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  1. We have 4" on our deck, real shoveling, not just pushing the snow off. I live :15 from Wachusett. https://www.wachusett.com/The-Mountain/Media-Center/Web-Cams.aspx
  2. Senior Gold and Senior Bronze GPS and Senior Gold not GPS are the only passes available online right now. None of the other products GPS or not can be added to the cart.
  3. Looking online now and there are no GPS passes available, and for regular passes only the Gold is available at this time.
  4. Wachusett announced on Instagram and also on their home page that season passholders will not require a reservation to ski, and also that they are limiting the number of passes they sell. They said they've already sold out of the new Steel pass. Get your passes soon if you plan on skiing there this year!
  5. I too have my passes, I'm in the Cennedy group. Can't wait. Weekday mornings for me.
  6. I rode the lift with Win Smith last season, what a nice guy and so interested in talking to us. As he had a Sugarbush coat on I asked him "are you an Instructor?" He said "They'd never let me teach here, I'm Win Smith, the President"
  7. I'm in wait mode too. No decisions need to be made yet anyway. My guess is that local skiing will be likely, flying to Colorado questionable.
  8. Unless a major exception is made, any company that lays people off has their unemployment rate raised the next few years so the system can recoup. I had an injured employee years ago (not injured at work) who out of the kindness of my heart I laid off. It cost my company thousands of dollars a year for a while in increased contributions for those of us (including me) who worked there.
  9. @MassNerd has a Silver Pass with an additional 3-Peat loaded on it for sale for $380 still.
  10. That's a great price. The 3-peat alone is $169 right now and the Silver is $449, so really a $618 value.
  11. Skied this morning with @hrstrat57 for 2 ½ hours. Great start to the season. Some lift issues at first, but the skiing was great.
  12. I have 4 225/65r/16" X-Ice 3 tires on wheels for sale. About 20K miles on them still look great. My new Outback can't use them I need to buy new tires. Located in Central Mass. Make me an offer!
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