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  1. I do that occasionally when running. It ends exactly the same way- "why the hell am I here?"
  2. Missed everything but early season thanks to busting my humerus. I'll miss some of the ski club parties and our C Lot tailgate. Though- if you really think about it nothing is really stopping us from having the tailgate. We just won't be skiing! I could be convinced to snow shoe up with some beers.
  3. The Expanse is a phenomenal show. Amazon did it right after it was kicked off the air. Altered Carbon is another favorite of mine.
  4. Those look like they're really easy to eat shit with.
  5. Sat- attitash. Sun- hopefully Cat. But it sounds like rain.
  6. Holy shitballs. I've never seen the Wildcat parking lot fill up so quickly! I was there early and got one of the first spots in B lot. The parking team did a phenomenal job of getting folks tidily into the lot and managing the crowd, but MAN was it busy. I bailed at 10:30 after 6/7 runs. A quick peek around Bookface showed a similar story at just about every other mountain. Anyone have any stories to share?
  7. Totally. Was surprised at the consistency this morning. Hopefully my toe is healed enough to ski on Sunday.
  8. I had a chance to try them both out last weekend. I'm a fan of the Shady Rays. They're a smaller goggle than the Asoko and don't have that bug-eye effect. I know its not a problem for everyone, but they didn't sit on my cheeks or mesh up with my helmet well, either. They both work well and have nice magnets, but for fitment, SR's are where I'm at.
  9. Alright. Well, i bought both options. $50 total for the @Weathermans AKASO suggestion and the Shady Rays. Review forthcoming!!

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