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  1. MimersG

    2018 Season Stats

    Sadly I was done a week before I wanted to be. I did manage to hit my goal of 75 which is the most I have skied in a season by about double. I hope to hit 100 next year as I'll be living near night skiing.
  2. The 3 main new intermediate trails are already taking shape along with the lift line, the mountain already looks much less bare.
  3. Yeah, I couldn't make it yesterday. Looks like this weekend is Killington for me then.
  4. The storms last night knocked the power out, same thing happened at whiteface. Bonny ran all day though and I had fun, hopefully jets running by tomorrow.
  5. I would like to inform everyone that Jay Peak is most certainly not still open, not only is it not still open it definintly does not have any snow to hike, yeah yeah definintly don't come... it's totally not like there are still some woods to be had for the adventurous anymore right? And definintly not lift served along with 16 trails. That would be quite the tall tale now wouldn't it. Happy May everyone!!
  6. Friday/Sat/Sun at Jay Peak. Already have my rain gear ready just in case
  7. MimersG

    Roll Call 4/21-4/22

    Reporting back from Friday at jay peak, I highly recomend people to stay away!! The ice is really really bad ( if you did through the 6-8 inches on top with a shovel). Completely not worth the drive as only stateside is open so crowds are concentrated. I can assure you it absolutely is not a powder day!!
  8. MimersG

    Roll Call 4/21-4/22

    No idea what you all are talking about Sunday was fantastic at Jay peak up top, the Jet was perfectly groomed for carving and Valhalla was actually sweet due to high altitude snow anyway Friday -Jay Peak Saturday -Jay Peak Sunday - Jay Peak Tramside is now closed at jay peak due to 115 mph winds taking a hit to tower 2 on the tram. Maintenance is now underway which means no skiing under the tramway and therefore no Bonny and flyer either. So it's probably not worth people coming here anyway. Doesn't look like we are spring skiing this weekend again.
  9. MimersG

    Roll Call 4/13-15

    This weekend for me is whichever of Bolton/Stowe/Jay/Wildcat is raining the least at
  10. MimersG

    Jay Peak 4/7-4/9

    Wow you all are much more daring than me. I tend to stay out of the Chutes and Green Beret and the steeper glades unless there is a healthy amount of new snow. I was there on Saturday and stuck to the trails that tend to keep better after freezups. The best I found that day was Lower Green Mountain Boys, people tend to forget its there but they groom it and if the winds are strong it tends to benefit from wind blown snow. Maybe I'm just spoiled.
  11. MimersG

    MimersG's Stupid Decision Thread

    This was taken today at an undisclosed location, rumor has it the person who lived there woke up at 6am to temperatures of 16 degrees and couldn't help themselves!
  12. Thursday at Bolton Friday at Stowe Saturday at Whichever of the above is least crowded Sunday at Park City Finally fully back after missing two weeks straight due to car troubles ;(
  13. MimersG

    2018 new car thread

    I recommend a T-55 Drive train- 1x1 Tracks Reliability- Excellent, hundreds of thousands in use, some as old as 1940s with minor overhauls Capacity- 3+ plenty of mounting spaces for all your skis, if inside is a must can place in turret. Price- ~30,000 Cons - Lack of trunk space -Top speed of 30mph - No back up camera - 2mpg - May spend more time explaining where you got it from than skiing - Despite being "like new" refurbished condition; still may have been used in a warzone Pros - You will not ever get stuck and will always be able to ski on those 6' pow days - You will be able to park wherever you want - Only vehicle so far with "armament" as a option - More hp than your friends mustang -Optional winch attachment for when you would rather pretend your vehicle is a snowcat and avoid the liftlines - Its a freaking tank!!!
  14. MimersG

    How bad is it?

    Can anyone who is at Wildcat report on if its worth taking a drive out tomorrow after the snowstorm tonight?
  15. I have a few friends in Peak management who were talking about it a few months ago. It kind of makes sense in that they can spin it as a destination mountain and they don't currently have anything in northern VT. Who knows what will actually happen though with them now that they are doing another project at Mount Snow. I really am not sure who the other suitors for Burke are though unless its packaged with Jay Peak.

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