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  1. Dan Dipiro’s mogul book is excellent. Nice and concise. If you are trying to better understand technique Harold Harb is a good refence. He knows what he’s talking about, evidenced by the fact that he has worked with several skiers who raced as independents on the World Cup. However, IMO he is a mediocre writer. Very verbose and he uses a lot of ski technique jargon that I haven’t seen anywhere else.
  2. Good skiing with you, Weatherman. Jay is great for early season trees!
  3. Yes that lift always seemed a bit sketchy. The seat and back of the chair are made of wooden slats
  4. Good to hear. Do you want to take a few runs on Saturday, if you're still at Jay? I'm very unadverse to trees and should be at wildcat most weekends once the season ramps up
  5. Were you able to ski any trees today? I plan to be at Jay on Saturday and am hopeful that at least the more moderate trees will be in decent shape
  6. Awesome! Will be at wildcat Sunday morning. Given the temps the snow should be pretty dry. Anything that hasn't seen snow making is probably out of the question? Should be good regardless
  7. Also skied wildcat this weekend. Sunday afternoon turned out to be pretty nice. First year as a passholer and the cat seems great. Lynx is really varied for a blue and the natural terrain looks gnarly. Lots more rock than VT.

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