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  1. @MassNerd has a Silver Pass with an additional 3-Peat loaded on it for sale for $380 still.
  2. That's a great price. The 3-peat alone is $169 right now and the Silver is $449, so really a $618 value.
  3. Skied this morning with @hrstrat57 for 2 ½ hours. Great start to the season. Some lift issues at first, but the skiing was great.
  4. I have 4 225/65r/16" X-Ice 3 tires on wheels for sale. About 20K miles on them still look great. My new Outback can't use them I need to buy new tires. Located in Central Mass. Make me an offer!
  5. Read the article and the comments following, this last one was hilarious. "If they banned every asshole from the ski resorts, they'd go out of business on the first day, the trees would grow back and we'd lose our New Jersey accents."
  6. Get there early and there will be a line for the first lift and then skiing will be good for at least an hour and a half or two. After that it could go either way, but since it's supposed to be extremely cold Friday morning I would think it would be less crowded than it could be. Afternoon I don't know as I leave before then, but I'd assume it will be busy. It wasn't overly crowded this weekend, but I was surprised at all the families with kids, even lessons going on. The sport is thriving.
  7. The only way to get to Piece of Cake or the new trail is on a weekend or to ski through the woods from the Mass Pike. They don't run that lift weekdays. Maybe weekday evenings. On a powder day skiing through those woods and under that lift is a great line. Of course you aren't supposed to ski any woods at Wa, but it's just a very short cut through.
  8. Skied yesterday and today, very good conditions. They just announced that they are opening Mon-Wed after all. 10-8
  9. 8" of heavy snow fell here (15 mins from the mountain) should make a great base for them. See you Monday 🤞
  10. I think it's a great use of this thread, what's more of a get together than a ski club? I'll be there Saturday and Sunday first chair. Really hoping they stay open next Mon-Wed, but I doubt it. May go up to Mount Snow Monday and Wednesday. Season's about to begin!
  11. Last year they opened on Sunday 11/12, one week earlier.
  12. Yup and the GPS deadline to buy is later than the non-GPS deadline. Ya just gotta listen to SMJ! This rain will probably erase all of that snow they made, but there is 3-5" of natural forecast for Thursday night, so hopefully a Saturday opening.
  13. Thanks MassNerd, I joined your group and really appreciate you sharing the coordinator perks with us, made my pass even cheaper. Good man, you didn't need to do that!
  14. I don't know. I may go there once or twice. Living 15 minutes away makes getting there a real chore.

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