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  1. We're focused on Lincoln Peak for the time being, so no plans at this point yet to develop Mt. Ellen.
  2. Xwhaler. We do not own land that one would consider Off-Piste but the unique thing about Sugarbush is the opportunities that exist for wooded skiing within out existing 4,000 acre boundary. No one in the East has this inbound acreage for terrific wood skiing. We have 28 marked wooded areas and with an open wood policy they are many other options including our 2,000 acre Slidebrook wildernesss basin.
  3. Benski, We have made approximately $7 million in capital improvements this past year. The vast majority has been on the mountain. We installed two new fixed grip quads, one at Lincoln Peak and one at Mount Ellen. These both greatly improve the beginner experience. Since purchasing Sugarbush in 2001 we have replaced 7 of the 16 lifts. Two groomers were purchased, one of which is for the Terrain Park as well. We purchased more low energy guns and towers and a new electrical compressor which runs as variable levels of Cubic Feet per minute of compressed air. And, we installed new RFID Axxess gates at all base lifts and eliminated the scanners. In addition to these major and visible projects we did considerable work in repairing snowmaking pumps, motors, snowmaking pipe and valves, paving some roads and repairing roofs and interiors of a number of building to expand seating in places like the Green Mountain Lodge at Mount Ellen and Allyn's Lodge at Lincoln Peak. As far as the lodge on the Gatehouse plateau, this is not an immediate project but still something we are considering in our long range plan.
  4. Every month! But seriously, February and March are often the safest bets for good snow. February has averaged about 50 inches of snow in our history and March averages about 45". Last year, thanks to those big storms we saw, we received 68" in Feb and 58" in March. Both months usually deliver!
  5. We'll start by asking ourselves a question. Q: Has it snowed at all recently? A: Wow great question, someone who isn't me. How about 17" since Sunday? Not too shabby eh? Q: Meh. A: Dude seriously? That's pretty sweet. Q: Pics or it didn't happen. A: OK. How about this?

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