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  1. I may hike Cannon on Saturday (with 1 or 2 kids) and take a run down.
  2. I think I was just so grateful to have a season at all that I'd rate it a 6. Yes, the season started slow and late, but February conditions were pretty freaking nice, and the spring skiing was great. We had the WM SuperPass (usually ski Cannon and BW only), and barely skied at BW due to crowds, parking, etc., but I thought Cannon really upped their grooming game this year. We usually only to BW for the glades, and with the low snow, they weren't great this year anyway.
  3. Skied 8:30-12 today (2/18). The snow was surprisingly good! We skied just about every groomed trail. Vista was groomed (and GREAT). Everything off the Cannonball was REALLY good, and everything else was very decent considering what mother nature's been up to this week. It was some of the best Cannon grooming I've every skied, to be honest!
  4. Skied BW on Tuesday. The morning was nasty with freezing rain, but by the time the mountain opened at 8 it had transitioned to mostly sleet/ice balls, and even that ended around 9. The snow was fantastic and there were no crowds. We spent the day in the glades, which skied really nicely...very few rocks until you got onto the steeper slopes.
  5. We were on the mountain this morning...things were firm. We took a few runs and headed home. I expect the mountain will ski better tomorrow after another pass with the groomers, but I don't see the woods being fun for a while.
  6. @Puck it and @snoseek, thanks for the offers. Unfortunately, mother nature was not kind with the warm up and wet stuff yesterday. I'm sure the glades are going to be dicey until we get more snow, so we'll stick to the groomed trails for the next couple days.
  7. So my 10 & 12-year-old kids have surpassed my skiing abilities...probably a couple years ago. They are dying to get into some of the glades over on Mittersill, and while I could probably possibly survive them, I would not enjoy it. If anyone is skiing this week and wouldn't mind following a couple of kids in the woods for an hour or 2, message me! I'll happily buy you some of your favor beer (that can be found at the Franconia Market, which I will never refer to as anything but Mac's). We'll likely be at Cannon Wednesday on...Tuesday we plan to ski Bretton Woods, where I can actual
  8. Cannon or BW (weather and/or crowd-depending) 12/27-1/3
  9. Snow conditions were really good in the morning (and not bad by Cannon standards even after lunch)! The 7-year-old was being a snot and refused to go up the Cannonball, but we skied a solid 5 hours on the mid and lower mountain. My husband, 10-, and 12-year-olds had a great time up top. The kids also LOVED the park...they had been missing that since last March! I was really impressed with everything. I thought the organization and execution was well beyond typical Cannon standards, and I just hope it continues so we can have a full season of skiing!
  10. Saturday: Cannon Sunday: Likely Cannon but possibly BW depending on crowds and conditions on Saturday
  11. We were at BW this weekend as well and had many of the same thoughts you did. We avoided the gondola completely, so we REALLY appreciated the rope drops on Coos and Granny's Grit on Sunday. I thought the staff did a good job at trying to keep people distanced and masked in a respectful way, but agree the side-to-side queue spacing didn't hit the mark. We skied until about 2 on Sunday, when Coos was getting tracked out and more puddles were forming. We only did a couple runs on Range View (partly due to boredom from the past 3 ski days, partly due to the hazards of combining beginners w
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