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  1. I heard Wachusett was a mad house. Lots full, cars parked on Mountain Rd out to Rt 140. They sold out Sunday. So many people posting on Facebook they were out skiing that day... Thankfully I was at Burke (first time there, great mountain!). It was also busy but by noon people's legs had tired out from the 8 inches of powder and the lift line was nil all afternoon. I guess the un-holy combination of MLK weekend + snow in people's back yards all the way to Connecticut really got people up to the mountains. I'm glad the mountains got the business.
  2. The GFS model looks nice for MLK weekend: http://coolwx.com/cgi-bin/getptype.cgi?region=ne&model=gfs&run=18&fhr=52&field=acctype
  3. Pass is now sold (and for only $300). What a deal!
  4. The mountains I ski most (Wachusett and Killington) have a lot open due to most the storms being southern this year. Sure conditions aren't top notch and there's a few bare spots to watch out for, but there have been worse Decembers at these mountains. So I think I'm half full! Definitely no more than that...
  5. I'm a GPS club coordinator and the buyers for my coordinator perk pass have fallen through. I have a Wachusett Silver Pass also loaded with a 3-peat (3 peak season weekend days) for sale. The combo has a value of $508 even at pre-November 13th pricing. Asking $380, but I'll consider other offers as the season is underway.
  6. Thank you Jake. Even though I don't snow board, you changed snow sports for the better.
  7. 5 Trails and 24 inches base depth. That's great for opening day!
  8. Not sure exactly how it works, but most parks I've looked up on Trailforks have the completionist badge, so I assumed it was auto-created. If it's not, then a Trailforks Admin can create the badge. What areas do you ride that don't have the badge?
  9. I send Kiki a message about the GPS club. If anyone else wants in, I sell the coordinator perks and return the money to the club members. It usually amounts to $15-20 back. Looks like possible first snow Thursday night! The season is almost here.
  10. Last weekend I earned the "Completionist" badge in Trailforks for Leominster State Forest and was the first to do so! https://www.trailforks.com/badges/view/33553/ Wasn't too bad, but had to do a couple less than ideal rides. Trailforks is also very picky. You need to ride every last foot of a trail.
  11. Epic skiing! Thanks for sharing. I've been to Colorado twice and never had good snow like you did.
  12. I tried Rattlesnake Hill (aka Lime Kiln) in Bolton, MA for the first time last week. I didn't have high expectations but was pleasantly surprised. Some very cool rock spines all over the hill, a trail around an old quarry with some scary exposure and the Ridge Loop trail was really the highlight. Lots of rocky features to ride over and lots of fun turns. Not a lot of vertical but I'll definitely add it to my regular ride rotation.
  13. I wash my stuff a few times per season and never have any problems with water repellancy or damage. I think one important thing is to not pour liquid detergent directly onto the clothing. If you have a top loader and have to pour it directly into the washing tub, then use powdered detergent or premix the liquid detergent with water and pour it in before your ski clothes.

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