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  1. Crotched on Thursday Pats on Sat afternoon.
  2. Sat- attitash. Sun- hopefully Cat. But it sounds like rain.
  3. Holy shitballs. I've never seen the Wildcat parking lot fill up so quickly! I was there early and got one of the first spots in B lot. The parking team did a phenomenal job of getting folks tidily into the lot and managing the crowd, but MAN was it busy. I bailed at 10:30 after 6/7 runs. A quick peek around Bookface showed a similar story at just about every other mountain. Anyone have any stories to share?
  4. Totally. Was surprised at the consistency this morning. Hopefully my toe is healed enough to ski on Sunday.
  5. I didn't know that was a thing. Cool!
  6. I had a chance to try them both out last weekend. I'm a fan of the Shady Rays. They're a smaller goggle than the Asoko and don't have that bug-eye effect. I know its not a problem for everyone, but they didn't sit on my cheeks or mesh up with my helmet well, either. They both work well and have nice magnets, but for fitment, SR's are where I'm at.
  7. Alright. Well, i bought both options. $50 total for the @Weathermans AKASO suggestion and the Shady Rays. Review forthcoming!!
  8. Ya know... For free shipping and two sets of lenses totaling $61 I'll give them a try! I have some decent goggles that I like but these seem kinda neat, too. 20% off applies to your purchase if you order on the initial visit to their website, too. I wish they made the face shield magnetic. That'd be very cool. The lifetime warranty and what appears to be high quality customer service makes me feel pretty good. Thanks for the tip! Shopping cart Product image Description Quantity Price 1 Snow Goggle Lens - Clear (-$2.80) 1 $14.00 $11.20 1 Snow Goggle Lens - Alpine Emerald (-$3.80) 1 $19.00 $15.20 1 Snow Goggles - Magnetic Mask + Strap + Hard Case (-$9.60) 1 $48.00 $38.40 Scroll for more items Gift card or discount code Gift card or discount code ApplyApply Discount Code FT20DRemove discount Cost summary Description Price Total USD $64.80 Subtotal $64.80 Shipping Calculated at next step
  9. It sure feels that way, though it sucks. Theres so much information to be found, and thus, lost on forums. Even my car forums have bookface pages. Which really sucks because you can't search for anything easily and have to weed through so much garbage to get to a potential answer.
  10. It was pretty humid and gross this morning!
  11. Clearly this guy has balls of steel.

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