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  1. 7/10 Had some solid days at Wildcat. Sunapee skied well both times I was there, crowds be damned. Got a powder day and just about all of the trees in at Crotched during one particular visit. Mac race league was a blast for 7 or 8 Tuesdays. Cannon was oddly very good on the coldest day of the season. Kid got into the trees and bumps and absolutely LOVED them. A lot clicked for him this season. Tailgating and shooting the shit with friends was more fun than it was a punishment for no lodge.
  2. While we were there last Saturday, they had a great day with New Blegium Beers, a cardboard box race, and a wonderful band- all in the sun! They announced that they hit their targets for visits this year. The place is amazing and seamless. My favorite part was an airport like kiosk that you put your email code from your online purchase in front of and it spits out RFID tickets. EASY PEASY
  3. I would not be surprised if it wasn't every bit of 78-80 at Saddleback on Saturday. It. Was. HOT. I skied without a shirt on and would've been comfortable in just shorts. Jealous of July 4th skiing. I've always wanted to ski on my birthday (July 3).
  4. Maybe it just needs a rebranding. Some akin to "VAIL SUCKS DICK IN THE NORTHEAST MOUNTAINS.COM"
  5. Its all going to shit pretty fast. I hope to ski Wildcat for NSM C LOT PARTY on 4/10.
  6. I've got your Fat Laddy here. Hes DEAD SEXY
  7. Mac Tuesday. Mac Friday. Maybe Cat on Sunday.
  8. I'm leaning towards our conditions being between locked up snow with coral reef and ice ball style grooming. Bumps will probably be out of the question and very firm. I want to get on the hill, but it doesn't look to be shaping up to an enjoyable day without the bar to ski on those mountains that didn't take advantage of the cooler weather and blow snow to resurface. Maybe a highly traffic'd mountain like Crotched is the play?
  9. Usually there is a left and a right labia.
  10. Funny y'all suggest barefoot. My socks are so thin that I might as well be. Haven't tried the baby powder option, but will employ that the next time I ski. I will yank the liners and hit them with soap and water. I was just concerned that anything I used as a cleaning agent might adversely affect the materials.
  11. Nooo, its not the name of a company- but it should be. My ski boots and socks fucking STINK after a day of skiing. Do any of you have any good tips for quelling the smell without degrading the material? Ive got new socks and the boots aren't even that old. Maybe 2 years?
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