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  1. Totally agree. Our site, NYSkiBlog, has entered into a partnership with Indy Pass. Part of it is a Pass giveaway for NYSB subscribers: https://nyskiblog.com/win-an-indy-ski-pass/ If you think you might like our content, and would like a chance to win TWO Indy Passes, enter.
  2. Our imported data is largely all NWS data. We built our weather pages, largely based on NWS regions: https://nyskiblog.com/weather/ https://nyskiblog.com/weather/new-york/ https://nyskiblog.com/weather/aly/ https://nyskiblog.com/weather/btv/ https://nyskiblog.com/weather/gyx/ etc. It started as a collection of the resources I personally used. Feedback welcome.
  3. No changes to my plans, Gore Pass, Plattekill Pass, and tickets as needed.
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