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  1. Sat & Sun: Sugarloaf And maybe Monday too if the storm is big enough...
  2. It was one of the busier days I’ve seen at Cannon since it became our home mountain 2.5 years ago. The lines were long (for Cannon), but cleared out significantly after lunch. The heavily trafficked areas were a shitshow, but Upper/Middle Hardscrabble were packed with powder and tons of fun. I just kept reminding myself that the few crowded days at Cannon keep the mountain open for us to enjoy the rest of the season! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Saturday: Cannon Sunday: Cannon Monday: Bretton Woods
  4. Ugh! We'll be there (with the MLK masses) this weekend. Cannon in recovery state + crowds of people who don't ski very often = early days and lots of alcohol! Thanks for the report.
  5. The skiing was fantastic on Saturday. Spent the day at Cannon, and while the upper mountain lifts were closed all day due to wind, everything open on the lower mountain was really nice! We were planning to brave the rain on Sunday, but the wind and warmth was too much for the mountain and they never even opened. I know it’s early, but it looks like Mother Nature may help us out for next weekend...fingers crossed!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Saturday - Cannon Sunday - Bretton Woods Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. It looked like that might have been the best day all week! We missed 1/1 due to family commitments but skied every day between Christmas and New Years...early on was rough but it got better every day!
  8. Last weekend was so nice...it's sad to watch it all melt away!
  9. We were very happy with the conditions this weekend (before lunch anyway 😂). The 6-year-old still gets pretty freaked out with ice. Any tips for helping him work past that or is mostly just experience? He's pretty good at finding powder on the edge of the trails, but when you have to ski through Big Link, Bypass, or even Middle Cannon (the lesser of the evils) to get anywhere we end up just lapping trails off the Zoomer and Eagle lifts after lunch...
  10. Anyone else up for opening weekend? I was impressed with how much they had open. However, some of the mid-mountain trails they had open were a bit treacherous. I thought the top was nice, and Gary's and Rocket were great, but most everything between the top of the Peabody and the Eagle Cliff chair was rough. I know that's not unusual for Cannon, but there is usually a few hours in the morning when things are still OK, if not good. Has it just been a long summer and I'm our of practice or did other have the same disappointment as I did?
  11. We'll be at BW this weekend, but school/work are keeping us from opening day.
  12. I think a LOT of the BW crowd are people without passes. They have done a great job increasing traffic with their "seasonal rental program" with local ski shops. Kids rent skis for the season (<$150) and it comes with a free BW pass. Parents then do trips up there a few weekends/year. Based on the crowds there on the weekends and holiday weeks, I don't see there being an incentive to participate in a bigger collective. My family does the WMSP because we have a place in Lisbon and Cannon conditions can sometimes suck (ice, wind, etc), so having BW as an option is worth the extra $300. I also suck in the trees so I like the BW glades ☺️
  13. We have a place in Lisbon, which is a 2 1/4 hour drive from home on Friday night. Then we drive about an hour from there to Wildcat on Saturday. And since we don't have Peak passes, it's $156 for our family of 5 to ski (little one is still free). I'm leaning toward no, as we have stuff we could (and probably should) do at home, but I really want 1 more day of skiing!
  14. But it's going to be raining and windy...are they really going to open/run? And even if they do, do I want to go?

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