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  1. frapcap

    Wildcat 2/16-17

    Pretty outstanding conditions all weekend. There was a crowd due to school vacation week, but nothing like what you'd see in VT or Attitash. Maybe a 10 minute wait before noon. Arrived early, skied hard and spent most of Saturday in the trees under insanely clear skies and no wind. Did a few laps in the T Brook, Roost, Bonus woods, and Schuss trees. All were full of snow and amazing. The natural trails were very good as well. Made a few new friends on the lift and showed them around the mountain- they were pretty thrilled. Sunday we lapped the triple due to half the chairs being put on the quad and running on what seems like diesel power for some reason. More time in the woods and on the natural runs. Took a lap or two in the Elevator Shaft (a pleasant surprise) and Wild Kitten trees.
  2. frapcap

    2019 car thread

    Both should get you there if you drive smart and take your time. If it were me, I'd go with the Subaru though.
  3. frapcap

    Atticat 2/10 &2/11

    With Wildcat closed on Saturday, we headed to Attitash. It took them a while, but only the quad and learners lift were running on the Attitash side. Conditons weren't awful, but the lines (despite there being few people there) were long due to not being able to spread people out on the mountain. At some point I heard the Bear side opened, but I called it quits ~2pm and had a beer and some wings in the upstairs pub. Wildcat reopened on Sunday and the crowds were minimal. So much so that we were able to ski just about all day without seeing ice anywhere except on Lynx (which is normal) and the couple of long rollers on Catapult before Bobcat. Form and Fast, but better than not skiing at all. Looking forwards to them both getting more snow this week!!
  4. frapcap

    Roll Call February 8-10

    Attitash on Sat if Cat is closed due to wind.
  5. frapcap

    Laurel Mountain, PA Feb 1-3, 2019

    WOW! Nice shots. That snow looks really damned good, too!
  6. frapcap

    Crotched 2.6.19

    Theyre pretty good at recovering at Crotched since they get so much practice. I'd wager the weekend will be fine.
  7. frapcap

    Crotched 2.6.19

    The night started off alright. Then it rained ice. The mountain iced. The cars iced. Our gear iced. The roads iced. All we were missing was Smirnoff Ice.
  8. frapcap

    Wildcat 2/2-2/3

    Despite what looked like a full parking lot (and then some!), the crowds were fairly light and spread around the mountain very well. Most everything ungroomed skied very well; save for the wind blown bits at the very top of the steeper trails. Woods were incredible- loads of snow in them and even a few fresh lines to be had. The ticket promotion on Sunday attracted a lot of folks so that caused 5-6 minute lift lines, but they all seemed to go home around 11:30. We skied all day and enjoyed every bit. Only took a couple of photos because it was so enjoyable.
  9. frapcap

    Cannon 1/30

    Looked like a helluva day.
  10. frapcap

    Magic 1/30

    Oh wow! Way to do it up right!
  11. frapcap

    Southwest Airlines... this is ridiculous

    If you stopped transporting drugs to and from it probably wouldn't happen. : p
  12. frapcap

    Roll Call Feb 1-3

    Cat on Sat. Skiing and doing some snow shoeing. Cat on Sun. Skiing and barstool skiing.
  13. frapcap

    Cannon 1/26

    Whoops! Got the date wrong. It snowed on Sunday.
  14. frapcap

    Cannon 1/26

    Good call on the carving skis. Did you stick around during the snow? The traffic in the notch slowed down to a crawl when I went by Cannon.

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