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  1. MassNerd

    Roll Call December 7-9

    I'll be at Killington tomorrow. Considered Cannon as well, but settled on big K.
  2. MassNerd

    Considering narrowing the quiver

    I also like the sound of the Liberty Sequence as a tree/bump ski. And even new, they're pretty affordable online. I'm a bigger guy (215lbs) and I'm concerned they might be too soft. My current alpine skis are Rossi Experience 100's, which are stiff and almost a GS ski. I can get through the trees fine on them, but it might be nice to have something more nimble and to keep the bases of my Exp100's in better shape. This could fit the bill, but they can't fold in half when I put my weight into them... So how did you like them? And can I ask what you are keeping for tree & bump duty?
  3. MassNerd

    Cover photo submissions

    Nice shot Cannonballer. Wide too.
  4. MassNerd

    Wachusett Conditions and get togethers

    Adventurema, I would never mind anyone joining my group. If your 2 and Ski-Kiki join buy passes, then we're 1 away from the next incentive which I will try to sell and I'll split the proceeds with the new members. Update, just got an email from my ex-neighbor. Sounds like he's going to get a pass, so that will get us above the next incentive. Sorry to all that this has turned into 'Cennedy' GPS club thread! Can't wait to ski Wawa on Saturday!
  5. MassNerd

    Snowmaking Window

    Low of 6 degrees tonight at Killington base cold enough for you? Temps remain cold enough for snow making all day Thursday. I think SS will be in good shape. Certainly they've had more challenging weather years than this.
  6. MassNerd

    Wachusett Conditions and get togethers

    We're 4 away from the next incentive, so we probably won't reach it this season. Feel free to join my group next season to get the incentive rebate.
  7. MassNerd

    Wachusett Conditions and get togethers

    A little warm up Mon-Tuesday, but temps drop Wednesday, plus some natural snow Thursday, let's hope for opening day this weekend!
  8. MassNerd

    Kids Ski Jackets- LL Bean vs. Spyder?

    Try to find a quality kids jacket that has extendable sleeves. Usually some stitching you cut and remove from the inner sleeves to extends them once your child grows. This way you can justify the cost of a more expensive jacket because it will probably last 3 years versus buying 2 or 3 cheaper coats.
  9. MassNerd

    Tires - what are you rolling on??

    I think some of us skiers are looking to do more than have increased safety or "survive" a drive through the snow. I always buy snow tires because I plan on driving in the snow, with a far away destination in mind. So I want to be able to drive to the mountain, in the snow, at a reasonable speed and not crawl my way there. Snows have made a big difference, especially over the all seasons that have come with my cars. And sometimes snow are just completely necessary. Even a subaru on all-seasons struggles to get up the access road to Bolton Valley in VT when it's snowing. So you can see what my personal preference is!
  10. MassNerd

    Light recommendations

    Handlebar + helmet is a nice combo. I'd take that over a single more powerful light. Unless you are doing gravel riding at higher speeds, you don't need more than 350-500 lumens, in my opinion. For the twisty New England singletrack most common around here, I find that to be plenty. I use NiteRider Lumina Micro lights. They're light weight, self contained and well built. I use them on the medium setting and they last ~3 hours. The only complaint you read about them on the interwebs is that they may dim more than some other brands as the battery gets low. But that testing was done in the high setting. I haven't noticed it being a problem. A 750 lumen for the helmet and a 650 for the handlebars + a helmet mount strap will cost you $120. There are other good options out there as well. My main point is, don't think you need 2000 lumens to make it down the trail.
  11. MassNerd

    Good deals at Burke this season

    Hmm. Wachusett pass holders supposedly get $45 any day of the season (according to the Wachusett website). But with the holiday restriction stated above, it has me wondering if that's true...
  12. MassNerd

    Wachusett Conditions and get togethers

    Yes, you can use mine 'CENNEDY'. I try to sell the coordinator perks and split to proceeds with the GPS group members.
  13. Yeah, Sunday River was on my short list, but lodging was limited or expensive for Christmas week. Thanks for the feedback everyone!

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