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  1. I also hate this idea, but honestly surprised it hasn't happened sooner. I think Stratton had line cutting for their Club members, but such a small number of people are part of the club (super expensive) it wasn't really noticeable. Doesn't change my decision making anyway. If a place is busy enough to get away with fast pass on a weekend, then I would only have been found at that mountain on a weekday anyway. Exception might be Killington, because if you know the mountain you can usually find lifts with little to no lines.
  2. Yes, we've been very lucky with some extra cold weather in November the past 4 years, and the upgraded pumps Wachusett installed helps too. Hoping for more of that, but odds are it will be closer to Thanksgiving. Until then, looking forward to a few trips up to Killington!
  3. Insane, but still not Candide insane
  4. How do they not get all shaken up and warm? Enjoying one up on a mountain with a good view sure sounds like a nice idea.
  5. Wow, great write ups and photos Jim! Much better than my socially distant winter skiing mostly Wachusett!
  6. My wife wasn't patient enough to wait for the website issues to be resolved and drove to the mountain (only 15 minutes away) to buy our passes in person. She met @SkiMangoJazz while waiting in line! What a coincidence! Steve is part of our GPS group and she heard him say the name.
  7. Thanks for the mention @kdaffy! It's been a while since I checked in. Watching a ski movie now (Steep) as I dream of snow for the upcoming season.
  8. Glad to hear you are back on the slopes KDaffy! A few cold nights over the past week. I'm sure Wawa's been blowing snow. They needed too as the surface was in bad shape last week.
  9. Also, an interesting article about how the mega passes are increasing traffic at the most desirable destinations and pissing off the locals: https://nyti.ms/38QAN34
  10. I heard Wachusett was a mad house. Lots full, cars parked on Mountain Rd out to Rt 140. They sold out Sunday. So many people posting on Facebook they were out skiing that day... Thankfully I was at Burke (first time there, great mountain!). It was also busy but by noon people's legs had tired out from the 8 inches of powder and the lift line was nil all afternoon. I guess the un-holy combination of MLK weekend + snow in people's back yards all the way to Connecticut really got people up to the mountains. I'm glad the mountains got the business.
  11. The GFS model looks nice for MLK weekend: http://coolwx.com/cgi-bin/getptype.cgi?region=ne&model=gfs&run=18&fhr=52&field=acctype
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