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  1. Cannon or BW (weather and/or crowd-depending) 12/27-1/3
  2. Snow conditions were really good in the morning (and not bad by Cannon standards even after lunch)! The 7-year-old was being a snot and refused to go up the Cannonball, but we skied a solid 5 hours on the mid and lower mountain. My husband, 10-, and 12-year-olds had a great time up top. The kids also LOVED the park...they had been missing that since last March! I was really impressed with everything. I thought the organization and execution was well beyond typical Cannon standards, and I just hope it continues so we can have a full season of skiing!
  3. Saturday: Cannon Sunday: Likely Cannon but possibly BW depending on crowds and conditions on Saturday
  4. We were at BW this weekend as well and had many of the same thoughts you did. We avoided the gondola completely, so we REALLY appreciated the rope drops on Coos and Granny's Grit on Sunday. I thought the staff did a good job at trying to keep people distanced and masked in a respectful way, but agree the side-to-side queue spacing didn't hit the mark. We skied until about 2 on Sunday, when Coos was getting tracked out and more puddles were forming. We only did a couple runs on Range View (partly due to boredom from the past 3 ski days, partly due to the hazards of combining beginners w
  5. Winter hiking. The $$ investment to set the kids up with backcountry when they still outgrow their stuff every season is just too high. We hike all spring/summer/fall, so the only new investment for winter is snowshoes and maybe crampons if the micro-spikes don't seem to be cutting it. We've done some hiking/skiing on Cannon and Tucks, but I don't see us doing much more than that for a few more years.
  6. The parking lots by the Lafayette Campground fill up VERY early. You can park at the tram lot and walk back there via the bike path or just hike up from there, depending on the trail you're taking. I've not been up Cannon since May, but there have been lot of people on all the White Mountain trails I've been hiking since mid-June. If it's a popular trail, be prepared for company.
  7. Saturday - Cannon Sunday - Cannon or BW (depending on conditions on Saturday)
  8. Congrats on the new positions @Weatherman, and thanks for taking on the site @fcksummer! I love the community of people who enjoy the sport as much as I do.
  9. Saturday - Cannon Sunday - TBD (Cannon, Loon, or Bretton Woods)
  10. Not skiing Sat/Sun, but spending Mon-Fri on the slopes at Big Sky! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. My Cannon Report: The delayed lifts on Saturday made things less pleasant, but the lines weren't bad after 10/10:30 when they got the peabody open. We did a few laps on the Eagle, one on Zoomer (and realized our mistake there), and then headed over to Mittersill. Mittersill was really nice, with tons of powder on lift line, and enough snow on the groomed trails to keep from slipping (though there was still a surprising amount of ice!). After lunch all the lines died down and we could everything without a wait, but were surprised by the number of closed trails! On Saturday Profile was
  12. Bretton Woods Sat (ugh) and Sun with tons of family visiting from out of state.
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