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  1. I was there yesterday morning 9-12. 10th is skiing very well, Smith not so much. Conifer too is good. Not sure when you started, but yes the Summit runs get scraped off fairly quickly. I usually ski about ½ dozen runs off the summit from when the lifts open and then move over. Hitchcock is definitely in great shape these days, as it usually is.
  2. I've tried to get a refund from Vail for my Epic Northeast Pass based on Massachusetts quarantine restrictions, but it doesn't fit their definition of a qualifying event.
  3. Today was day 15 for me. Skinned up Ralph's at 7:15, then skied for an hour and a half lift served. Really long lift lines for a Monday morning. I think the Holiday break is lasting two weeks this year. Was nice watching the fog lift early this morning on the way up.
  4. Nope, after skiing down from the skin up there were too many people already lined up at the lifts and the ticket window so I went home. How was it?
  5. I'll probably skin up and then ski lift served afterwards. Orangish/Red coat, Blue Stockli Edge 88 skis.
  6. No Puck it, that's not accurate information. The resorts are shut down to outside tourists, which as best as I can understand it even includes different areas of California. California’s Lake Tahoe is temporarily shutting down to outside tourists, the latest economic blow as a deadly surge in coronavirus cases is forcing millions in America’s most populous state back under lockdown restrictions.
  7. I hope you get to make some turns this year too. 89 deaths in Mass yesterday. It had been 10 or maybe 20 a day. Granted they're mostly people over 80, but another lockdown certainly doesn't seem unlikely.
  8. It was reduced today to 40% indoor capacity from 50%. I don't see outdoor activities being on Baker's list. The Mass ski industry has been involved since May, led by Jon Schaefer one of the owners of Berkshire East. I think it's all about lodges, and they've already shown a willingness to close the lodge, although as of yesterday they were letting people in the lodge. It's all a crap shoot now, get it while you can. Today was still the same trails. Conifer and Ralph's. Decent conditions. Blowing snow the whole time I was there.
  9. I have just heard that Wachusett will not be opening their lodge for the rest of this season, pending State guidance changing for the better. They do have access to the indoor bathrooms via an attendant at the door. Plus porta potties outside. Freezing, windy days are going to be challenging. This could actually add to things that will assure a longer season as it leaves less room for error.
  10. I don't think that this is the long term plan, I think it might only have been for those 3 days, they may just not be quite ready inside yet. I think they'll be operating at reduced capacity inside, but still will be open. Yes the portapotty needs a powerful ventillator fan to be any safer than the bathroom. Airborne.
  11. I skied yesterday morning from 9-11 and going back early this morning. Conditions were very good for the first day. I didn't go up Conifer, always give them a second day of grooming on that trail. Ralphs was very nice, fairly wide coverage, narrow runoff at the bottom. Hardly anyone there, so no liftline/COVID issues. Lodge closed completely. A few porta potties outside.
  12. Getting close. The warmth will probably hold them off until close to or just after Thanksgiving. The day after Thanksgiving used to be a very common opening day. I'm hoping for enough outdoor heaters and storage that on a weekday morning I don't have to boot up at the car.
  13. Problem solved. There is a Setting for this in your profile/manage followed content. See photo. I changed it to "take me to comments I haven't read." Maybe this changed back to the default when the software was upgraded.
  14. Google Chrome on the Mac, same problem.
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