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  1. That's a logical fallacy; slippery slope, I think. Or it's just acting like a twelve-year-old. DAD: "Get your feet off the coffee table." KID: "YOU NEVER LET ME DO ANYTHING!" It's a way to try to deflect the obligation to think about what you did or said and why someone might not agree with you. There are not an infinite number of people in the world, and besides that, women are literally half of the human population: Try not to be a jerk to or about them is all. Maybe listen to them when they tell you what it's like to be a female athlete in male-dominated sports or just, you know, in
  2. Ah, I didn't make my point clearly: I don't want to contribute because this is not a pleasant space for me. What you're asking me to do is to ignore the very things that make it unpleasant and just post MTB trip reports and the like. I don't want to share my activities or anything about myself here because it's not a welcoming place for me. That was my point: you're missing interesting and valuable voices. If you want to do something about that, that's up to you. Make this a place that those voices want to spend time. EDIT: I'm a member of two other online ski communities, btw. One is wom
  3. Oh good, you decided to stay! Still looking forward to seeing some quality content posted from you on this site about the stuff you do like (not just about stuff you don't like). Summer is always tough on these sites so could use your contributions now more than ever. For example, any good MTB rides lately? We could use more riding trip reports. Not staying, just lurking for a while. The exchanges here prompted me to work on a project about women's participation in outdoor-focused online communities, so I have an interest in sticking around a bit longer to see how the comments on th
  4. Telling someone "Don't click if you don't like it" is absurd logic; how are you supposed to know what the content is until you click on it? What Puck it is really saying is "Let me say and do whatever I want with no negative response ever, because anyone who disagrees with me has just gone mad with PC." These are tough times for the patriarchy. I mean dang it why should he have to consider the existence of people who aren't him?
  5. "We need more open and honest dialogue" but also I shouldn't talk about one third of this thread because you want to pretend it doesn't exist? Because it took place in that ancient time period of one year ago? Also, I said that media culture was insulting to female athletes, not the individual athlete's decisions, which take place within and are shaped by that culture along with more blunt economic considerations such as sponsorships. It does not diminish a person's agency to note that the context in which that agency is able to be deployed is constrained. I called out NMS because t
  6. Indeed, photos are subjective. For example, when I look at this photo of a woman wearing full makeup and taking her clothes off in a Flashdance-style rain storm that was taken from an article called "The World's Hottest Pro Cyclist," and that wouldn't be out of place on the front page of PornHub, I see a powerful athlete, too. But I see a one whose athleticism is being deliberately diminished by a media culture that thinks the only way the general public will value female athletes is as objects of sexual attraction. Frankly, that's insulting not just to the athletes, but to their fans, as we
  7. Thank you; I do indeed plan to take lessons. I find they are a bit of a crapshoot, though. I've paid good money only to be told vague things like "let the skis do the work," which is singularly unhelpful. What I'd really like is a coach. Someone I could see once a week for a few hours and really give me honest criticism and feedback and drills, etc. I'm not sure where to begin looking for an arrangement like that, though.
  8. Roger that. I wouldn't demean male athletes by sexualizing their physical appearance, though. I appreciate the kind and helpful feedback I've received here on NMS and wish the site the best as it grows in both readers and content.
  9. Really, NMS? Pinup pictures of scantily-clad female athletes and comments about which ones you want to "mount"? WTF?
  10. Idle early-summer thoughts: I have a pass at Magic for next year, as well as a mid-week Okemo pass. I am an intermediate groomer-zoomer who cannot really ski bumps. "Why ever did you get a Magic pass then?" I can hear you thinking. Well, because I don't want to stay an intermediate groomer-zoomer; I would like to be able to ski more interesting terrain. Not gnar, just interesting. So my question is: What are a couple of things I should start working on right away next season in order to work toward gradually expanding the terrain that am able to ski at Magic? And second q
  11. That's a fair point well taken. I know they've sold quite a few more season passes this year than last. Those chairs are slow indeed, and any significant line would cut into your runs-per-day pretty dramatically, I would think. No amount of old-school charm can mitigate that kind of frustration.
  12. I just moved to Central VT (West Windsor) and I don't know what my work schedule will be next winter, or even where I'll be working, or even in what sector of the econ...well, you get the idea. So I bought an Okemo weekday pass for $279 and a Magic Mountain Blackout Pass for $399. (you can ski any time except for the big hlolidays). So under six hundred bucks for seven-day skiing. Magic is about an hour away, Okemo is 30 minutes.I am an intermediate groomer-zoomer trying hard to progress, and I thought that Magic offered: 1. A really great vibe and great people, from my limited experience
  13. I second the Facesaver mask mentioned above. I can't control condensation on any facemask/balaclava that I've tried (Airhole, Serius, etc.) . The Facesaver is perfect. It's always in the back pocket of my pants and I pull it out if it's either extremely cold and/or snowing. Just make sure to take it off when you take your helmet off or you'll get some strange looks in the lodge.
  14. Aha, well that's why I come here: for the practical wisdom! Stratton it is! Honestly, I'm probably not a good enough skier to really appreciate Magic anyway. Thanks, all!
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