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    Fantastic news. I am glad that Loon is opening early. This season is shaping up great so far. I wonder which trails will be open?
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    Cannon Lover's Thread

    @Jully@BumpOut As much as I wish it were not true, I believe it is correct that Jay Peak gets a lot more snow than Cannon, something on the order of 160" more on average. My favorite site for snow statistics, bestsnow.net, confirms this, with Jay Peak getting 323" on average and Cannon getting 160" on average. The marking folks at Jay probably exaggerate things a little bit when posting pictures after a storm, but they really do get a lot more snow, which almost seems strange considering how close Cannon is to the tallest mountains in New England. Tony from bestsnow.net gives a good explanation about why Jay Peak is in essentially the best geographic spot in the Northeast in terms of snowfall here. That said, Cannon is a cold mountain with a lot of north facing terrain. It probably retains snow better than many resorts in New England.

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