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  1. Decided to go to Sunday River this year. Skied Tues and Wed. Snowed pretty much all day on Tues and the conditions were great. Wed sunny and cold, busier on the slopes. Only complaint is that my legs only lasted till 1:00.
  2. I’m going to Utah this month and have watched this a few times. I looked kind of silly jumping down corduroy...
  3. Thankfully I am a mid week skier. Haven’t been to either mountain on a weekend so the high speed flybys are a non issue.
  4. Today we skied Attitash and the conditions were great. They were blowing on Bear Peak so we didn’t go over. It was cold but some friends decided to head over to Wildcat after racing. Two runs over there and they were done. Too cold. I on the other hand had a full day at Attitash. Love Wildcat but you need to pick your days.
  5. Heading to Attitash tomorrow. Fingers crossed for good conditions!
  6. Skied Sunday River from Thursday through the weekend. They recovered well from the rain.
  7. Great deal! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1909662609304278/permalink/2271476403122895/
  8. At least Attitash is open! Will have to save Wildcat for another day.
  9. Great news today. Someone inadvertently took my skis. Why it took almost 2 weeks for him to figure it out is beyond me. So now I have 2 sets of Elan Amphibio Inspires. 2015 and 2014. NOT complaining!
  10. Heading to Wildcat tomorrow. Thinking wind holds/closed?
  11. I don’t like the thought of anyone losing their job but if this notice is any indication of what type of boss he is, maybe it’s time for a career change. It would be interesting to hear from the people who work under him. I wonder what kind of pressure he had on him to make sure people showed up for work?
  12. I don’t think I like Mark. No, make that I don’t like Mark.
  13. I much prefer my plan. MLK weekend crowds, no thank you!
  14. Have to work all weekend but Tues Wildcat, Thurs through Sunday Sunday River!
  15. It was open today. No increase in speed but the trails were great.
  16. I keep hearing about this Zoomer Bar. Where is it?
  17. Just found a pair on eBay. $459, new. Have to have the bindings mounted. Gonna wait till tomorrow. Will call Strands first. Thanks!
  18. Thanks. I really loved my skis. Been on the phone and internet trying to find them. No luck. They were expensive when I got them, and really suited me. The shops around me don’t carry the Elan Inspire models. One told me they were “too high end”. I was told by a ski shop that Elan gives you more bang for your buck than his stock. Gotta love a store that’s honest and gives advice based on your needs and doesn’t try to just make a sale.
  19. I was there today and asked when it would be opened. They are waiting for a part and plan on Sat
  20. Today at Attitash was pretty decent. They still don’t have the Summit Triple open. I was told they are waiting on a part and it should be open Sat. Planned on skiing tomorrow at Loon but some piece of shit stole my skis. Trying to find new ones now but having a hard time finding a store that sells any Elan Inspire models.
  21. Attitash Race League starts on Tuesday. Gonna be a tricky drive.
  22. Looks like it was open today from their snow report. Let’s hope so! Going Tuesday.
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