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  1. It sure feels that way, though it sucks. Theres so much information to be found, and thus, lost on forums. Even my car forums have bookface pages. Which really sucks because you can't search for anything easily and have to weed through so much garbage to get to a potential answer.
  2. It was pretty humid and gross this morning!
  3. Clearly this guy has balls of steel.
  4. Any of y'all headed up there? Bryan and I will be around. I'll likely be wearing my adventure hat and sipping from the Mug Club mug.
  5. That is A LOT of mud! Looks like a blast.
  6. ^ Thanks for the thoughts. I thought maybe being that far north that the vert would be more dramatic or the terrain more interesting. Cool to have a first hand account!
  7. Was that area any good/whats it compare to?
  8. Maybe they'll be able to wrap up some of that insurance pay out to the Attitash Triple.
  9. Took some time to head up Monadnock this past weekend. Never been, but thats one heck of a tough hike! Looking forwards to more of them in the future. It was a very strong, incredibly summit!! Saw a cool tree, too. Also sherpa'd up obligatory beers.
  10. Lift serve ends this weekend at Bush and Jay.
  11. When is he going to start taking orders?
  12. With as technical and advanced as the new gear has become, I've been holding off washing high dollar pieces like my main ski coat due to the warnings on the tag about "only wash this way with detergent made from unicorn jizz acquired in a quest given to you by a gnome" and "dry only for 36 minutes using a cats asshole," etc. I've been wary of washing my coat do I don't ruin its effectiveness. But it stinks of sweat and my pants have some dirt and beer stains, and both need some attention... With what detergents and how do you guys wash your good, waterproof outterwear (waterproof pants/coats/shells/mid layers) with? Do you bother with the fancy detergents? One of my tags even says "front load washer only." I have a top loader, but its newer and doesn't have the giant agitator in it like the washers of yesteryear. Is that alright to use?
  13. STOP. FUCKING. RAINING. I really wanted one more day of skiing this weekend but its not looking very probable.
  14. ^ Thanks for sharing! Thats a really interesting reflection on a lot of points. Hope your next season is even better with some summer conditioning.

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