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  1. https://www.snowindustrynews.com/articles/tremblant-plans-14m-investment-for-2019-20
  2. Agreed, definitely a bargain. Just curious, what is the advantage to purchasing now as oppose to waiting until more mountains release their info? I will 99% buy the Ikon Base Pass (have it this year & really enjoyed it), but I will be waiting to up until a few days before the price goes up to purchase the pass. Just in case something major happens -- like a Jay Peak announcement ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Epic Pass - $939 (Unrestricted to Stowe, Okemo, Sunapee) Epic Local - $699 (Unlimited access to Stowe with Holiday Restrictions, plus unlimited, unrestricted access to Okemo & Mount Sunapee on the Epic Local Pass. ) Ikon Pass - $949 (Unrestricted at Stratton, 7 days no blackouts at Killingotn/Pico, Sugarbush, Sunday River, Loon, Sugarloaf) Ikon Base Pass - $649 (5 days and Holiday Restrictions at all NE mountains)
  4. Alta/Snowbird/DV 9-15 Feb...sorry to rub salt in the wound. Planned the trip months ago.
  5. heading up to stowe...pre-planned lodging with some out of town friends
  6. As always, great right up! Side note, with some of the discussion of site traffic, I would like to say on a personal note, this type of insight is exactly what drives me to the forum. Much appreciated comments @weatherman and all those others that are much more informed about forecast than me!
  7. I saw something very similar last night. There were some very aggressive forecasts for up to 13”, but those have dropped down to 3” this morning. I’ll be interested to see where we are on Monday. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
  8. Stowe Saturday and hopefully some of the AM on Sunday. I will be watching the weather reports!
  9. I will be waiting until Friday to make my weekend plans. I want to see who scores big and what the open terrain looks like.
  10. still a nube in the tire game...Alignment, is it necessary? From the store, "If you wish, based on vehicle manufacturer's recommendation of a four wheel (front & rear) alignment, Town Fair Tire will do it for $55.00."
  11. The people have spoken, I will going to invest in snow tires! I can get some good use outta them
  12. So, I’ve never bought anything other than all season tires for my 2012 civic. When going to the mountains I used to head up in my 2004 4Runner...RIP Anyway, I am debating a tire set up for the civic. Monday through Friday it will be on Boston roads and highways. But I still want to be able to take a “sick day” and make it to the mountains during a storm. Any advice is much appreciated. Winter tires? All weather? Any specific brands/reputable store? Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
  13. Next week is looking promising, Tue-Thu. @Weatherman As we get closer can we expect a Chasing Snow update???
  14. I went last year during my girlfriends spring break. We had an absolute blast! Conditions - More than a few of the locals mentioned that it was the best week of the year. (Please forgive me on the measurements but the whole metric vs. imperial systems has my memory a little hazy). We received 8-10 inches a day and it seemed to never stop snowing. Temperature was in the high 20's (Fahrenheit). The snow was really moist and heavy, but it was still a lot of fun. Skied the north side to get away from the crowd (yes, there were crowds mid week...but more on that later). Spent some solo time skiing on the edge trail pod and really enjoyed some of the trees they had going on. What I learned - March is school break time for all the kids up in Canada. From what i was told, one week is for Quebec and the other is for Ontario. So be advised that there is the potential for a lot of families to be on the mountain. Small regrets - Missed the March dump in VT. Although we had great conditions, back home it was going absolutely off. Ask yourself why go to Tremblant? If you are want a true "skiing trip" in March, you should consider looking elsewhere. If you want a "ski vacation" full of eating, drinking, shopping and feeling like a tourist, go to Tremblant! We stayed 3 nights/3 days on the mountain. Skied 2.5 days and did a dog sled excursion. Then spent 2 nights in Montreal. The strong US Dollar is a nice little bonus on top too.

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