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  1. The first freeze of the season at Mt Washington
  2. At this point, I just want to be able to ski.
  3. Thank you! Thats about what we saw. We used the tram lot and hiked up Kinsman from there. Then down to Lonsome Lake, into the the campground, and back along the Pemi. Was a LOOOOONG day.
  4. Very similar to my experiences with him. Two friends and I were part of the first group of people who got the 4-20's pass when it was released and we went A LOT. He would always address us by name whether on the trail, riding the lift, or in the bar having a beer. He genuinely seemed like he wanted to hear from us about anything and everything- skiing or otherwise. He was pretty straight up and not a bullshitter.
  5. Hi everyone- Does anyone know if reservations are required to go to Cannon and hike since the lake and campground are nearby?
  6. Can't we celebrate that the origin of these logos and names weren't to offend, but to admire? Hence why they're in there in sports. BLOOD! GUTS! WE AIN'T NO BITCH ASS TEAM NAMED AFTER A BIRD! WE'RE GODDAMNED GERINOMO!
  7. We got out to hike some more this season and made our own way down Sunapee. Came across this badass lift graveyard and wanted to share the photos. I'm really happy with how they came out. The old drive. Motor and bull wheel are still there and well preserved. The other isn't far away. T Chairs and towers on a flat bed The giant spools of steel cable. Tower tops Looking up the race hill. Original photos in color
  8. https://interestingengineering.com/snow-mass-estimates-and-the-future-of-ski-resorts Thats sad news- if it holds water.
  9. https://unofficialnetworks.com/2019/02/27/ski-pole-trick/ While trying to get my fix, I saw this awesome video.
  10. I do that occasionally when running. It ends exactly the same way- "why the hell am I here?"
  11. Missed everything but early season thanks to busting my humerus. I'll miss some of the ski club parties and our C Lot tailgate. Though- if you really think about it nothing is really stopping us from having the tailgate. We just won't be skiing! I could be convinced to snow shoe up with some beers.
  12. The Expanse is a phenomenal show. Amazon did it right after it was kicked off the air. Altered Carbon is another favorite of mine.
  13. Those look like they're really easy to eat shit with.
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