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  1. Certainly makes Epic pass a lot more interesting for me.
  2. Is this the same guy who does "Ask an Attorney" on the morning Buzz once a week? Definitely a smart dude.
  3. Any weather systems coming up with a chance of correcting this problem?
  4. Never skied there, but I've read amazing things about the glades. I hope they open up!
  5. I love music. But I don't listen while skiing. The sound of snow being moved by my skis is music enough to my ears. Might be nice on the lift but I often end up talking with people.
  6. Agreed. After skiing 8 different and owning 3 different all mountains skis with widths 100+, I would never consider going narrower than 95 for that type of ski. I would never consider them anything close to skinny though!
  7. The next weather hurdle to clear is Friday's warmup and the accompanying storm. Glad to see the forecasts have trended cooler than the were a couple days ago, but still could get some mixed precip on the mountains.
  8. I love me some tight trees! I was surprised at Crested Butte last year. They had plenty of tight glade runs. So its not just the east.
  9. I drove up to Jay because they claimed to be spinning lower mountain lifts Saturday. They didn't. Wildcat was smart to throw in the towel early and spare people the trip. It was extremely windy. My buddy and I ended hiking up Jay to not make it a waste of a day. Huge gusts would come down the mountain and you'd have to dig in to keep from being blown over.
  10. Seems like the north country forecasts are all snow for this Tues-Weds storm. The problem will be the warm up later in the week (again). Saturday's storm could be a mixed bag.
  11. Ugghhh. I'm headed to Jay this weekend and today's snow report clearly spells out the damage. 22 of 81 trails open, groomers only. "firmer side of firm". All glades closed. And this is after they declared last weekend the best skiing of the season. Stoopid weather. 😡
  12. Skied this evening. Soft but fast snow. Some patches of the SOLID ICE BASE showing through but overall good conditions. Hopefully they'll make snow once the temps drop Friday night.
  13. Lots of great advice in this thread so I won't list everything I do. I will say: Skip the Smartwool socks and get Darn Tough instead. Made in Vermont and lifetime warranty (which I've tested and it works)!
  14. Not so hot down south. Wacushett woods are completely bare. On trails all the existing snow was turned into a block of ice which isn't good for this far into the season. Still they've done a great job making the mountain skiable. Even with the weekend skier load, trails remained in good shape past noon on Saturday. Great job with the snowmaking and grooming.

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