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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the season despite breaking a couple of ribs. Loads of good skiing, managed to hit a number of powder days, too. My best memory of 2018 would be in November after returning from flying from across the world, getting up at 5:30 am because I couldn't sleep due to time change, making a solid breakfast, and driving up to Wildcat on a whim for a powder day that I didn't even know had happened or was forecast.
  2. A fantastic day had by all! Thanks again for hosting such a fun event under the sun!!
  3. Looking forwards to the weekend!!
  4. 'Tis True. https://www.skiwildcat.com/snow-report/
  5. Unfortunately not my story to tell- wasn't present at the time.
  6. Watched that last night. Freggin' intense.
  7. I'm a big fan of Star Specs for summer time. Treadwear is garbage, but they're phenomenal tires.
  8. Attitash is closing up ops after this weekend.
  9. Likely Wildcat on Saturday for some warm, spring turns!
  10. Wow! Sounds like a great weekend to skip skiing if there had to be one. Ended up with a beautiful day down in Southie for the parade. Gave out a lot of high fives to the runners and enjoyed a few beers.
  11. https://www.amazon.com/DryGuy-Force-Dryer-Glove-Articulating/dp/B01LZE505J/ref=lp_3743411_1_3?s=apparel&ie=UTF8&qid=1552337448&sr=1-3&nodeID=3743411&psd=1 I have this one and keep it at the ski house. I rarely need to set it a second time even on days after I've worked hard in the bumps and trees.
  12. I thoroughly enjoy singing "I wanna dance with somebody" when getting on the lift for the first time of the day.
  13. I don't ski with tunes- like to be aware of my surroundings. However- I am known to sing 90's pop songs on the lift and while finding a groove in the bumps.
  14. Thurs- The Crotch Sat- The Cat Sun- The Cat Would like to make turns with whoever is up.
  15. Pretty outstanding conditions all weekend. There was a crowd due to school vacation week, but nothing like what you'd see in VT or Attitash. Maybe a 10 minute wait before noon. Arrived early, skied hard and spent most of Saturday in the trees under insanely clear skies and no wind. Did a few laps in the T Brook, Roost, Bonus woods, and Schuss trees. All were full of snow and amazing. The natural trails were very good as well. Made a few new friends on the lift and showed them around the mountain- they were pretty thrilled. Sunday we lapped the triple due to half the chairs being put on the quad and running on what seems like diesel power for some reason. More time in the woods and on the natural runs. Took a lap or two in the Elevator Shaft (a pleasant surprise) and Wild Kitten trees.
  16. Both should get you there if you drive smart and take your time. If it were me, I'd go with the Subaru though.
  17. With Wildcat closed on Saturday, we headed to Attitash. It took them a while, but only the quad and learners lift were running on the Attitash side. Conditons weren't awful, but the lines (despite there being few people there) were long due to not being able to spread people out on the mountain. At some point I heard the Bear side opened, but I called it quits ~2pm and had a beer and some wings in the upstairs pub. Wildcat reopened on Sunday and the crowds were minimal. So much so that we were able to ski just about all day without seeing ice anywhere except on Lynx (which is normal) and the couple of long rollers on Catapult before Bobcat. Form and Fast, but better than not skiing at all. Looking forwards to them both getting more snow this week!!

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