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  1. Catherine

    Ski & Ride Card Deal

    Digital Ride and Ski available now. Use promo code Ski and it’s $19.99 https://www.rideandskine.com/product/ride-ski-card-digital-card/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=email-nov15
  2. Catherine

    Boston Ski Show Deals

    Briefly stopped by but not really my thing.
  3. Catherine


    Loon is opening Friday!
  4. Catherine

    Boston Ski Show Deals

    Just got home from the Expo. Good time, won a lift ticket to Waterville and bought an early season ticket for Bretton Woods. The best deal I found was the Ride and Ski Card. $29.00.
  5. Catherine

    Sunday River

    I got it from an email I just got but I think you are right. Sorry.
  6. Catherine

    Sunday River

    This was last year. Sorry! I got an email from SR and assumed it was current. Sunday River offering $23 tickets on Feb 12. Here’s the link https://sundayriver.blog/2018/01/30/troys-top-trails/
  7. Catherine

    December ski trip decisions

    90 minutes isn’t too much when you consider the rewards. I have a co worker that went on a golfing weekend for $99 for two. I have stayed at the Bethel Inn and really enjoyed it. They have a nice pub, outdoor pool and a shuttle to SR. Not trying to sell anything just putting it out there.
  8. Catherine

    December ski trip decisions

    The Bethel Inn has specials if you go to their 90 minute timeshare presentation. Might be some special over the holidays. http://bethelinn.com/site/
  9. Catherine

    Ski New Hampshire

    The Ride and Ski Card was a pretty good deal last year. They are still negotiating this year’s deals. https://www.rideandskine.com/2018/08/29/2018-19-ride-and-ski-cards-now-available/
  10. Sales start tomorrow at noon. Seems pricey to me as a mainly midweek skier but maybe good for weekend skiers.
  11. Catherine


    Thank you. Lot to consider. Maybe reconsider.
  12. Catherine


    Am planning a trip in March to Tremblant. Anyone been there mid March that can give me an idea of conditions?
  13. Answered my own question. Weekends only. ?
  14. Are they open mid week?

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