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  1. How does a homebrewer go about making cans happen? Also, how do I get to taste that?
  2. Fair enough. Was just feeling left out of the conversation It's a 2004 XC70. I wouldn't call it reliable. I paid $1200 for it because the previous owner was tired of throwing good money after bad. He was also moving to Jackson Hole to be a ski bum so he had his priorities in order...
  3. Please rename this thread to "1st world problems". My car has 265k miles. Please keep depreciating these cars with shitty USB interfaces so the salt of the earth has something to drive.
  4. BOA does stand behind their product though! I had some Specialized road biking shoes and had a similar experience-- Specialized dealer told me they couldn't help me with my 3 year old $350 shoes and I should buy new ones. A friend told me that BOA will send you a free replacement set if I just fill out the form on the website. They appeared at my house 2 days later and I was able to replace them in 10 minutes. https://www.theboasystem.com/support Good luck!
  5. So I went back to cannon today and paid for the 50% off lift ticket with canned food. Ticket lady (Joanie, I think? I should know since I've seen her there for years) was so appreciative and told me "the drive was going great!" It was so adorable, my frustrations of being rejected from skinning are now nearly forgotten. Also, snow was great and the mountain wasn't empty, but much better than last weekend. Also, rode the lift with an 87 year old. That dude is my hero.
  6. Yup. They added it this afternoon after I protested. Glad to know I'm the idiot for not calling.
  7. After skiing 40+ times at Cannon in the last 3 years, I had my first bad experience today. Here's what happened: Since they opened this season the snow report had a notice of "no skinning" since Ravine is the prescribed uphill route and it was closed. OK, cool. I get it. So today, I drive up and at the ticket window I try to buy my uphill pass. Ticket salesperson says "Sorry, no uphill tickets since the route isn't fully open". I explain the note has been lifted from the conditions page to which I get an abrupt "Sorry". Why can't I just skin up the open portions of the prescribed route (lower and middle ravine)? "Sorry"! I gotta say that I feel like a second-rate human at some resorts when I try to buy an uphill ticket. I thought Cannon gets it. Apparently I should either buy a lift ticket or stop being a nuisance. Really frustrating since I pay for lift tickets 95% of the time and I never ignore the policy and just skin up without the ticket. Anyone else gotten this dismissive attitude like the policy/ticket option shouldn't even exist? I want to like Cannon still, and I shouldn't let one experience get in the way of that, but if you sell tickets maybe you should listen to the customers that are trying to pay for them and be reasonable and not just treat policies as an dictated proclamation without room for interpretation.
  8. Truth. But actually, anyone willing to put up with me is. Bengali is $3.50 in Harvard Square at http://www.thecomedystudio.com/ -- Probably the best deal in the metro Boston area for beer, IMO. And definitely the funniest yet-to-be-discovered comics. Speaking of Keepers, have your tried Castle Islands?
  9. My girlfriend always has a couple of Resins in her purse. I'm not kidding about that. But Puff. OMFG. I buy all of it when I see it.
  10. Woodstock Inn and Brewery always disappoints. The food (which I think this thread is about) sucks. Beer is meh... I haven't tried the food at One Love, but after a flight of all their beers, I couldn't find a pint worth drinking. And if I can't enjoy a pint, I'll go somewhere else for food. I'd love to learn why anyone would drink here, actually. Common-man chain is my definition of mediocre for food and beer. Schilling in Littleton is good. Beer is great unless you are a hops only drinker. Mad River Tavern in Campton, NH is also good. And improving continuously. Skunk Hollow in Hartland, VT is above average for food. Beer list is mediocre, but the food more than makes up for it. 6 Burner Bistro in Plymouth, NH would be above average if you drink wine or if they upped their beer game. Food is usually good or great. Dos Amigos in Concord has great food and beers for the price and location. Unfortunately, there isn't much competition in these places so nothing is ever excellent.
  11. I can usually find a way to consume 32 oz, too--- but I hate the wasted time of staff pouring and the room for error in the process. Don't get me wrong: Crowlers are better than Growlers, but why not just can some 12oz or 16oz cans? That's my vote because they are easiest to consume on the lift.
  12. Now that the admin is taking us off-topic, I'd like to further derail. I own a 1987 car. I bought it for $2200. I just put new snow tires on it. Was TPMS required? Nope, because my old car doesn't care. Do I care about your family when I am buying a car? Like many in this country, I buy what's available on the market that will get where I need to go as safe and reliably as possible for the dollars I have available to me. The problem with some statements that invoke your family and imply I am malicious or careless buy buying a used car is that it looks like weatherman has a blind spot for economic pressure. It might be worth considering.
  13. Do yourself a favor and get over to https://kettleheadbrewing.com/ Several IPAs and double IPAs to chose from. I picked this Quest up today. Crowlers are a shitty format for to-go sales, but the contents are excellent.
  14. I was at canterbury via bike 3 weeks ago on this ride http://www.state64.com/4-pounder-pick-up-ride-nov-18.html Canterbury is super rad-- the cranberry stout next to the open fire will not disappoint. Unrelated, I had an awesome/frustrating experience at Cannon on opening day. The awesome part was finding a sip of sunshine in my ski bag left from the last trip in April. Then my girlfriend drank nearly all of it.
  15. As an advanced skier, I took my girlfriend to cannon for her first few times skiing ever last year. She loved the tuckerbrook area for progression, and there was great snow down there last year in December. The beginner package is priced just right, too. I got into a little trouble with her for "disappearing" --- leaving her with the instructor, then just dropping by for one run every hour, but the rest of the mountain was calling me! Sometimes I think beginners have no idea that the tuckerbrook area is like 4% of the open terrain. She made it up to the top by the end of the season and I even got her on the front 5 and over to mittersill for a few runs. This past weekend she was all about every trail that was open on Friday. She may be a quick learner, but I'd argue that the short transition off of the peobody lift and subsequent moderate steep/high traffic areas are excellent small challenges that any intermediate skier (assuming they are determined to progress) will overcome. That said, I've taken quite a few beginner friends up the peobody lift only to realize they are pissed at me and they "hate cannon". However, after a beer at cannonball pub, every one of them are stoked to come back.

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