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  1. Catherine

    Attitash triple

    It was open today. No increase in speed but the trails were great.
  2. Catherine

    1/7 - 1/9 - Storm

    I keep hearing about this Zoomer Bar. Where is it?
  3. Catherine

    1/7 - 1/9 - Storm

    Just found a pair on eBay. $459, new. Have to have the bindings mounted. Gonna wait till tomorrow. Will call Strands first. Thanks!
  4. Catherine

    1/7 - 1/9 - Storm

    Thanks. I really loved my skis. Been on the phone and internet trying to find them. No luck. They were expensive when I got them, and really suited me. The shops around me don’t carry the Elan Inspire models. One told me they were “too high end”. I was told by a ski shop that Elan gives you more bang for your buck than his stock. Gotta love a store that’s honest and gives advice based on your needs and doesn’t try to just make a sale.
  5. Catherine

    Attitash triple

    I was there today and asked when it would be opened. They are waiting for a part and plan on Sat
  6. Catherine

    1/7 - 1/9 - Storm

    Today at Attitash was pretty decent. They still don’t have the Summit Triple open. I was told they are waiting on a part and it should be open Sat. Planned on skiing tomorrow at Loon but some piece of shit stole my skis. Trying to find new ones now but having a hard time finding a store that sells any Elan Inspire models.
  7. Catherine

    1/7 - 1/9 - Storm

    Attitash Race League starts on Tuesday. Gonna be a tricky drive.
  8. Catherine

    Attitash triple

    Looks like it was open today from their snow report. Let’s hope so! Going Tuesday.
  9. Catherine

    Attitash triple

    Latest update. January 4, 2019 – The Gremlin Persists While yesterday's testing helped to shed some light into the issues that continue to plague us here with the Summit Triple, we regret to inform you that it still remains closed Today's work, which started in the early hours of the morning, has involved testing and retesting several of the components involved in the connection that brings power into the lift. To give you some background and insight into where we're working again today, we've broken it all down for you. First, the power comes off the line from our utility company as AC power, where it is then converted into usable DC power, which is then used to power the electric motor which drives the lift and spins the bullwheel. This process is all controlled by a system collectively referred to as "the drive." Today we will continue to troubleshoot the pieces of the puzzle between these two points, including underground wires, the drive system, SCR resistors, and several other components. Basically, somewhere between the power source and the electric motor that drives the lift, there is a persistent little gremlin that needs to be found. We know the power is coming off the wire clean, but by the time it gets to the DC motor is it no longer useable. This gremlin moved in 8 days ago and we are trying our hardest to evict him. Once he's gone, we should be good to go. We thank you for your continued patience and are thankful we have such a strong team here at Attitash to help diagnose and fix these issues.
  10. Catherine

    Roll Call January 4-6

    Loon tomorrow. Hoping their report is accurate 😎
  11. Catherine

    Attitash triple

    Hopeful they take this as a sign to replace it with a high speed quad for next season.
  12. Catherine

    Crotched Adult Race League

    If I lived closer! I race at Attitash on Tuesdays and you are right. Even if you’re not into racing, great deal!
  13. Seriously considering Sugarloaf Wed and Thurs. Awesome deal for early season stays. Conditions?
  14. Catherine

    Bretton Woods Vouchers

    Used one today. Thank you!

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