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  1. This might sound weird, but when you put some effort into communicating on the internet and someone appreciates it, and says so, it makes it worth it. You're welcome Mike.
  2. The two mountains couldn't be more different, which make them an incredible pair to have on the same pass. Gore is wide, Whiteface is tall. Gore has the most acreage in NY, Whiteface has the most vert in the east. When Gore is 100% open you can't ski it in one day. I'd say the same is true of Whiteface only if the Slides are open or you are willing to ski below mid-station. Gore's most amazing feature for an expert is trees. There are probably 20 runs on the map and another 20 off. Whiteface is known for steep terrain and the Slides. There is NOTHING in NY like the Slides. Lift served (some hiking) side country that is awesome. It is very unlikely they will be open in the next week. Gore's weakness: some skating is required to get between pods. This doesn't bother me at all. It leaves certain very cool lines fresh or untracked. Whiteface's weakness: wind. After big storms windhold can be an issue. Gore vs Whiteface is a constant "theme" at NYSkiBlog so I wrote this piece: http://nyskiblog.com/gore-vs-whiteface/ And here is the front page of our guide to the Slides (6 pages in total): http://nyskiblog.com/whiteface-slides/ Admin I hope it is ok that I posted these links. If not LMK I will remove.
  3. The audibles are changing. People are abandoning the drive from SLC to Targhee strategy for a cash in the ticket to fly to CH.
  4. Maybe we skied through some water? Regarding blowing out three pins, I have definitely seen that happen, but gradually over time, not all at once. You can get a three-pin cable setup from Voile that will eliminate any possibility from being stranded in this way. Now I almost aways use a setup like this if I am going deep into the woods. It's even more durable than a standard leather/3-pin setup.
  5. I don't know if you can still get a decent 3 pin setup. If that is the case I'd go with NNNBC (a bit heavier duty that NNN) and metal edges. The edges really don't add much weight and can increase your ability to turn if conditions aren't ideal. I wouldn't go super straight, get some sidecut but not too much. Disclaimer about all NNN bindings including the BC: I would be extremely hesitant to take them into the backcountry for day long excursions. Unless they have done something to change them I had a very bad experience with them on a cold day (high of minus 5). The mechanism is to some extent concealed and my partner had an issue with freezing. Snow worked it's way in, warmth from the motion must have melted it, and when we stopped for lunch she popped out. After lunch she couldn't get back in to the bindings. We were four miles from the trailhead in deep snow, it was a big problem. We started a fire but had to be extremely careful not to melt the plastic binding as we tried to warm it up. Ultimately I BLEW my warm breathe onto the binding while she sat in the snow in her socks. When I got it warm enough I quickly jammed the into the binding and then she put the whole thing on. We skied out and when wer arrived at the car she couldn't get out of the bindings. We drove back to camp with skis on the roof with her boots still in the bindings. The whole thing scared the crap out of us. Three pins are very old school bit simple, durable and to some extent field serviceable. If they still make the rottefella super telemark as it is bomber. I also agree waxless is the way to go.
  6. LOL some sort - do you mean the all natural sort? There is some snowmaking in nordic now... Where do you guys live? Where will she ski? Groomers or off piste? Any vert or primarily flat? Does she have any nordic experience? Are you thinking classic or skating? Those are some questions to start. I'm probably not the right person to answer this as I don't know too much about gear and I very biased toward support vs lightness.
  7. I have no informed or intelligent questions. I skied Wildcat one time. Conditions were ok. The mountain is, in my opinion, awesome. Carry on.
  8. Why does it seem that many ski forum members are mostly men? I have a theory.
  9. Our platform bites I admit. We are moving away from it. Our site is on WordPress, except for the forum. We are moving the forum to WordPress, not because it is the best, but because it is good, it will be supported in the future and I have access to a really talented WP developer who works for me extremely cheaply. Our new platform will be a lot better, but probably not as good as this.
  10. I would welcome him. To me it's all about signal to noise. I don't know him well, but what from I've seen he's all signal.
  11. My name is Harvey. I'm an old teledude, who skis Gore, Plattekill, McCauley and Whiteface when the slides are open. Killington in May. Smuggs is probably my favorite VT mountain, but I have only been there once. I have had some great days at Hickory, but I fear those days are over. I started skiing at age 40. I'm a highly motivated intermediate trying to keep up with my friends who are all experts. I'm a semi-shameless promoter of NYSkiBlog.com. I will try to behave in that regard.
  12. I think those stickers look pretty cool. We went with diecuts, top quality, and they were expensive - $5 each for the large. We bought 3 inch, 8 inch and 12 inch. We got 200 and they were gone quick.

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