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  1. Are you allowed to skin up Deer Valley after they close?
  2. Who can blame you? Probably the right choice. If people vote against Peaks with their wallets, maybe they will have to re-prioritize Attiash.
  3. @Jully That's good to hear! Is there still powder on the trails because the power outage limited the amount of skiing that happened, or is everything tracked out at this point?
  4. Was anybody skiing at Cannon today? I am curious how conditions are. Also, looking at the mountain report it looks like they lost power and some of the lifts were briefly offline?
  5. Not quite that bad, but close. Current tram schedule is Friday through Monday. Friday through Monday seems fine with me. It's an expensive lift to run I bet, and Cannon just isn't that crowded midweek. In high winds the Tram will be usually be down before Cannonball, so it's not like not having the Tram prevents someone from getting to the top.
  6. Honestly, they probably knew that most lifts wouldn't run on Saturday, but didn't want to dissuade people from coming. Especially for Jay, a lot of people are doing weekend trips, not day trips, so they don't want people to not come at all when they could enjoy the water park on Sat and ski on Sun. I wish they would be more forthcoming about conditions. All they need to say is something like: "High winds are forecast for tomorrow. We will do our best to get the lower mountain lifts spinning, but there is the real possibility that they won't run in the morning." Honesty wins out in th
  7. I am shocked to see how much base they lost, but glad you had fun. It looks like this week will be a good refresh for them.
  8. Is @Weatherman still on vacation? Where is he when we need him ! Hopefully we will have a better picture of what the storm looks like tomorrow.
  9. Good point. I sometimes forget about the summer traffic that the tram gets. Absolutely true. Hopefully we can make this one last a lot longer. I am a huge fan of the tram. I will mention though that every lift has an operational lifespan. Though very much not apples-to-apples, many of the early high speed quads built in the mid-to-late 1980s are being replaced.
  10. That sounds cool. Could we get the brewhouse without the lift ? Other than a few select days, Cannon doesn't really need any more uphill capacity for the amount of terrain available. If the problem is people parking at the tram when it isn't running, what about a rope tow to the bottom of Zoomer? It would require a bit of earth moving, but it would require a fraction of the resources of a new lift. My bigger worry is that Cannon can't afford to replace the tram when it needs to be taken offline. There were roughly 40 years in between Tram 1.0 and Tram 2.0. We're getting close to the 40
  11. I like the idea of investment in making Cannon a better place to ski. That said, I'm skeptical of this lift. I love doing tram laps. The two best parts about tram laps are the runs off of the top, so Vista Way, Tram Way, and Upper Cannon, and the bottom runs in the Zoomer pod, so Avalanche, Polly's, Banshee. Bypass and Extension, which I take all of the time to connect the two, are some of my least favorite trails at Cannon because of how scraped off they already get. It looks like this chairlift basically let's you lap Bypass/Extension and Zoomer, but doesn't get you the great trails up
  12. Great topic. I would love to ski Ascutney and Saddleback (which probably isn't part of NELSAP yet but may be soon) some day.
  13. Does anybody know how much rain Cannon got last night and this morning? I'm hoping not too much. Snow-Forecast says they will get another 0.4" of rain on Thursday night, and that's it. The 0.4" is similar to most resorts in NH/ME/North VT, though South VT is supposed to get close to 1.0" of rain.
  14. Wow that looks fun. What a day! How was Gunsight? I have never skied it but talked to someone who had earlier in the season and it sounds fun. My only worry is being able to find it OK (I think I know how, just not 100% sure) and whether the trees get really tight near the bottom.
  15. That's awesome, I didn't realize that this feature was on. Love it. Thank you Cannonballer
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