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  1. We passed on Cannon this weekend because of the wind on Saturday, but also because we assumed it would be an ice rink after the thaw/rain/freeze. We headed to BW with low expectations because it had been such a rough week, but we were very pleasantly surprised! Granted, I have young kids, and the 5-year-old loves BW because he can feel like a rockstar there, but we skied all weekend and never saw boilerplate. By the end of the day there were some icy spots, but you could just ski over them. On Saturday the lifts were running slow, but they were all running and surprisingly, the lift lines weren’t too bad. Sunday the conditions were even better. Yes, the terrain is a bit dull, especially when the trees are not in play, but my family and I managed to have a great time there this weekend, and I doubt we could have had a better time at any other mountain in the area after the weather last week! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Had planned to ski Cannon on Sat/Sun, but with the latest thaw/freeze cycle we may head to BW to avoid ice skating...
  3. SkiMom

    Roll Call Feb 1-3

    Bretton Woods: Sat & Sun (we've got family visiting with a big mix of skill level)
  4. SkiMom

    Cannon 1/27

    We were there yesterday as well, and I was very glad I had just sharpened my edges! The wind was pretty brutal, and my smaller kids were getting physically blown around at the top, so we stuck to the mid-mountain. After lunch when the snow started falling, the light was so flat I felt like I couldn't see anything, and the snow just covered the exposed ice but didn't actually improve conditions, so we called it quits just after 1. It looks like there will be some snow tomorrow into Wednesday, improving things considerably for the weekend!
  5. SkiMom

    Roll Call Jan 25-27

    Saturday - Cannon Sunday - TBD (Cannon or BW depending on ice/snow conditions on Saturday)
  6. SkiMom

    Roll Call 1/19-21

    Saturday - Cannon Sunday - TBD (Cannon or Bretton Woods) Monday - Bretton Woods Tuesday - TBD (kids don't have school so taking a vacation day)
  7. I tried Candyland (I think) over on Mittersill last year (not sure...we went in from the top of the T-bar) and didn't love it. In early December the kids (and husband) convinced me to do the Go Green Glade. The conditions were great, but it was too tight for my liking. I've been wanting to try the snowmaker's glade, but like you, can't seem to figure out how to get there!
  8. Cannon on Saturday Cannon or Bretton Woods on Sunday (depending on wind and conditions and my desire to ski trees, as I'm too chicken for most of Cannon's glades 😢)
  9. SkiMom

    Cannon 1/9/19

    Thanks for this! We'll be there this weekend, but I'm thinking our time on the mountain will be limited due to the very cold temps...
  10. SkiMom

    1/7 - 1/9 - Storm

    Heard they opened Kinsman Glade yesterday. Did you try it out?
  11. SkiMom

    Uphill Traffic Problems

    Yes! The snow on Middle Ravine was really good, but dealing with that cluster (not aided by the giant whale at an MOST inconvenient location) almost made it not worth it!
  12. SkiMom

    NMS Spring Gathering 2019

    I voted for the 27th because it's hard to justify paying for tickets when we have season passes to mountains that are still open. BW will be open until 4/15 (Patriots Day), so we should be free after that. Are kids welcome? We ski as a family, and my 8- and 10-year-olds out-ski me and my husband, and the 5-year-old is really coming along with his parallel turns on the steeper stuff too.
  13. SkiMom

    Roll Call January 4-6

    We're sticking to Bretton Woods this weekend (Sat. and Sun) over Cannon...it's more in line with our guests level of adventure 😆
  14. Cannon actually skied pretty well this morning, but the temps dropped around lunch time and turned it into a skating rink. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Had planned for Cannon all weekend, but today they couldn’t even open. Whomp whomp. I’m just hoping for “not a skating rink” for the rest of the weekend! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Skied Cannon on Saturday morning...the snow was ok (what was left of it), but they got hit HARD. Lots of slush puddles (which I’m sure are all ice now), and lots of bare spots. It was really sad to see how much melted! Went to Bretton Woods today, and while they lost a lot of snow as well, I was very pleasantly surprised by how nice the trails they did have open were! Everyone was blowing snow today so let’s hope they all recover this week. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Probably Cannon on Saturday and Bretton Woods on Sunday, though if things are really icy we may end up at BW both days. I'm hoping things don't freeze until Saturday night...
  18. Cannon on Saturday Bretton Woods (probably) on Sunday
  19. SkiMom

    Bretton Woods

    Maybe on Sunday, but not Friday. Sorry! Have a great time. The conditions look pretty good!
  20. Stuck at home this weekend with kids and birthday parties. Womp womp!
  21. Cannon on Saturday was a “top 10” day. It was my favorite run on the Hardscrabbles ever! The 8- and 10-year-old were rocking the glades, and my performance in Lost Boys solidified my opinion that I don’t belong in them[emoji1787] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Saturday at Cannon (and the 5-year-old is doing a lesson, so I'm pumped!), Sunday at Cannon or BW (tbd).
  23. SkiMom

    Cannon/Bretton Woods Dec 1st/2nd

    We'll be up there this weekend. Cannon on Saturday for sure, Sunday will be either Cannon or BW, depending on weather and conditions.
  24. SkiMom

    Roll call 11/22-25

    While the rain put somewhat of a damper on our Cannon experience yesterday, the snow was still fantastic! We had to drag 2/3 kids off the mountain around 3 so we could get home at a reasonable time! With the storm this week, next weekend should be even better
  25. SkiMom

    Roll call 11/22-25

    An out-of-town wedding is screwing with our ski schedule, so we won't get to Cannon until Sunday . Leave some goods for us!

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