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  1. It came out decent still need to work on the dry hop aroma in my water profile. Need to get the PH down more and will need some guns like the breweries use. Phosphoric Acid.
  2. Just transferred and started my 7 day dry hop on my IPA called Dead Wrong. Extremely hoppy NE style but without the haze which I just don't get as a homebrewer.
  3. I am getting to cheap to buy 15.00 4 packs..... Lately been buying what was on sale at yankee spirits. Mostly Von Trapp Mixed, Long Trail VT IPA and Wachusett's mixed IPA pack....
  4. I been drinking this since my local packie had it. One of my favorites now. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  5. All my summer photos are of the beach and golf courses. I rarely go to the mountains in the summer. Maybe the wife and I should!
  6. Woke up to the sad news of Warren's passing. I still watch the old one's and some of the new one's. I just really do not like Johnny Moseley narrating. https://www.seattletimes.com/sports/snow-sports/pioneering-inspiring-snow-sports-filmmaker-warren-a-miller-has-died-at-his-home-on-orcas-island-at-the-age-of-93/
  7. So no go on skiing at Cannon on the 28th. Life got in the way again... Looks like my trip to K in 3 weeks is my only outing this year.
  8. I will definitely re post either the Friday or Saturday before.
  9. I am thinking of heading up for a day trip on Jan 28th. Anyone want to meet up? As much as skiing alone is fun it gets old real quick and I will have plenty of that in Feb at Killington.
  10. going with an old faithful. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  11. Waiting for time off and money.. I went down so much because these literally came to my nose. The old ones were way above it because I used to fat.. I lost 46lbs in the last 4 months and plan to stay that way. I guess i lost a couple of inches getting older. I just need to suck up the 3 hour ride to Cannon on a Sunday and use this ticket.
  12. So after weeks of discussing with my wife I was finally able to convince her I need to replace my skis (2002 Dynastar Agile w/ Rossi Pro Axial Bindings) she let me today.. I had a budget and since i barely get out more than 5 days a seas now I was not gong to break the bank. I went to my local ski shop (The Ski Shop Plus in North Smithfield, RI) and got a pair of Blizzard Quattro 7.7 with Marker TP10 bindings... I went from 183's down to 167's.. I am so psyched to get out now... I needed to tell my happiness to someone else since my wife is sick of hearing it. I also got a free lift ticket to Cannon from Blizzard... Not a bad deal for under 500.00.
  13. Let’s just say cleanliness is not their strong point. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app

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