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  1. I apologize for missing this https://cataloochee.com/the-mountain/webcams/ Cataloochee is open in NC..... Crazy! First to open on the east coast, 8:30am vs Killingtons 11am
  2. Yeah but who knows what Vail will do/pick for early season /late season long term . Best case would be they do what they did in Colorado and designate and put there resources into getting one of them to compete with killington now.
  3. Killington opens Sunday for pass holders and Monday for public
  4. Sunday river and wildcat are also making snow. Surprised a bit that vail chose wildcat. So far the Seattle area itself feels like a more populous Burlington area of Vermont. People are generally much nicer than those in Boston or New York. However if you leave the bubble around Seattle a lot of the state is ruled by drugs and is in a pretty sad state at the moment skiing I'll have a better handle on in a few months, nothing opens till thanksgiving and good skiing (Stevens/baker/crystal) are 2 hours away. Snoqualmie is closer but gets way less snow, Stevens is second closest b
  5. Despite moving out to Seattle I've been super bored and keeping track of whose making snow on the east coast, interesting race this year Killington started mid day today https://www.killington.com/the-mountain/webcams/mountain/north-ridge-cam Sugar Mountain NC started last night and is shooting for a Sunday opening http://www.skisugar.com/ snowshoe wv is starting tonight or tomorrow ( Facebook comment)
  6. I don't really do rails, if we do have any its usually just thrown together wood from nearby. Usually there's just a few jumps built and a tubing lane cut on the slope.I do make snow though as I usually try to have it early November to end of March/first week in May.
  7. 2 top to bottom routes now. But yeah the new slopes even though they are blues are more like way out and belt parkway than the lower mountain blues from what I can tell. Should be fun though as the snowguns on overlook are spaced pretty close for super polecats, they are definintly planning something with it.
  8. Sunday River was top to bottom on Saturday, there were ~ 10 minute lift lines but the snow above midstation was perfect carving groomers. Below mid was a bit dicey but crowding wasn't really a problem due to the low uphill capacity and the lift wasn't downloading much so it didn't really stop. Overall it was a pretty good day.
  9. I couldn't believe how busy Wildcat was Sat. We actually got there at 9:20ish saw the parking lot and kept going to Sunday River ( which it turns out was a good idea as someone forgot their helmet and wildcat didn't have shops open).
  10. For reference this is a black diamond skier at Jay Peak, they are just a baby when it comes to early season until they feel they can do things again( they started at Stowe opening last year). It is highly likely they will only do one run regardless of where we go, so as long as Wildcat isn't grossly more expensive we will probably go there for the better conditions. I did Wildcat opening weekend last year and it was great.
  11. Wildcat expected to be busy? I'm taking a nervous skier and was thinking SR due to the flatness of their trails but the snow at wildcat is tempting!
  12. Mountains Open Full time = Killington Mountains Open Weekends= Sunday River Mountains making Snow but not open yet Wildcat Mount Snow I think that's it?
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