mtn, King Pine, Butternut, Yawgoo Valley are a few more that quickly come to mind. If you’ve got skiing kids King Pine is fabulous.....and show some linked shortswing turns down Pitch Pine and you’ve got my attention. This thread last few posts reinforces my “I ain’t payin’ Vail a nickel “ attitude.
  10. I will continue to support our independent NE ski hills......for as long as they exist. Y’all can do what you want. Suggest you consider doing the same.
  11. Yep, long blue square groomers. Pair of GS Racetigers Lotsa laps, high speed quad. Doable. Gotta really put the hammer down on fast, bluebird days. Go get it @Weatherman !! ?⛷?
  12. 21 goal was 30 life got in the way, but nearly all were pretty epic! Pretty pleased to still be skiing Ok as an old dawg!
  13. Patiently browsing and bookmarking eBay can often snag a unused or NOS factory liner for ski boots if a normal size and common model. The zipfit buyer will usually try and recoup some cost by flipping a unused or barely used factory liner. I’ve scored using this strategy multiple times. Good luck!

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