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  1. I can tell you the staff (mid level managers) that I am friends with there are pretty discouraged by the whole thing. Say what you want about lack of ROI on a new lift but people are pretty livid with how little has gone into the hill since 2007.
  2. Crotched is really odd considering they are all fan which have on board lights. You're not dealing with air or constantly re-positioning guns at all either.
  3. Around 9 grand GPM. They are a powerhouse and have been for quite a long time.
  4. That is their (much) smaller of two pumps that they rarely used, only enough lift for the tubing hill.
  5. Odds are high. Then K will spin the lifts at 2 PM this afternoon lol.
  6. Guns are back on and they have a solid 36 hrs until they will need to shutdown again. That's with a really good wet bulb too for October. It's in the bag for Friday.
  7. Yes Wilfred's, the snowmaking is disconnected account major damage. Unfortunately for most that triple has a lot of life yet and a higher priority will likely be replacing the double doubles.
  8. A HSQ is on the radar (as is fixing Wildred's snowmaking to handle more summit traffic) and it will replace the triple to the summit, not Top Notch. They are going to put in a ridiculous amount of new pipe next year. All the valve stations were rebuilt this year.
  9. The air isn't going to allow adding equipment on its own. My understanding is they were only putting 1000 GPM on the hill. That will not change with the inclusion of the pond - it will just increase run-time. Using a mean average of 50 GPM for all of their Vipers and Impulses on Stage 3-4 that is only 20 guns. That's assuming no blow off, return or friction loss either. They bought those 2 massive rotaries for future expansion (and got a great deal), they aren't going to use all the air now because they physically can't. For comparison, at my hill, we only have one 1,000 CFM compressor and a single 700 GPM pump that discharges at 600 PSI. We only have to lift it up 700 vert and we only can use a dozen Vipers before our water runs out at those stages. Furthermore, like nearly all New England areas, the majority of their piping is above ground. Since you isolate lines in above ground systems by shutting them off, they aren't going to be able to "run a few more trails" - they simply don't have the flow right now to effectively do that and keep them from freezing.
  10. I would expect the majority of snowmaking work to be on the pond and continued pipe repair vs new equipment on the hill. They already have a good amount of portable (Viper/Impulse sleds) and Rats for the water they can put on the hill.
  11. If you're in the area stop by Whaleback, at 100% and skiing amazing. Now is the time to try the mountain if you have not already. Picked up another 4-6" at the tail end of Skylar over night. From last week:
  12. All of the Maine Brewing Company beer is great. Love the glossy labels. I am on a Tie Dyed kick from Great North - served at the Whale on draft.
  13. Skier's left in the woods for the Poma (to share the snowmaking line) - below the current terminus of the Quad, so not up to the summit. It's a good spot for it - I like Swirl but I always have the trail to myself when I've been on it. Getting Upper Bunny back is a good trade for the public.
  14. Carpenter's Run has been one that has always made me scratch my head why it has never been made into a larger connector, or exit out of Northbrook station. If they cut it in a little bit lower, just uphill from the gondola terminal, it could be a good way out of that area. As it stands now it's too far uphill from both Quads and the Gondola unload for anyone to use it. It also does not have snow making.
  15. Re: Spear triple I perhaps misunderstood my contact I will check back in with him. It is possibly the lift was offered to him only. It was very clear it was for sale, and cheap, especially for the fairly new bottom terminal. Easy Winder is the worst trail ever developed. It just has an unfinished feel, all the way from that first drop off to the nearly uphill 1 mile run out.

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