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  1. MarzNC


    I was not comparing Massanutten to Tenney. My point is that Massanutten caters to a different market than the other ski areas in the mid-Atlantic. The lift ticket prices are higher. But that means the slopes are not as crowded as they would be if prices were lower or they actively went after large groups that want discounted rates. Supply and demand. In the case of Massanutten, the goal is the best possible experience on weekends for an important subset of their market, which are the people staying on resort as timeshare owners. Lowering day ticket rates would only make the slopes more crowded and that has more negative impact than positive in the long run. Locals get an affordable season pass and ski Sat and/or Sun mornings. Resort guests pay more but don't really care since they only ski once a year or they do the lesson/gear/ticket package. They are happy to have a ski slope that isn't 5+ hours drive away from DC. Pretty much a win-win scenario. I've skied at Tenney and elsewhere in NE recently. Tenney is not Magic or Berkshire East. Not every ski area/resort has the same business model. Whether it works or not, I don't know. But I'm interested to wait and see. I've talked to Michael a few times. He's not the typical ski area owner for assorted reasons. He thinks long term, not short term. Powder Mountain in Utah chooses to limit the number of people on the slopes for different reasons. A lot of people didn't understand what Summit had in mind when they bought PowMow. From my experience, Tenney could be an exception in the same way Massanutten and PowMow are in their respective regions.
  2. MarzNC


    The season pass is pretty reasonable for locals. Early season price was under $300. $389 now. My home mountain is a timeshare resort in northern VA. Weekend rate for adults is $77. Total acreage is 70 acres. The black runs take 2-3 min to finish even with lots of turns. The slopes are certainly an amenity for those staying on resort. But locals can get a pass good Sun-Fri for $235. They don't cater to groups like Boy Scouts who need cheap lodging. The slopes only get crowded on weekends from noon to 2:30 and are open under the lights until 10pm on weekends. Supply and demand pricing has worked out in the long run. Not every ski hill is looking to maximize the number of people showing up. Powder Mountain limits the number of season passes and the number of day tickets. If you don't want to ski Tenney, fine. But I don't understand the sense of outrage because the day ticket prices are "too high." I had a very good time at Tenney last March and am hoping to get back there this season. Tenney is not trying to be like other ski areas in NH. The current owners have long term plans. Luckily, they decided that bringing the lifts and slopes back to life was worth the effort.
  3. Looks like Mount Snow is opening on Wed too. Expecting 165 acres. Wachusett is expecting 4 inches today. Since I got to Waltham yesterday evening, that's the most likely place to go with my daughter tomorrow. Had a good time at Kton yesterday. Certainly more fun than a year ago when there were just a few groomers open off K1 and North Ridge. Opted to stay indoors today and stay away from the highways.
  4. Have a friend looking for instructor recommendations for Mount Snow. She's a cautious intermediate who learned as a older adult. Getting back on the slopes after a few years off for assorted reasons. Any ideas?
  5. Got an early start and had an easy drive. Staying in Lake George. Going to Killington since I haven't been on Snowdon before and it's supposed to be open. The extra driving for the terrain that Sugarbush has open doesn't seem worth it.
  6. No problem. I tend to consider a wide variety of options when traveling. While I do intend to ski somewhere on Monday, I was also generally curious what would be open midweek before Thanksgiving day. Will be in Waltham with my daughter by Tue night. Bringing her tele skis and boots too. Driving north to North Conway is unlikely but not out of the question. Hoping Wawa is open since she hasn't been there yet. We went to Sunday River on Thanksgiving weekend a couple times, but wasn't really worth the drive for assorted reasons.
  7. Unfortunately, Magic isn't opening until 12/1. So have to be another time. I stopped by to take a look at the base of Magic in the fall after meeting up with a friend for lunch in Woodstock. Had a good time chatting with Geoff at the Boston Ski Expo. He was very happy with the SKI Magazine article that was was the Resorts Survey results in October.
  8. If I were starting from Boston, Loon or SR or Sugarloaf would make sense. But I'll be driving more or less via Albany and getting to Loon adds another hour compared to Sugarbush or Killington. I'd consider Gore but not really expecting it to be open after the weekend. Easier to reach since getting across VT from NY involves so much 2-lane highway.
  9. Are rock skis recommended? Still have my 2011 Black Pearls.
  10. Hmm, if I can get far enough on Sunday, it's not that much longer to Sugarbush instead of Killington. Had a great day at Sugarbush a few years ago. It was a midweek powder day because a storm had dropped 8+ inches on a Monday, then it stayed cold, and I was there Thursday. Mad River Valley is more appealing than Rutland. Pretty good deals at Sugarbush lodging for Monday night. A multi-resort pass definitely impacts travel planning. 😉
  11. I'm driving north this weekend. My daughter starts Thanksgiving vacation on Tuesday afternoon. What's likely to be open Mon, Tue, and/or Wed? Last year I did a day trip to Killington from Waltham the Monday of Thanksgiving week. Given the way the weather's been in the past week, doing a day trip on Wed is a possibility. At least I'm bringing my ski gear and my daughter's. Might ski somewhere on the way to Boston. I have Ikon but driving up to Killington is a bit of a detour.
  12. MarzNC

    Boston Ski Show Deals

    It was hard to say exactly who they were aiming for. I was only interested to check it out because the Ski Diva was invited to be around for a couple hours. She brought the new TSD custom Gogglesocs. Didn't find much of interest in the booth itself. Since it was sponsored by Sunday River, people kept asking for SR info but there wasn't any.
  13. MarzNC

    Boston Ski Show Deals

    Did you stop by Her Turn at all? If so, what did you think of the idea? I was with teen daughter so we left by 2:30.
  14. What would you consider the "village" at Smuggs? For me, it's more than slope side lodging. Smuggs certainly is "old school."
  15. MarzNC

    Boston Ski Show Deals

    4FRNT and J Skis are offering $100 a pair of skis. The drawing is for two pairs of free skis. Learned that 4FRNT is offering a money back guarantee. You get 3 days to check out the skis and have to pay the shipping to send them back. They decided that's more cost effective than setting up demo days.

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