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  1. MimersG

    Opening Day 2018

    I know this isn't the spirit of this thread. But Stowe just announced they are opening November 16th. Link
  2. MimersG

    First Snowmaking Windows

    Guns are back on at Killington
  3. MimersG

    First Snowmaking Windows

    I saw that too, It would be really really nice if Wildcat opened this early.
  4. MimersG

    First Snowmaking Windows

    Yeah, Ill go killington if they are open friday, if not Ill go Sunday river if they are open this weekend. I certainly don't mind the hike and will be skiing somewhere this weekend.
  5. MimersG

    First Snowmaking Windows

    Man.. now this is getting difficult, Sunday River or Killington better opening weekend? As of 12:30 killington is still going, this is crazy considering how warm it is
  6. MimersG

    First Snowmaking Windows

    It would appear killington started this morning! as of 10:20 still going, looks like they decided it was worth it to make snow at 30 degrees https://www.facebook.com/killingtonresort/videos/110450836532492/ I may actually go if they open, any tips on early killington?
  7. https://www.peakresorts.com/news-updates/snowtime/ This adds 3 new mountains Liberty, Whitetail and Roundtop. All near DC. It looks like these will be added to the Peak Pass after closing. Thoughts?
  8. MimersG

    Hunter One Upper Black Diamonds...

    Upper Highlands has been open recently but is usually only used by the race team except in the rare cases that they leave the rope down, they didnt even race on it much last year because they can't run the Poma anymore as the top of it as well as much of the Hemlocks aren't actually on Hunter Mountain property ( and the Poma needs replacement anyway) and will likely be removed from the map in the future. Part of the upper highlands may get reused again depending on if/how they reorganize the top of Hunter One when they replace the aging E lift and reorganize with the possibility of http://catskillmtnresort.com/hunterpeaks/ in mind. The last time I personally skied Upper Highlands was 2-3 years ago poaching it on a powder day. Hemlocks is the only trail I do not recall skiing at Hunter. Though I may have hiked part of it years ago to say I did it.
  9. MimersG

    Fck this weather

    I actually do, 60 degrees and rain would be wonderful right now. Though I just looked at the weather and apparently the low on Saturday is 37 and the high peaks are getting their first freeze!!!
  10. MimersG

    Fck this weather

    That's sad. At least its still pretty and not 90 degrees there?
  11. MimersG

    Fck this weather

    Now would be the time we all wish that indoor ski area in Jersey was already open!
  12. MimersG

    Ikon Pass Updates

    One more added 5/7 days Niseko United Interesting?

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