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  1. Skiing looking much better in Australia this week after a 2-3 feet dump last weekend. Perisher, Thredbo, and Mt. Buller doing fine after limiting capacity during early season. People with Epic passes won't need a reservation midweek at Perisher starting next week. Thredbo opted to refund all season passes, then sell day tickets only. Season passholders get discounted rates that get better based on the number of days already bought and paid for. New Zealand ski areas/resorts operating with no restrictions. But NZ closed off to the world early on so has a very different situation for C
  2. The incentive to an Epic pass early, meaning before May or whatever the spring deadline ends up, are getting more perks like Buddy Passes. What VR really wants people to do is sign up for the automatic renewal program. $49 in the spring and a full commitment to pay the balance later. Also get perks during the summer. That has had value for people in Colorado and around Tahoe. Probably W-B too. What will happen in the northeast . . . is TBD. I found one reference in Colorado to special discounts on a special Passholder Recognition day last spring that were good with a 2018-19 or 2019
  3. All I could find was a note in the FAQ that said "Spring benefits for season passes are valid during the year in which the pass was purchased. Summer access and operating dates varies based on resort." There was a link for details but that webpage doesn't exist any more.
  4. That's an old article. The latest article I've seen has pictures of painting the ski slope building white. https://www.northjersey.com/story/news/2019/09/06/american-dream-mega-mall-ski-slope-gets-makeover/2233417001/ Reporters and photographers were given a tour recently that included the waterpark and the ice rink. https://www.northjersey.com/story/news/new-jersey/2019/09/10/american-dream-mall-opening-date-six-weeks-see-inside-east-rutherford-nj/2263072001/
  5. Ah, that explains a lot. I spent a couple hours checking out Attitash last season after skiing at Wildcat in the morning. After riding the triple the first time, wasn't sure I wanted to bother a second time. But after going over to the other side and back, did another ride for my last run. I see how Attitash and Wildcat on the same ticket is useful for days when conditions at Wildcat are too cold and/or windy. But Attitash certainly has an unfinished feel.
  6. Found comments from the Pres./GM of Attitash about the plan for the summit triple for 2019-20 in a Conway, NH article about the change for Peak Resorts. https://www.conwaydailysun.com/news/local/local-ski-officials-react-to-peak-sale/article_b9f5c9c0-acb5-11e9-a347-3b3870d0c67e.html " . . . Concerning repairs to the Summit Triple, Lowell said they are planned for fall. "We will resume work on the repairs immediately after Labor Day when the summer crowds disperse," Lowell said Monday. "It would be unsafe to have work going on now while we have attractions and familie
  7. Rent a car. At least reserve an SUV for 4WD. The bus schedule is too infrequent to be really useful for travelers. Lots of VRBO/AirBnB options in Tahoe City if willing to get up early for decent parking at Squaw/Alpine.
  8. Does the IndyPass make any sense for WV? The list so far includes Magic, Bolton, Pat's Peak. Since a few places relatively close to DC are on the IndyPass, there are some folks getting curious about the IndyPass locations in New England. Even if not that many people use something like the IndyPass or the Powder Alliance, just being on the list means more people hear the name. I'd never heard of WV before seeing their booth at the Boston Ski Expo. Only went because I had another reason to be in Boston that weekend. In Nov 2018, WV had a huge booth.
  9. Since quite a few of the Ikon destinations are partners not likely to be interested in being purchase by Alterra, could it make more sense to just add Jay as a partner? Of course, the fact that Jay actively looking for a buyer makes it an obvious target. What about Bretton Woods as an Ikon partner? Do BW regulars also take a trip out west? I'd be happy if Jiminy Peak would join some multi-resort pass as a partner. I heard a fair amount of talk on the lifts about trips to big resorts out west. As a Wyndham owner, I'm aware that there are Wyndham resorts at Steamboat and Park City.
  10. Anyone read this article about Afton Alps? Written in 2018, six years after Afton was bought by Vail Resorts. One of three family-owned areas/resorts that were bought to put Epic in front of people in Chicago, Detroit/Ann Arbor, or Minn/St. Paul. Still possible to get a single location season pass for those three places. https://www.powder.com/stories/vail-bought-hometown-hill-heres-happened/
  11. Spent time at WV a couple times last season. Stayed overnight once. I was impressed based on my experience at several places in NH/ME in the last few years. From what I could tell midweek, with the addition of Green Peak, there are a fair number of people who will be perfectly happy to continue getting a season pass to WV. Certainly has the best midweek program for seniors around. And many of them are clearly grandparents who have children and grandchildren who are regulars on weekends. WV is a full fledged 4-season resort. Not that obvious to a day tripper who drives up the mountai
  12. How things changed for the three small mountains in the midwest after being purchases by VR may provide some insight. Very different from a purchase like W-B. https://www.powder.com/stories/vail-bought-hometown-hill-heres-happened/ - 2018 https://www.chicagotribune.com/travel/ct-wilmot-renovations-travel-0327-20160310-story.html - 2016 https://www.livingstondaily.com/story/news/local/community/genoa-township/2018/12/06/mt-brighton-ski-and-snowboard-area-opens-saturday-genoa-township-vail-resorts/2206469002/ - 2018
  13. Here's a freestyle training video from Landgraaf created in 2011. Gives a glimpse in to the resort. The girl in the video is Kelly Sildaru, who won a gold at the X Games in 2016 when she was 13. Her little brother is competing too. They are sponsored by Faction. Kelly had to miss the 2018 Winter Olympics after blowing an ACL at the end of the previous season. https://freeskier.com/stories/the-power-of-two-behind-the-scenes-of-the-sildaru-siblings-partnership-with-faction-skis -
  14. Proposal is in partnership with Snow World in the Netherlands, which has been running an indoor ski resort for about 20 years. The CEO of Active-X has been a consultant in the energy industry for a while. He happens to be Dutch. Snow World also has the largest indoor snow facility in Europe, Landgraaf, which includes: • #1: an official FIS piste, red, 369m length by 37m width, 6-person chairlift + tow lift; • #2: the longest indoor run in the Benelux, blue, 387m length by 28m width, 6-person chairlift + two ski tows; • #3: beginner slope, green, 55m length by 26m
  15. Had a great time at Tenney on Sunday. Fresh snow on top of groomed trails. Started snowing about 9:00 and snowed all morning. Pretty obvious where the groomer doesn't run on the wide trails to leave things natural. Had at least 3 inches on my minivan when I left around 1:00.
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