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  1. Last weekend I earned the "Completionist" badge in Trailforks for Leominster State Forest and was the first to do so! https://www.trailforks.com/badges/view/33553/ Wasn't too bad, but had to do a couple less than ideal rides. Trailforks is also very picky. You need to ride every last foot of a trail.
  2. Epic skiing! Thanks for sharing. I've been to Colorado twice and never had good snow like you did.
  3. I tried Rattlesnake Hill (aka Lime Kiln) in Bolton, MA for the first time last week. I didn't have high expectations but was pleasantly surprised. Some very cool rock spines all over the hill, a trail around an old quarry with some scary exposure and the Ridge Loop trail was really the highlight. Lots of rocky features to ride over and lots of fun turns. Not a lot of vertical but I'll definitely add it to my regular ride rotation.
  4. I wash my stuff a few times per season and never have any problems with water repellancy or damage. I think one important thing is to not pour liquid detergent directly onto the clothing. If you have a top loader and have to pour it directly into the washing tub, then use powdered detergent or premix the liquid detergent with water and pour it in before your ski clothes.
  5. Just a weeeeee bit of exposure there in the Dolomites....
  6. That listing has been removed, but here's another place with a seemingly good deal (on the shorter lengths): https://www.northernskiworks.com/2019-K2-244-Mogul-Skis-Flat_p_2625.html
  7. Certainly makes Epic pass a lot more interesting for me.
  8. Is this the same guy who does "Ask an Attorney" on the morning Buzz once a week? Definitely a smart dude.
  9. Any weather systems coming up with a chance of correcting this problem?
  10. Never skied there, but I've read amazing things about the glades. I hope they open up!
  11. I love music. But I don't listen while skiing. The sound of snow being moved by my skis is music enough to my ears. Might be nice on the lift but I often end up talking with people.
  12. Agreed. After skiing 8 different and owning 3 different all mountains skis with widths 100+, I would never consider going narrower than 95 for that type of ski. I would never consider them anything close to skinny though!
  13. The next weather hurdle to clear is Friday's warmup and the accompanying storm. Glad to see the forecasts have trended cooler than the were a couple days ago, but still could get some mixed precip on the mountains.

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