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  1. SkiMom

    Roll Call for 11/16 - 11/18

    We’re currently at Disney (not my idea of the happiest place on Earth), but we fly home tomorrow. The kids have Monday off so we’re planning to head north on Sunday and ski on Monday at BW. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. SkiMom

    Sunday River

    This looks like it was for last season...
  3. SkiMom

    Kids Ski Jackets- LL Bean vs. Spyder?

    Obermeyer has this feature (at least for sizes 4-7). I have 3 kids so hand down a lot, and buying quality brands has made it worth it! I've gotten 5 seasons out of boots (Baffin), and Obermeyer and Spyder jackets and pants. Cold, wet kids = miserable parents and less skiing, so we don't skimp there!
  4. It looks like things will be cooling down for a while starting this weekend. Finger crossed that means a lot of mountains will firing up the snow guns! We will be out of town for next few weekends, but we're hoping to get on the slopes on the 19th when the kids have the day off from school. I'm expecting (hoping) BW to be open by then, but with the gondola delays who knows how much terrain they will be opening early. We're just excited to get the season going!
  5. SkiMom

    Cannon Lover's Thread

    I spoke with someone involved in the rescue/recovery the next day. He said it was to the left of the tram when looking from 93, and that the campers had pitched their tent on a flat rock ledge maybe 6' from the drop to the waterfall. The accident happened when the hiker stumbled getting into or out of the tent. Very sad.
  6. SkiMom

    2018 Season Stats

    We wrapped it up at Wildcat on Saturday was well. It was our first year with our ski house, and boy did we put it use. We skied every weekend, had lots a friends and family over, and had a great time on the slopes and off. My oldest (9) has shown himself to be the best skier in the family. The middle guy (7) will ski anything his big brother will, and the youngest (4) is right on their heels, skiing every non-glade at Cannon and some pretty steep glades at Bretton Woods! The final breakdown looked like this: Cannon: 24 days Bretton Woods: 18 days Waterville: 2 days Sugarloaf: 2 days Wildcat: 1 day Total cost/day for family of 5 at Superpass mountains: $67/day/family or $13.40/day/person We have 1 more year with the youngest skiing for free, so yay!
  7. SkiMom

    Roll Call 4/21-4/22

    Come on...the splash pond was pretty entertaining on Saturday
  8. SkiMom

    Roll Call 4/21-4/22

    @xwhaler, thanks! Tickets purchased! I'm not sure we'll make it to the C lot...my kids can hike 10 miles, but ask them to walk 500 ft in ski boots and it's like I'm raking them over hot coals! Looking forward to decent final day of the season.
  9. With a most unsatisfying end to the Cannon season last weekend, we're planning on 1 more day of (hopefully Spring) skiing on Saturday at Wildcat. It looks like the spring ticket prices are still pretty steep, especially when we need to buy 4 (at least the littlest one is still free). Does anyone have tips or leads on discounts?
  10. SkiMom

    Roll Call 4/13-15

    Saturday @ Cannon for sure Sunday & Monday at Cannon or BW (or neither if it's a total washout) It was such a great season we don't want it to end. My 9-year-old proved himself to be the best skier in the family, my 7-year-old surpassed my skiing abilities this year, and by the end of the season the 4-year-old was happily cruising down Paulie's and Avalanche. It really doesn't get much better than this!
  11. SkiMom

    Roll Call 3/30-4/1

    We'll be at Cannon this weekend...late start on Saturday due to kid stuff, though.
  12. SkiMom

    Roll Call 3/30-4/1

    We'll be at Cannon this weekend...late start on Saturday due to kid stuff, though.
  13. SkiMom

    Roll Call 3/30-4/1

    Saturday: Cannon No skiing on Sunday due to family obligations for Easter
  14. SkiMom

    How good is it?

    Well, we will have to meet up for some turns at Cannon and figure it all out!. BTW both of us are on boards also. I'm sorry we didn't coordinate before Saturday! I had planned on "manning up" and taking him, but then I came down with a head cold that was giving me vertigo anytime I went to the summit, so I decided it wasn't a smart move. My husband bravely offered to fill in, and he and the 9-year-old made it down alive. My husband said he fell a few times, and went down one part on his butt, but the 9-year-old skied it flawlessly (as I expected he would). We should try to coordinate a meet-up sometime soon. We are at Cannon most weekends (especially Saturdays).

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