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  1. I've got the epic pass so will go to Mt. Snow if it opens first. Plan on some Sunapee trips on Fridays this year.
  2. Checking my log and mostly they've opened around the 20th-26th over the last 10 years or so. The day after Thanksgiving was the traditional opening day for years, but it seems they've been opening earlier in the last few years. In 2017 I first skied November 12th 2018, November 17th 2019, November 15th 2020, November 20th. That said it's been extremely limited terrain. Last year I skied Ralph's only for a few days, they'd opened Conifer but it was awful.
  3. Three days since I asked, so I guess I'll remove the bookmark. Cheers.
  4. Is this forum still working? The index page doesn't seem to be, there's always an error message.
  5. I would think there's a good chance that they will open up and sell more passes. When they first sold passes and sold out was quite a while ago and the pandemic was not as calm as it is now. It's easier to sell passes later than to have to rescind them.
  6. Yes it was a funny coincidence. We were standing next to each other, each at a different window in the process of paying. I spelled the club name and she asked if I knew you and said you were her husband. I bought the Senior Gold for $389. Living :15 away I go early and late seasons, early morning on the weekends, so it's worth it.
  7. I took a multi-week course on bike maintenance years ago and switch my tuning shop over to a bike tuning shop every year. Not particularly advanced or great at it, but I get by. The key is definitely having a good repair stand to hold the bike up off the ground to work on. They make ones with legs, but I have one I bolt onto my tuning workbench, sticking out about a foot.
  8. It was a good season. I skied about a dozen times at Berkshire East and 57 at Wachusett. Once at Sunapee, once at Crotched. No Western trip alas, and wasted a lot of money on the Epic Northeast Pass. Only skied mornings, no lodges, boot up behind car, lots less vertical feet due to that and long lift lines. That said, I skied well, had a lot of fun and was fortunate to be able to do so. Glass half full for sure. Also got some uphill gear and skinned up Wachusett a handful of times early morning.
  9. I was there yesterday morning 9-11 and it was good. Too many beginners on the Blue trails though as there was no beginner terrain available. Will close out the season tomorrow at 7:30.
  10. Wachusett was horrible yesterday, I don't see them making it past Sunday of this week. In fact I didn't bother going this morning. Icy in the 50's sucks.
  11. Yes the crowds are done for the year it seems. Today was like last year, as was some of last week. I see no reason they won't make their April 4th closing date.
  12. Skiing this week and next week look really good. The week that ends with April 4th of course is unknown, but that's as far as they're selling tickets for right now. Almost 3 full weeks of skiing (at least) left. Squeeze every drop out of that grapefruit.
  13. Wachusett was fabulous today. No lines (probably due to the cold, but I think people are starting to wind down) perfect fast but grippy snow. I could arc huge turns across the bottom of Challenger and almost touch the snow with no concern of anyone being on the trail with me. Even got a couple of runs like that on Ralph's which always has people on it. Summit skied great. 7 runs in an hour. Like the good old days.
  14. I see @hrstrat57 hasn't replied to this. He's fine, yes it's COVID, long drive, etc.
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