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  1. That is pretty badass. Thanks for sharing!
  2. frapcap

    Roll Call December 7-9

    BW on Sat. Probably Cat on Sunday
  3. frapcap

    Ryan's Beer Thread

    The Biergarten at the Merrimack Budweiser location has Bourbon County Brand Stout right now. 15%+ abv of awesomeness.
  4. frapcap

    Mug Clubs

    I have decent taste in beer, but get kinda bored of the Wildcat tap list. I wish they'd replace the Tucks Pale Ale with something more exciting. Though, I'm happy to share some of the good stuff with you anytime!
  5. frapcap

    Mug Clubs

    I keep a mug at Wildcat that gets moderate use. Admittedly, not as much last year as I'd hoped since injuring myself in the month of February. This year though- I'm going to make an attempt at whittling down the cost. I'd give it up, but as mentioned above, once you do the game is over- you're never getting back in without a high buy-in. In all, its a 'Wildcat loyal' social kinda thing. You look at others who have a mug and silently nod knowing you're badasses for sticking with them and making it your home hill. Even if you fill it with Bud Light like I do.
  6. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/americans-ski-down-world-s-4th-highest-mountain-n915286 Looking forwards to that video!
  7. frapcap

    2018 MTB Log

    Gnarly looking terrain. Glad you had a blast.
  8. frapcap

    Bretton Woods

    Nice deal! Thanks for posting it. Going to get myself a couple.
  9. frapcap

    Saco Trip

    Had a fantastic time on the water thanks to the Weatherman & Company. THe morning started with a ton of dense fog headed up on Rt16 to Conway. Despite me suggesting to the driver that he slow down due to staties, we got pulled over anyway. 3 minutes after a very professional stop, we were on our way with a small window to catch the river bus. We put in over by the jam stand where I promptly flipped my rig for the first time that day. Soaking wet, the first of many beers were cracked. After dodging a group of folks fly fishing, we rounded the corner and were greeted by a great view of Cathedral Ledge. We paddled, drank, and babbled about everything and nothing in particular. More views followed. We saw a squirrel swim, which, very few of us knew could happen. Sadly, mother nature did not demonstrate the circle of life and a hawk did not swoop in and pluck it out of the water. I managed to flip my kayak a second time and these outstanding people helped me gather up my yard sale (is there a technical term for that on the river vs the snow?), empty the water, and get back on track. Most folks were picking up trash along the way. This funnel was discovered floating in the water. Upon pulling it out (giggity), we found that it was a beer funnel attached to a highlighter pink dildo. Some bachelorette party must've been really sad to have lost such a treasure. We stopped for lunch on a beach near a very pretty bend in the river where much swimming, boozing, and relaxing was had. After this, the music got turned up and we joined the masses of tubers floating down the river. My memory got hazy, but there was also drunken mini golfing and a fire. Good times!!!
  10. Would anyone here be interested in starting up a league for the season for a few bucks buy in ($25?) ?
  11. frapcap

    Holy Crap

    HOLY CRAP INDEED, Lets go in on that!
  12. Caught this email, seemed like a solid deal. TICKETS STARTING AT: Lift tickets for every day of the 2018-19 winter season are on sale through August 3 at unprecedented rates. Pick your dates, buy your tickets now, and save big. Sale ends Friday, August 3 at midnight.
  13. frapcap

    2018 MTB Log

    Man, I have no idea how those pros do the downhill thing. Its invigorating, scary, dangerous, rewarding, and a hell of an adrenaline rush all in one. Its wicked fun, but overall am not sure that its for me since I don't want a wreck to ruin my ski season. I smashed a couple times. Nothing too major, but comes with the territory of trying new things. I might go to hang out at the bar since the vibe is awesome though.
  14. frapcap

    2018 MTB Log

    Alright! Curiosity got the best of me and I booked a Find Your Ride at Highlands for Sunday. Fingers crossed I leave unscathed. This is also my 69th post.

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